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Sports Event On Faith Day

Would you be more likely to attend a sports event on a Faith Day, like the Altanta Braves have done?

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 ---Sandy on 7/28/06
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I understand that Little Leagues are now holding games on Sunday mornings. My kids have been scheduled for games on Wednesdays or early Sunday afternoon. When this happens, we do not attend the games and inform the coach and any other parents who are nearby that we will not be there because we have church. It is important to resist the world making church attendance a less attractive choice compared to something "fun" or even another obligation. We are not to forsake assembling together.
---melissa on 10/18/07

To those who commented about your children and sports events..if you know they have events on sundays and that would interfere with your convictions do not enroll your kids. If however your kids are enrolled then you had better think twice about not attending their events. I am wondering how it is a better witness to leave your child feeling unloved in front of his non Christian friends whose parents are there.......everyday is the Lord's day. Get over your "religiosity" and live !
---becky on 7/29/06

Ever hear of the evangelist Billy Sunday, who flourished in the late 19th-early 20th century USA?

He was a fundamentlist Presbyterian (yes, they existed back then) who started off as a pro baseball player.
---Jack on 7/29/06

M.P.- I encourage assembling and discussing the word. I enjoy being with brothers and sisters who seek truth. I do not believe a forty-five minute sermon, on a day designated by man, is truly learning the Word Of GOd. Press on to maturity. Get into the word. Have real bible studies with others who thirst for righteousness. Small studies and honest discussions. Depend on the Holy Spirit to feed you, not a man in the pulpit.
---Ryan on 7/29/06

M.P._ My brother you say:
"Staying away from events that would keep us from Church IS a way of witnessing."
The only thing that would exclude me from church is to choose to focus on the flesh and deny the Lord Jesus. Hiding in a building where God does not dwell is no way to go into the world and preach the gospel.
---Ryan on 7/29/06

melissa-Does one have to preconceive how they are going to wittness? Is wittnessing somethng that requires special planning? By BEING Salt & Light are we not a living wittness to His glory?
---Ryan on 7/29/06

melissa- How is it hypocritical to BE Salt & Light? Would God be able to use you in an evangelical way at a baseball game? Is God so limited that He could not spread the Glorious news of the gospel on a Sunday at a Ballgame? It's difficult to BE Salt & Light when you have it locked up in a building where God does not dwell.
---Ryan on 7/29/06

What if on Sunday driving to a ballgame a Christian man helped a family stranded on the side of the road? And that family had noticed something about the kind and humble stranger that whistled while he worked. And they asked him about why he was so joyful. The opportunity was clear for him to evangelize. Is church a place you go to get your batteries charged? Or do you have the spring of life constantly dwelling within you, nourishing your new heart to grow and produce good fruit? You must BE Salt & light
---Ryan on 7/29/06

Melissa- A Christian appeares to look unrighteous to man because he doesn't acknowledge a day ordained by man to be holy? God is unable to work through you because you went into the world instead of visiting a building He doesn't live in?
---Ryan on 7/29/06

Ryan - I don't know how long you were in the world before you were born again, but you seem to have forgotten that the world loves to criticize Christians. Even if you knew in your mind that you went to the ballgame to witness to the masses, they would inevitably say, "What's he doing here? That's why I don't go to church - bunch of hypocrites!!!" etc. etc.
---melissa on 7/28/06

It is very intersting that people use terms like "Faith day" or "Lord's day" We are to BE Salt & Light everyday. God did not say be schmucks for six days and reserve Sunday for being salt & light. These terms show ignorance of how to worship the Messiah daily. No special day is needed to worship.
---Ryan on 7/28/06

But I am not sure what the situation is about the Atlanta Braves? Are they a professional team, playing for a wage?
I would be a bit uneasy about that.
But maybe the Atlanta Braves do not profess to be Christians.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/28/06

God did not say we must not enjoy ourselves on His day. As Ryan says, we need to witness, and to serve others (love your neighbour) otherwise all that time spent in church is wasted.
Go to the sports day and enjoy it!!
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/28/06

Ryan, do you think that if Christian parents attend a sportsday on a Sunday that they will be able to use that day to witness. All will have gone along to cheer on their children. No-one would ever again want to speak to those parents who (in their eyes) spoilt the day by talking about God. Staying away from events that would keep us from Church IS a way of witnessing. People notice who is missing just as much as they notice who is there, and some will ask WHY. That is when the opportunity comes.
---M.P. on 7/28/06

We are to meet with one another to edify, encourage and build each other up, as well as go into the world and be salt and light. There needs to be a balance. Make time for both. As for the day you do it, that's between you and the Lord. Some believe Sunday is the Lord's day, others believe that it is everyday now that we are the temple, and God is no longer physically in the building, but in our hearts. It's about reverence, not legalities.
---Katie on 7/28/06

We do not believe in participating in sports played on the Lords day. Therefore we donot enroll our children in these events.
---anonomyous on 7/28/06

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Since when is it a better idea to go and hide among other believers instead of going out into the world and BEING salt & light. Jesus did not come for the saved He came for the sinner and you do not find the sinner at a building of worship. If there is a sporting event scheduled on Sunday go; be salt & light at that event spread the good news don't hide out in worthless buildings made of stone.
---Ryan on 7/28/06

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