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What Is Slain In The Spirit

What does it mean to be slain in the spirit. Any scripture to back up?

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 ---kathr4453 on 7/28/06
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There is no scripture to back it up, I have not found any and no one has shown me any. Much of it is demon induced or fake.
---Rev_Herb on 12/16/07

Ananias and Sapphira really were slain in the spirit. Who wants to emulate them?
---Ktisophilos on 4/16/07

Just because there are phoneys and fanatics doesn't mean htta the gifts are not real. I didn't believe in being slain in the Spirit until it happened to me. The scripture where Jesus was approached and those around Him fell backwards to the ground is one example. Certainly there are many who misuse all the workings of the Spirit, but we cannot discount their validity because of this.
---RICHARD on 4/16/07

"Slain in the Spirit" is a teaching of man with no scriptural support. It is primarily a pentacostal tradition to evoke emotion and a manifestation of flesh. When one is so overcome with the Spirit they fall forwrd in worship not backward and they don't convulse around on the floor. The act of being "slain in the spirit" is utter nonsense.
---Ryan on 4/16/07

Lupe said: **You can read the bible as you say, 30 years, and that means nothing if your understanding is false.**

Are you so certain your understanding is absolutely true?
---Jack on 8/3/06

RE:rising skirts, etc.

If ANY manifestation demeans humans, it is of Satan. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

Thus, whenever we hear of a human barking, or acting like any CREATURE lower than him, it does not glorify God or Jesus.

If you ever see another such manifestation, as a believer you have the authority from Jesus, and being IN Jesus to pray aloud. as I posted earlier.
---John_T on 8/2/06

2. You can read the bible as you say, 30 years, and that means nothing if your understanding is false. How many years never made someone correct. Why don't you ask questions, and maybe this way someone can answer you, instead of condemning others with your perfections. If your statement is always one way, your way, then there is no debate and only pride.
---Lupe2618 on 8/1/06

Exzuruh, you explained that last statement very well. There will be false teachers that give a lot of passages but without context. They find any verse that can prove their point. A debate is a discussion on any part of Scripture, but in your case you want it to be your way. I give any passages and why I write something, you don't have to believe it but read it. In your case you write something and if we don't believe it you condemn us. That is not a debate.
---Lupe2618 on 8/1/06


It tells us to test the spirits because there are many false spirits, but that any spirit not acknowledging that jesus Christ is not from God is of the antichrist.

THEREFORE ask the spirit menifesting the question: "Spirit manifesting SITS, in the name of Jesus, I command you to tell me has Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God come in the flesh?"

If you hear ungodly things or denials, then the answer is clear.
---John_T on 8/1/06

Elder..we test the spirits against the "Word of God". In other words, "if it ain't in there, don't go there". If your mind has been, and continually being renewed through His Word, He WILL let you know what is not of Him. He has promised to lead us into all truth. Just ask Him to do that, and I guarantee He will.
---kathr4453 on 8/1/06

2 John 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.
Evil Spirits will not confess Jesus is come nor will they reconize him in you, they usually point out that you are a sinner and have no power over them, they use fear tactics and act as crazy as they can to try to bluff you. Evil spirits can pretend to be good for a while but their true nature always come out. They cannot produce the fruit of the Spirit.
---Exzucuh on 7/31/06

OK, the pat answer from a least two people said you are to test the spirits.
So tell me now what do you test the spirits with?
People say "I experienced it so it must be true." I have never seen anyone who talks about this experience that says it could be wrong. So what do we use as the plumb line?
What standard do we go by.
It is certainly not the Bible for each one has a different experience and claims theirs to be the true one.
So if the Bible is not our guide what is?
---Elder on 7/31/06

when I first came on this website I just gave bible sciptures and references but Lupe did not Like this and was offended, he wanted me to explain things, well I knew what this would bring and I am used to it I have 30 years of experience with people's little pet doctrines,Matthew 11:17 And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented.
---Exzucuh on 7/31/06

You don't have to have the Holy Spirit to fall out under it's power God said he would pour out his Spirit on all flesh and flesh is the enemy of God so when his Spirit comes upon his enemy it is as Scripture say's every knee will bow every tongue confess, If you don't like the power and moving of the the Holy Spirit you might consider an Idol they are very quiet and orderly and you can believe anything you want to make up about them.
---Exzucuh on 7/31/06

