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Taking God's Name In Vain

What is taking the Lord's name in vain? What about saying "Good Lord" or "Oh my God" or anything like that?

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 ---Mary on 7/27/06
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My understanding of the third commandment is it refers to using the Name of God in spells and incantation--magic, in other words.

The idea in this time and culture was that knowing the name of a deity gave you power over him (or her, for those who had goddesses). It's precisely this kind of superstition the commandment forbids.

Now, have you ever heard any preachers talking about using "In the Name of Jesus" as a magic charm to get God to do what you want?

Think about it.
---Jack on 12/9/07

Jack said: Now, have you ever heard any preachers talking about using "In the Name of Jesus" as a magic charm to get God to do what you want?

Absolutely Jack. They are called "Word Faith" churches, teachers, preachers, evangelists, etc. They think they can control God and/or make God do whatever they want just by speaking in Jesus' name.
They are also known as "name it and claim it" or "blab it and grab it".
---Chipper on 4/2/07

I would say taking his name in vain is using it flippantly, rather than respectfully. Does that make sense? Here we have this awesome God, creator of all the universe, creator of mankind. Holy, righteous, pure, powerful, omnipotent. Knowing this why would we use his name as if it's last night's garbage? Some people feel not using the terms mentioned is legalistic, but I think it's just making a conscious decision to give God the respect due him.
---Katie on 3/31/07

Kindly imagine someone calling your name often and he/she has nothing else/meaningful to say to you. If this is not OK with you, then you have to learn not to call God's name when you do not mean to.
I used to have this problem too in the past, the consciousness of what i stated above helped me to overgrow it.
---Adetunji on 9/5/06

Mary, saying good lord, oh my god, or even exclaiming Jesus, are usually the result of surprise or some other emotion, and are simply emotional responses. With the "christian" I would think the response simply reflect that which is most prevalent in their heart or subconscious mind. However I realize there are those with no true knowledge of the Father who would use these terms sarcastically or sacrilegiously. I pray for their enlightenment.
---Josef on 8/12/06

If you are calling yourself by the name of Jesus being a Christian, and living contrary to his teachings not being a witness you are taking his name in vain before the world. You are his example in vain.
---Exzucuh on 7/29/06

Not so long ago, I heard a person take God's name in vain. Whereupon I call that person down. I said, O don't say that thats taking the Lord's name in vain and we don't want to hear that. The crowd become very quiet and no one else use God's name in vain!
---mima on 7/29/06

Jack::My understanding -----refers to spells & incantations.I hope you are not serious because I must disagree.The word In Vain sets the mode.In vain is uselesly , without thought, Using the name of Jesus in this light way.& in the use of blasphemy cursing,wishing others evil.It's irreverant use is a transgresion against this Commandment.Using & calling upon God when taking an oath Vow & then Perjuring oneself also falls in this category.James3;8Deutronomy23:22Exodus20:7
---Emcee on 7/29/06

I agree with Jack, but I also find that there are many people who use the name of God as a swear. When they are angry or upset they say "God ____ it." I find that highly offensive when it is said around me. I believe it hurts God to have His name used flippantly like that. Ironically, it is the very people who do not have a clue about God that do that.
---Madison1101 on 7/29/06

Aside from the obvious the Lord's name is used in vain anytime the word is spoken profitless. Revelation says "His name shall be called the Word of God."
---hari on 7/28/06

Jack: I am not sure how to take what you said are you saying that it is wrong to pray in the "in the name of Jesus" please clarify. The bible tells us that no one can get to the father except through the sun he is our inttercessor we pray in the name of Jesus and then he interceeds on our behalf he takes it to the father...and so forth.
---drea on 7/28/06

We are not to desire or accept the authority of the Lord only to forsake or abandon it as useless.

We are not to use His authority or His word in an attempt to confound or overwhelm another or as an excuse to shun them. We are not to dishonor the special undeserved merit shown us through the gift of redemption by rushing thru or over the word given us to bring forth His enlightenment, understanding & clarity thru the inspiration recieved, which empowers us to embrace & manifest His character.
---josef on 7/28/06

Jack is right on.
---tracy on 7/27/06

I believe taking the Holy and Righteous creators name in vain is this. We are told not to make oaths but let our yes be yes and no be no , however people are always saying "I swear to God" or "I'd swear on a stack of bibles" when you hear this run. It also pertains to people using anecdotal evidence to say God has blessed them with a new house or boat or car. Using God's name to envoke your desires is using his name in vain.
---Ryan on 7/27/06

Taking the Lord's name in vain can be more than using His name in a profane way. When we say we speak for God, and it is false doctrine, that too is taking his name in vain.
---kathr4453 on 7/27/06

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