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Benny Hinn And RT Kendall

Did anyone watch on TV or attend Cerullos Mission To London this past week? RT Kendall and Benny Hinn also ministered. I thought RT Kendalls message on forgiveness was great. Your thoughts?

Moderator - I didn't hear the messages, however so many of their messages are false doctrines, it risky to be listening to them.

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 ---pkay on 7/24/06
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Matthew 18 describes how to deal with a problem with a brother:
15) Bring it to him in private.
If he doesn't listen,
16) Go to him with 1 or 2 others
If he still doesn't listen,
17) Bring it to the church leadership.
If he still doesn't listen,
17) Treat him as an unbeliever.
But you do also need evidence that can be corroborated.
---StrongAxe on 6/1/09

"I and others have challenged this man but he keeps ignoring us." what you might do if it is you and others and this man belongs to a national network of any denomination or affiliated to other men of God in apostolic unions etc... to call the leaders of that network and to denounce him in a closed public hearing. (biblical way) however dont do it alone!! most denominations do take Pauls warning to thimoty serious, "do not accept any accusation against a leader unless on the testimony of two or three.
If he is independant then, you can denounce him in a public church meeting...the last thing you want is to go legal, nevertheless if needs be So help you God...
---Andy on 6/1/09

Need help! I know that some famous evangelical christian is always doing dirty things with church members in secret. I am not a church leader but I feel that the christians should not listen to this man anymore even though he has a degree in theology and he says he has been baptized in the Holy Spirit . He has also written several books . What should I do? Should I circulate this news in the church? I am afraid no-one will believe me if I do. Should I get evidence by spying on him and following all his movements to get some hard evidence of these dirty things? I and others have challenged this man but he keeps ignoring us. What is the next step? The things he is doing are affecting young people who don't know the scriptures as well as he does.
---Jude on 5/31/09

Kendall used to like spending time alone talking with young beautiful girls . He never cared about men unless they had lots of money.He is a fake!! Its also strange that one of his best buddies Arthur Blessitt apparently was led by the Holy Spirit to divorce his wife and kids (including a disabled child) and marry a younger woman he met in England. These two men are now best of buddies . These men like to be idolized by certain people and for the wrong reasons. They are unrighteous and ungodly people. No-one should consider them to be role models. Stay away from these men, they are BAD NEWS.
---Ren on 5/30/09

In the beginning I used to adore Dr. RT Kendall just like many people do on internet blogs but over time I got to really know him and found him to be one of the most manipulative wicked (if not the most wicked) men I have ever known in my life. His public condemnation is beginning to show alot now 2 John 1:10. as he is partaking in Benny and Maurice's wickedness. Some people have always known how wicked he is but now his Judas spirit cannot resist hiding his evil anymore and he is showing his true nature which is born of the devil. He is cut off from the vine and being burnt.
---Lee on 5/29/09

Andy, I will tell you who I am and I have no regrets or appology for the title I do wear.

I am a person who follows the command which is found in 2 Timothy 2:14-19 along with the example found in Acts 17:11.

Through the years I have learned these things are much needed because of what is written in 2 Peter Chapter 2.
---Rob on 5/28/09

Well Rob, are you a proscecutor in Gods courthouse? that would make you an acuser of the brethren. a title that you really dont want. again we may see evil in a brother and point it out to fellowbelievers as a warning in a way i heard this brother say so and so, be carefull... but to do the acusers work, is a little to strong.
---Andy on 5/28/09

RT Kendall has a habit of speaking lies . He's a 100% false prophet . Satan has a tremendous grip on RT Kendall. Even way back in the 90's he circulated a false testimony to church members . He claimed Coates was speaking from God when prophesying in eighteen months from April 1995 the church, Westminster Chapel, will be unrecognisable. Satan's prophesy came true.. people became unrecognisable and ended up worse than before they became believers. RT Kendall goes to USA and can laugh secretly that he was never questioned about the poor old UK church folk who do not have the sane and happy church they used to know before evil began Now in USA far away from his damaged congregation his evil begins in new territory on poor old US church folk
---Thomas on 5/28/09

