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Is He A Womaniser

I have met a lovely 50 year old man and he has never married. I am 58 and this is the third time for me. He always seems to be chatting with other women. I can't stand it. He can't seem to stop. Yet he wants to marry me. Am I just jealous, or is he a womaniser?

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 ---Fay on 7/26/06
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No It doesn't make him womanizer. I know men who chat with woman that truly just talk to help them. Follow your heart. Pray for guidance.
---tonya3849 on 10/24/08

My husband is a friendly person and always talking to someone when we are out. Sometimes women,no big deal,a man doesn't stop being who he is,friendly and outgoing, because he gets married. Sometimes he comes home smelling like perfume and I just laugh and ask "who you been hugging",he tells me and thats no big deal either. He loves people. but I know I'm the "people" he loves most. You are insecure in his love. Talk to him and pray you can get over it,jealousy is an evil companion.
---Darlene_1 on 11/18/07

A womanizer? Because he is chatty? Just what is your definition of "womanizer?"
---Bruce5656 on 3/30/07

If the red flags are going up now, maybe you should pay attention to them. If you have already been married twice, you already have a pretty good idea about men. Follow your gut feeling.
---Susie on 7/27/06

Could it be that you just have an empty leash and collar you want to put on someone?
I speak to all kinds of people in all kinds of places for all kinds of reasons to present the Christian life and my Saviour to them.
It might be good for you to begin to get a little "chatty" with people also.
No guy wants to be "Hen pecked" especially when he has no Hen.
---Elder on 7/27/06

Fay, I was married to one before he was born again. You can tell the difference between a womanizer and a man who is friendly. LOTS OF DIFFERENCE. A friendly person is cordial and friendly to everyone. They don't go around hugging the opposite sex. You don't "watch" opposite sex walking away from you to see their backside. There are many more. No room here.
---shira on 7/27/06

Your suspicion is not unfounded. Is he only chatty to women only? What about men?
---yeoleumas on 7/26/06

Are you scripturally free to remarry? If so consider this. It seems as though you have a problem with insecurity. Having been married three times you've experienced things in intimate situations your friend has not. Why would you want him to change himself. Was it this friendliness and open banter that attracted you to him in the first place? He is obviously a kind, and outgoing man, who enjoys talking. Your jealousy could be the undoing of the relationship.
---lynet on 7/26/06

What were the circumstances of the dissolutions of your previous marriages? Are you three times divorced? Are you divorced because of adultry? Have you been widowed? Weather you should marry again dpends on your answeres to these questions. If you have been divorced either once or all three times for anything other than adultry I would advise your gentleman suitor not to persue marriage with you.
---Ryan on 7/26/06

I'm the "chatty" one in our marriage, and by no means does that make me a "manizer". Only been married 1 year, and drove husband crazy at first. Now, he laughs & teases me about it. I truly know the difference between loving people and sexual encounters.
---Annie on 7/26/06

Hi, In my opinion, I'm thinking that he is just a freindly guy and he is used to being chatty to people and if you try to change that..........well, it probably wouldn't be a good idea!
---sue on 7/26/06

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