I once felt pins and needles all over my body face and hands and couldnt sit. I was in a tent meeting and experienced this and had three people holding me down as I was lifted onto my toes, almost as if I was been filled with a awesome presence . No jumpping about, falling down, or embarassing show, I looked down and saw this girl screamming, crawling on the floor, the first possesed person I've ever seen. If it was the Holy Spirit protecting me, I can say you know everything that is happening to you.
---Carla5754 on 7/31/06

Mrs. Morgan.. What part of your being is being slain? The old man(now dead) or the New Man. If it's the old, are you trying to revive it back to life? Could that be why you can't get a grip on sin, and see so much in your church? Leave it in the grave!!!! Could that be why you have so much understanding about demons?
---kathr4453 on 7/31/06

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Pentecostals are the only ones who are "Slain in the Spirit"--- It was also extremely common in early American (late eighteenth-century) Methodism.
---ralph on 7/31/06 test the spirits...just like anything else.
---sam on 7/31/06

I recall in Jesus time there were the pharisees that knew God's word but were always bashing Jesus and the things he did. They knew about him but didn't have a personal relationship with him. Sounds a lot like today.
---ralph on 7/31/06

Elder what happened in that church you went to, that woman was in self and it wasn't of God. The Holy Ghost does things in decenty and in order. How do you tell? The bible says to try the spirit to see if they be of God or not. If you see someone whom is shouting or doing things that are confusing to you, ask God if this person is in self and if so then set them down, but if this be of you Lord, have your way. I have done this and it works. the Holy Ghost won't stear you wrong.
---Rebecca_D on 7/31/06

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Excuse for the typo of*has*/*had*.Hope you know what I meant. If it's God's will to bring someone to their knees,wonderful!It's not something we seek out. Those who do are only wanting a *quick fix*, rather then to grow in Christ. They want sensual feelings,and think it's spiritual. Satan works in our flesh. Our "New Man in Christ" doesn't need such things. That would be slaying Jesus in the *what*?? The "Word of God" is sharper than a 2 edged sword, piercing between soul and spirit.
---kathr4453 on 7/31/06

Exzuch, I don't deny the holy spirit. This is the typical answer I would expect from you. God is God. God can do any and all things. I don't deny God's power but I do not put confidence in man's ability. I don't just accept, I look into things. Show scripture on this subject if you can. When they took Jesus, they fell backwards because of the Holy Spirit but not that they had the Holy Spirit.
---Truth on 7/31/06

Sam the Holy Spirit came against these in the Garden not on them. They were coming to arrest and murder the innocent.
I have been in churches where this activity took place and women's dresses went over their waist and destroyed any value of modesty. Is that of God?
How do you tell the fake from the true?
---Elder on 7/31/06

Rev Herb..Not everyone gets slain in the spirit from "a touch from a person". I have seen people that have been worshipping and got slain in the spirit.
---paul on 7/31/06

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Are you absolutely sure we are all born with the mark? Was Enoch? The Blood of Jesus has not yet been shed, yet he was called a friend of God. Many OT saints looked forward to the Cross, however, the Blood of Jesus has not been shed at that time...and the blood of bulls and goats could not take away sin, only remind them year after year. We are born with a fallen nature, not with a mark.
---kathr4453 on 7/31/06

.SITH is an open door for Satan.

You are supposed to
1) Lose control of your legs

2) Lose control of speaking coherent sentences to another

3) Enjoy an extactic experience

4) Feel happy because you are on the floor.

5) It "happy addicts" who are unable to discern truth, and go on treks to get their next fix at another "Brother Love's traveling salvation show."
---John_T on 7/31/06

SITS 2/2
Each of these prevent anyone from rejecting any sort of demonic spirit entering a person due to the mass hypnosis, and dependency on feelings rather on knowledge of Scripture, and reliance on Jesus alone.

---John_T on 7/31/06

How do you know it was a rebuke it does not say that in the scripture, Jesus healed the mans ear also why would he heal someone he is rebuking he never did it before. the only one he rebuked was Peter for cutting off this mans ear. How do you think you will ever recieve anything from God when you deny his power and call it the devil. You are opening a door that I don't think you want to open.
---Exzucuh on 7/30/06

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Exzucuh gave examples of people feeling "weak" and falling under the power of God in the Bible.Being slain in the spirit IS Biblical,and happens often at my church,along with mircles, healings,Holy Ghost messages,people getting save,devils getting cast out,basically folk getting Blessed,anointed,&delivered by God Almighty everyday!God healed me of a congenital heart defect,&other things.There are some churches putting on a show though,very sad.
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/30/06