Yes. People are deceived about what God teaches. God teaches that we MUST judge(discern).. but God teaches us how to judge using his judgements.These men are raping and pillaging our churches and getting away with it. Annanias and Sapphira were struck down dead by the word of God given to Peter the apostle. God is righteous and will repay men like Benny Hinn, RT Kendall and Maurice Cerellos for the evil they have done and are doing. As far as praying the apostle says that there is a sin we must not pray about. Do not pray for people who have committed the unforgiveable sin of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.
---Jack on 5/28/09


The Bible says that the Devil can perform signs and wonders so persuasive that even the elect would believe them (if that were possible). While some miracles may be genuine, the fact that someone performs them is no guarantee that they are necessarily genuine miracles (or even if they are, that God is their source).

During the Dark Ages, the church at that time made the mistake of attributing all miracles to the devil. Today, many in the church make the opposite mistake of attributing all miracles to God.
---StrongAxe on 5/27/09

Shirley, you say you are shocked that one would say another should be cast into the lake of fire.

Do you find it not to be shocking that Benny Hinn tells people that if anyone who questions or goes against his teaching, and anyone who does not send him their money, he himself will cast a curse on them.

Concerning miracles and signs following Benny Hinn's ministry, have you not read 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 and 1 John 4:1?
---Rob on 5/25/09

Peter R, What if someone would pray this prayer for you? would you dance of joy or weep like a baby. Do unto others what you want tyhem to do to you. I believe you like it that brothers and sister pray for you to get Gods light in your life pray the same For brother Kendal.
---Andy on 5/25/09

Just what is it that RTK teaches that is so wrong?

And if it is wrong, Peter R's prayer that he be cast into the lake of fire seems rather unChristian?

Should he not pray that RTK sees his errors and repents?
---aln8566_of_UK on 5/24/09

The Moderator is correct. Don't even risk listening to those who teach contrary to God's word. Your soul is your most important possession, and don't let those who teach contrary to God's Word corrupt you.
---Anne on 5/24/09

I am shocked that any christian would say another should be cast into the lake of fire.Isn't that judging? If you think someone is wrong pray for their salvation.The one man I've never heard.Much of Hinn's preaching I don't agree with but there are miracles and signs following his ministry so he must have been saved somewhere along the line.Scripture does say the gifts of God are without repentance.Meaning once a gift is given it is never taken away.(God's gifts)
---shirley on 5/24/09

May God throw these false prophet into the lake of fire to burn forever.
---Peter_R. on 5/24/09

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I visited a local church of mine recently and in the morning service a news leaflet was passed out. The leaflet had book reviews because the church also has its own bookstore. They had a review on "Total Forgiveness" written by RT Kendall. The church helper who wrote the review stated that RT kendall presents a confused picture of God and that the book would be dangerous to be read by young believers.
---mary on 5/13/09

It's about time people started coming out with the truth about people like RT Kendall and friends. Praise God for the internet. Christians have been brainwashed for decades because of media control. Men who preach righteousness but lead secret lives of unrighteousness will feel the pinch of truth .It reminds me of the advent of the printing press because the religious hypocrites were scared to death about what people were writing. Praise God for the allowance of some freedom of expression from his people through this digital medium. May many people be set free from false teachers and false prophets and come to know God personally for He is a good God! He is a God of love but also of Justice.
---Simeon on 5/11/09

Do not trust in logic, trust in God!!! God is the one who will

deliver his children from evil men like RT Kendall, B Hinn

and M Cerellos+ any others who look good on the outside

but are actually extremely evil and godless preachers,

teachers and writers.
---Sarens on 5/7/09

RT Kendall has become rich by the sales of his books. There is nothing wrong with writing books and making money but not at the expense of the body of Christ. RT Kendall hangs around wealthy and influential people. His life revolves around money. His buddies are people like OS Hawkins
(now handling billions of dollars of evangelical christian's money) All these people we knew in the past all have some huge financial paybacks into the millions and some even billions. How can people honestly believe these people do it for love when they are rolling in money. I have no respect for people who exploit the body of Christ. It is a very dangerous thing to do in the sight of God.
---Prakesh on 5/1/09

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2 Thesalonians 2:1-12.
---Rob on 4/30/09

RT Kengall joined Morris Cerullos (indicted for fraud and tax fraud) who appeared on UK TV saying, Send 10 pounds and see two Jews saved and as an added bonus two members of your family will be born again. As broadcast on national TV news, Cerullos was faulted in a coroners report by the crown Pathologist, Sir Montague Levine for the death of a young woman who ceased taking vital medication on Cerullos false pronouncement and assurance she was miraculously healed, followed by the death of a 4 year old child. How can anyone at this juncture give support to men who are using the name of God for their own financial gain. This is a disgrace to those who trusted him and worked hard as civilians to pay his salary in the past.
---sandra on 4/30/09

Do people honestly think that Jesus Christ or a mature disciple of Christ would be preaching alongside Hinn and Cerellos ? The thought that RT Kendall is even remotely a honest person is ridiculous. He is supposed to be a grown man. I am shocked at how brainwashed and foolish people are to be supporting religious people who are obviously raking in the cash and fooling the masses! Shame on us! Its time to get real and get on with our lives and get away from all these evil people.
---Paul on 4/30/09

Some folk who have been under RT Kendall's

teaching are now divorced or their wives have become the

head of the house. Some have children born dead or

handicapped. Some of the people who listened to his

teaching over the years have mental breakdowns and

unexplained physical sickness. Jesus said " Ye shall know

them by their fruits" Paul had a flock he could

boast about as did Lloyd-Jones who influenced people in

a positive way. People need to investigate the lives of

previous followers of Hinn, Kendall etcy

will see the fruit and understand the tree is bad. If you are

one of them, God still loves you and wants to free you

from these evil men.
---Agnus on 4/28/09

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cont'd. "If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you" and yes,people have personally confronted RT Kendall but he does not listen.
Galatians 2:11 "But when Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned" - If someone is doing evil as are many in the church and secretly exploiting others, the apostle Paul's life shows us that the Spirit of God is so incredibly powerful that he was able to OPPOSE Peter the Rock. Jesus publicly exposed hypocrites (4 gospels) e.g Mathhew 23. RT Kendall's book is a ploy to the church to close their eyes and be trampled on by forceful deceivers who bully others and have no conscience. God has not given us a spirit of timidity!
---ray_fold on 4/27/09

RT Kendall wrote a book called Total Forgiveness. This book is both unbiblical, unspiritual and dangerous to christians who do not yet have discernment . Although he uses plenty of scripture, he cleverly weaves a web of deceit from beginning to end to make you feel that he is spiritual and knows all things while you are unspiritual and need him to explain the scripture to you. People who are addicted to his books and preaching come under a cloud and are now unable to understand the scriptures without his help. This does not just apply to RT Kendall but to most books in our so called christian bookstores. Read the bible and pray in the Spirit and don't believe anyone unless God tells you personally it is from Him
---Raymond on 4/27/09

Wow! What a relief to see these posts!! . It is about time people stopped living in fear and started following Jesus and come to realize the lies of people like RT Kendall, Maurice C, Benny Hinn and most of the people in the limelight who have been deceiving almost all of the children of God from the least to the greatest for decades. I want to share a message with anyone who has ears. The message is no such thing as "bible christians" and "spirit christians" True christians show the world who they are by their love, not by their ability to expound mysteries, not by their faith to move mountains, not by their sacrifice of everything to the poor but by their love, and this love comes from the Father through His Son.
---Mary on 4/27/09

Benny Hinn and Maurice Cerellos exploit weak minded people who may be sincerely looking for God . RT Kendall exploits both the weak minded and condemns the strong minded who know what games he is up to. When strong minded people confront RT Kendall, his reply to them is "Touch not the Lord's annointed" which to me is blasphemous. Hinn also uses this technique. Some people have recorded Hinn's curses to anyone who disagrees with him and his money making machine. Hinn and Kendall are of the same ilk. God will punish wicked people pretending to do God's work.
---miras on 4/26/09

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---carlos on 4/26/09

There were some people who loved God in Westminster Chapel and if you ever had good experiences there it was only because some of God's people were there. RT Kendall did not care about people. Of course he would preach about love and forgiveness but people who knew him privately saw the dark side of this man who despised humanity and locked the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. He is an incredibly clever deceiver, master of scripture but devoid of mercy and love for people and now his true colours come out by preaching alongside horrific people like Benny Hinn and Cerrellos who hijack people's faith and exploit dying children I have never known anyone as evil as RT Kendall in my life.
---Jonas on 4/19/09

RT Kendall is a deceiver and I believe now a full fledged enemy of Christ. If you love God and have taken his teaching very seriously, there may be something wrong with you now. The symptoms are mental breakdown, head pains, physical and sexual weakness of will and complete loss of the joy of the Lord. This is what happens to people who take his teaching seriously. These are demonic attacks and once you have seen demonic activity through RT Kendall, you will start to be released and God will be fresh to you again. God is with you (and not with RT) whoever you are who needs help.
---Agemo on 4/13/09

Sorcery is a sin. I have hardly ever met a single person in the whole of public ministry that I did not consider a demonic hypnotist . God's true workers are hardly in the limelight. They are not seeking glory from the church but from our Father. Their families and those around them can see the glory of God on their lives. people can see it, it is so obvious.. My life changed when I believed what Jesus teaches in Matthew 5,6 and 7 and started to do those things he taught. If anyone has been cut off from the powerful witness of the Spirit , please believe me. Go and read the sermon on the mount, memorize it and believe and do the things Christ taught and later on it will become clear as day about who all these men actually are
---David_Wright on 2/16/09

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All the men mentioned here are probably worshippers of satan. No-one has anything good to say about them except those who are profitting financially from them or those in the grip of their hypnotic stranglehold. They are all clouds without rain and come in various forms whether of the catholic, protestant, evangelical, charismatic or orthodox type. You will never see true followers of Jesus Christ bring attention to themselves as these men do . His real disciples are all doing God's will and don't care about wanting to be on the top of a religious dung heap but want others to experience His kingdom on earth. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees you hypocrites- who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come .
---ray_fold on 11/28/08

John T, I don't think you understood my point.

I didn't say they CAN ONLY BE IDENTIFIED through their doctrines.

Yes, they can be identified through their actions/deeds (such as the pharisees)

But their doctrines (or teachings) also "identifies" them.

"doctrine" in the bible refers to "teachings" or "commandments".

"...teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."(Mat.15:9)

e.g.: A doctrine of a religious group i know is that Jesus Christ is A MAN AND NOT A GOD. He was a man when He 1st came... He is a man now, and still be a man when He comes back...

So, just from this particular doctrine, we can see that their leader is a false preacher.
---manny on 11/27/08

Petal, i agree with most of what you said on 11/22/08.

But I'd just like to comment on what you said: "Jesus NEVER taught that we would know a false prophet by the correctness of doctrine."

"If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself...." (Jhn.7:17-18)

False teachers can be known through their doctrines. That's why God made His words be written -- the bible, so that we, who live in this end times when many false christs and false prophets arise, may have a BASIS of what is God's words and what is a doctrine of man.
---manny on 11/24/08

Did anyone watch Benny Hinn with Myles Munroe, and their being in agreement that God cannot do anything here on earth unless we first give God our permission, because God is illegal here on earth?
---Rob on 11/22/08

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Today I prayed for you Missy Kendall. If you see this Missy , I don't know where you are but I want you to know that I remembered you and prayed for you. The God who I personally know loves you and cares for you. May God bless Missy Kendall today.
---Michael on 11/22/08

This is where EVERYONE here is TRULY MISTAKEN. Jesus NEVER taught that we would know a false prophet by the correctness of doctrine. He said "Ye shall know them by their fruits" This shows me how powerful a deception is on almost every single person who has posted here. If any of these men have a bad reputation with 'the least of these my brethren" then surely they are going to have big problems on judgement day . Probably all of them are most likely going to burn in hell from what I see from the teachings of Christ.
---Petal on 11/22/08

I don't know this RT either and Benny Hinn I've only seen, on TV but i've never really listened to their "teachings." So it would be improper of me to judge them.

So what i will say is on a general term. If they do write books (which is supposed to be one of their ways to share the gospel to the people) and if they "sell" them to people, whether they say something like "this book can be yours for a small donation of $xxxx then they are NOT of God.

Again, I'm not pinpointing them (that's why i said IF) and the scenario i gave applies to all other "preachers" in religion.
---manny on 11/5/08

hello folks,

i've been reading your blogs and find it interesting....

i don't know this RT
but i'll feel repentantly sad to be the one being based here....

there's nothing wrong with writing books....better write books than steal offertory...feed were you not muzzle the ox that threshes the grain

lets remember...speak the truth in love

i think one way will be to stop character assasination that we may be unable to substantiate

Lets check everything from scripture for ourselves...we others, could mention one or two things as unscriptural and give the scriptural version of it
this way we'll not be accusers of the brethren nor helping do his work
shalom, have a good day.
---patience on 11/4/08

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Does anyone know if Missy Kendall is ok? People are concerned for her. She has always been reclused. No offence Missy but we love you and if you are troubled God knows about it.
---Sarah_678 on 11/4/08

Benny Hinn is harmless compared to RT Kendall
---darren_trent on 10/28/08

Come on folks. Even non believers doubt Benny Hinn's integrity. Benny Hinn has a bad reputation but satan's top ministers are angels of light and far more cunning than Benny Hinn, they are going to be masters of scripture and deceive the elect if that were possible. Don't believe for a second that a christian cannot be deceived. The early disciples did not know that Judas was the son of perdition in the beginning. Pray every day "Deliver us from the evil one"
---Mel_P on 10/1/08

Those who have shown themself to be holy in front of men but inwardly are wicked and lovers of money will be punished severely by God. God cannot be mocked. A man will reap what he sows. I pray for all brothers/sisters who have been hurt by false prophets on this forum that God will restore you fully by His resurrection and life. If you know someone is a false prophet and no-one believes you, just remember God sees everything and He knows.
---samuel on 9/8/08

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I have watched Benny Henn on tv several and I do not have faith that his healings are real.
---sally9847 on 7/31/08

Janet, the fact that Charles Stanley is divorced is not against what he preaches. He did not instigate the divorce, his wife did. He did not want that but it's the position he is now in. There are many Christians who have been divorced by their spouse even though it is not what they wanted nor is it what they believe is right.
---RitaH on 7/31/08

charles stanley, ok but even he is divorced now contrary to what he preaches
---janet on 7/30/08

Basically, since the 'strong delusion' has been around all throughout history causing devotion to God to be based on money, scholarly accomplishment, worship of a book, and mere faith (instead of love), everyone who doesn't teach the "sword of the spirit, which is THE WORD OF GOD" (Ephesians 6:17) is a false teacher. The bible is the INTRODUCTORY doctrine of Jesus (Hebrews 6:1)...the "WORD OF TRUTH" (2 Timothy 2:15, Ephesians 1:13, John 14:6).

The "depths of God" (1 Corinthians 2:10) have never been taught. The result is that devotions today are partisan, textual/literal, and based on gestures of charity.

Many modern versions of scripture are corrupted.

All verses are from the RSV.
---more_excellent_way on 7/29/08

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Janet, Charles Stanley is not a false prophet.
---RitaH on 7/29/08

this as all very discouraging. could anyone tell me who isn't a false teacher !! because as far as i can see there is no one out there who is not criticised by someone. surely we are looking for those who preach christ crucified and all was done calvary that it is nothing of ourselves lest any man should boast.
---janet on 7/29/08

Richard, I am a person who follows the command which is found in 2 Timothy 2:14-19 and I follow the example which is found in Acts 17:11. I learned this the hard way, but I did learn.

A major problem we have with false teachers in the world we live in today is people will believe what these false teachers say, but people will never take the needed time to see if what has been said is indeed true, according to the true context of scriptures.
---Rob on 7/18/08

after reading all these comments i have noticed one big common thing,nobody has actually asked the lord him self over these matters do you people not listen and talk to the lord ! ask him seek him . so simple, before judging other .
anyone actually spent time to ask the lord !
---richard on 7/17/08

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Even a demon can speak a truth. Even a demon can do things that are 'nicey nicey'. The god of confusion (satan) is the master of con games.

Do not follow MAN, do not simply 'FAITH' God, do not love the bible, do not follow pastors/scholars or churchgoers,...LOVE God ONLY (Colossians 2:9). Your devotion is IN this world, but your treasures should be of the NEXT world.

Cerullos is a con man.
---more_excellent_way on 7/16/08

There is a difference between judging and pointing out heresy.The Word tells us not to judge, for God is the only one with authority to judge, but pointing out heresy is another thing entirely! Remember Jesus in the Temple throwing tables over in righteous anger (John 2:14-17)due to the heresy He was witnessing? If these preachers ARE false prophets then we must call them out on it, but first we must be VERY cautious (so pray for discernment and Gods Truth that will then be confirmed w/ scripture) that we are correct- lest we partake in the spreading of poison/gossip which God abhors.
---Amy on 7/16/08

There is a difference between judging and pointing out heresy.The Word tells us not to judge, for God is the only one with authority to judge, but pointing out heresy is another thing entirely! Remember Jesus in the Temple throwing tables over in righteous anger (John 2:14-17)due to the heresy He was witnessing? If these preachers ARE false prophets then we must call them out on it, but first we must be VERY cautious (so pray for discernment and Gods Truth that will then be confirmed w/ scripture) that we are correct- lest we partake in the spreading of poison/gossip which God abhors.
---Amy on 7/16/08

"If you haven't even heard the messages, how can you say they are false?"

Excellent point! I get so frustrated with those that spout hate against certain preachers but all it is is hearsay. Come on!
---melanie on 7/14/08

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I personally know RT Kendall, his wife, his family, and have known them for about 10 years. I have kept in touch with him since he left Westminster Chapel. I have only the highest regard for his integrity, and for his scholarship. He is a gifted theologian and preacher. Please do not post criticism about a Christian you do not know and have no direct contact with - that is spreading gossip and rumour and is harmful. And even if you are sure of what you write, I doubt that a forum such as this is the place to be posting judgements on someone.
---Bruce on 7/13/08

If Benny Hinn along with Myles Munroe and Charles Capps teach that "GOD CANNOT DO ANYTHING UNLESS WE FIRST GIVE HIM OUR PERMISSION, BECAUSE GOD IS ILLEGAL HERE ON EARTH", are they teaching GOD TRUTHS or are they spreading SATAN"S LIES?
---Rob on 7/13/08

If you haven't even heard the messages, how can you say they are false?
---Carla on 7/12/08

Lucy, there is only one true Gospel. Scripture teaches there will be many who will come in Jesus name, but they are false teachers who bring a different Gospel and a false Gospel.

I am just curious about what Gospel you heard and received.
---Rob on 7/12/08

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Iam horrifyed to read such evil opinions about RT KENDALL.In 2001 I and my husband got saved under his ministry at Westminster Chapel,and was baptised ,I have assurance that when I die I will go to Heaven,before I was in a dead church for 3 years.2001 is the best year of my life,RTkendall was used by THE LORD'' with his preaching to change and convert me to the truth of the GOSPEL ,he was always kind,his preaching was biblical,I have not found a church since,I miss his preaching very much.Also as christians we should not speak EVIL.Instead of criticizing look at what would THE LORD''do.We will be judged one day,let us not sin in vain,THE LORD'' bless you all with wisdom and understanding.
---lucy on 7/12/08

Anyone selling anything whether it be books, CD's,songs, music, preaching, teaching should immediately come under scrutiny by christians. If someone wants to prove that they have God,they should not take but give to others freely.Anyone who takes is now a suspect because non-believers are watching them to see if it is about God or money. The profiteering on God's word in our day has become to a point of ridiculousness. If someone wants to prove they have God, they will not want take from anyone
---Mel on 6/11/08

Hi everyone. I am watching this blog with interest. I have some christian friends who are married now and knew this guy a long time ago. The wife tells me that RT Kendall as a christian used to terrify her. She can hardly talk about it because the wounds are so deep. I guess it is important for people to know who is a false prophet. Thinking that these men have anything to do with God can cause a christian to stumble and not be able to see God as a great and good God.
---Daniel on 6/10/08

Genesis, are you saying that there are some people for whom we should never pray? If R.T.Kendall is as bad as many say doesn't he need prayer just as much as those he is said to have hurt?
---RitaH on 6/10/08

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It shows you the state of publishers these days who don't care that someone has caused much damage to brothers and sisters. The publishers are also to blame for joining in other people's sins. Nowadays you can become a millionaire by book writing. It is a huge business like everything else in defiled worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for all you people not to be tempted by the love of money and fame and to stay away from those ministers who are seeking it too,
---Rose on 6/9/08

Would you buy fruit from the poisoness tree?
---james on 6/7/08

I would like to reply to David's blog. David asks us to pray for RT Kendall. That is so selfish seeing all the people who have been tormented by RT Kendall. I would like to call all sincere believers to pray for the spiritually and mentally hurt victims who sat under Kendall at Westminster Chapel. Pray every single one will be restored to full spiritual health and happiness in Christ Jesus.
---Genesis on 6/6/08

RT Kendall wrote a book about being in pursuit of God's glory. It talks about his life at Westminster Chapel. Don't waste your money buying that book. The chapel was a failure and numbers seriously dwindled over the years. People got spiritually and even physically sick from his teaching. You would be better off reading your bibles.
---Mary on 6/5/08

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What has happened at Westminster Chapel over the years through Dr. Kendall is filthy and disgusting.
---Simon on 6/4/08

I would like to thank everyone who posted negative comments about RT Kendall. RT Kendall does not care about christians, so I don't recommend you read his books. How can someone write about love and forgiveness if they are full of hatred and selfish ambition? What a hypocrite!
---Sandeep on 6/4/08

I left Westminster chapel many years ago and am now much happier having friendship with God. It took me a very long time to get released from condemnation I was receiving there through the ministry of RT Kendall. Under RT Kendall, Westminster Chapel became like a cult with RT Kendall as its leader. Unless you agreed with RT Kendall's teachings at Westminster Chapel , you were classed as an unfaithful. Christians need to be faithful to God and not fear men who persuade others by psycological manipulation.
---Paul on 6/4/08

RT Kendall's website is his own testimony about himself. A man is not honoured by what he says about himself but what others have to say about him. RT Kendall has muzzled many christian's mouths by scaring them that they will be punished if they speak out about him. Well, RT .. God is not punishing me for revealing you are a false christian. Everyone is going to know about you on judgement day and may the Lord repay you for your evil deeds done in secret to the little ones who believe in God.
---Sarah on 6/4/08

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I am concerned for RT Kendall, that he may of "touched" the Lord's annointed. He kept preaching that people should not touch him for fear they have touched the Lord's annointed but the truth is that those who treat christian brothers and sisters as fools are themselves in danger of hellfire. Many of the people who seriously followed his preaching and teaching became mentally and physically sick. I pray God will heal you all from this false brother called RT Kendall and bring you into God's love
---Peter_R on 6/3/08

I used to get headaches reading and listening to RT Kendall's preaching. If you read carefully and analyze his logic, you will see that it is not the gospel that he preaches. The true gospel brings attention to God and His faithfulness toward believers. RT Kendall shifts attention to a believer's efforts which makes a christian stumble into idolatry
---Rosalyn on 5/31/08

RT Kendall is not a good christian. If someone is a good christian, they don't go round scaring people like he did and then telling them that they are of the devil if they do not agree with him. This is similar to Jim Jones and David Koresh but under the guise of evangelical christianity.
---Sarah on 5/26/08

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