You were born with the mark, you have to be Born again and the blood applied to remove it.The Dragon is the spirit of the world all knowledge contrary to the mind of Christ,the false prophet is those who preach it's doctrine,the beast is the result of it's preaching a nature contrary to Christ, Their message is one, the doctrines of devils, croaking like frogs in the night to procreate millions offspring like themselves. All of them hatched in the ditch and doomed to death.
---Exzucuh on 7/30/06

Exzuch, You are absolutely right. When they came to take Jesus they fell to the ground. It was a rebuke for their deed they were about to do. They fell on their backs. All other instances in scripture when someone was before an angel or on Paul's trip to Damascus, they fell on their faces out of fear. When Moses spoke with God he trimbled with fear. Your example not the best to use for a church.
---Truth on 7/30/06

I had a strange thought once about this. I know it may be over the top, but here goes. We, as Born Again Christians are sealed with the Holy Spirit. Now, Rev says the mark of the Beast is in the hand or forehead. That seems to be where these people are being touched. Could satan be marking these people out ahead of time, and sealing them with an unholy spirit? Don't want to scare anyone, but not all things supernatural are spiritual.
---kathr4453 on 7/30/06

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Matthew 15:11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.
John 18:6 As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground.
There are many in scripture that have fallen under the power of God, I have given these before, If you like I will give them again for the sake of the gainsayer.
---Exzucuh on 7/30/06

Answer: No, being slain in the Spirit is not biblical. Those who practice "slaying in the Spirit" do use Bible passages that talk about people becoming "as dead" (Revelation 1:17) or of falling upon their face (Ezekiel 1:28; Daniel 8:17-18; Daniel 10:7-9). However, there are a number of contrasts between this biblical "falling on one's face" and the unbiblical practice of "being slain in the Spirit."
---Rev_Herb on 7/29/06

1. The biblical falling down was a result of a person's reaction to what he saw in a vision or that was beyond ordinary happenings, such as at the transfiguration of Christ (Matthew 17:6). In the unbiblical practice of "being slain," the person responds to anothers "touch" or to the motion of the speaker's arm.
---Rev_Herb on 7/29/06

2. The biblical instances were few and far between, such that they occurred only rarely in the lives of but a few. In the "being slain" phenomenon, falling down is a weekly event in their churches and an experience that happens to many.
---Rev_Herb on 7/29/06

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3. In the biblical instances, the people fall upon their face in awe at either what they see or Who they see. In the "being slain" counterfeit, they fall backwards, either in response to the wave of the speaker's arm or as a result of a church leader's touch (or push in some cases).
---Rev_Herb on 7/29/06

4We are not claiming that all examples of being "slain in the Spirit" are fakes or responses to a touch or push. Many people experience an energy or a force that causes them to fall back. We find no Biblical
basis for this. Yes, there may be some energy or force involved, but if so, it is very likely not of God and not the result of the working of the Holy Spirit.

Found on web
---Rev_Herb on 7/29/06

All the words in the Strongs referring to slain have to do with death. KK said it was when Paul was struck down. If That is so, is God then rebuking those who are slain saying, "Why are you persecuting me". Doesn't sound like a pleasant experience to me. If that is the only reference to being slain, we shouldn't seek it out should we?
---kathr4453 on 7/29/06

Part#2 one woman after praying with my friend the new soulwinner, begin to weep uncontrollably and for a time when to her knees, after getting up she bear hugged my friend and then gave me a big hug. Her husband was constantly pumping our hands while all this weeping and crying and hugging was going on. I actually thought of Rev. Herb. Some Christians are frozen in Pre conditioned beliefs. The spirit of the devil indeed!!!
---mima on 7/29/06

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Part#1 Yesterday, Working with a fomer Lutheran deacon on soulwinning at a fair unbelieveable events begin to take place. Pepole begin to cry while this man was witnessing to them. People stsrted to come to him and ask him ,"Ask me the question" and people began to pray with him very quickly.This man ask me what is happening, all I could say was it is the Spirit working.
---mima on 7/28/06
---mima on 7/29/06

JOHN 18:5-6: They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, I am [he]. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them. As soon then as he had said unto them, I am [he], they went backward, and fell to the ground.

ACTS 9:3-4: And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven: And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?
---Ash on 7/29/06

2 Chronicles 5:11-14 So that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of God.

MATTHEW 17:5-7: While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him. And when the disciples heard [it], they fell on their face
---Ash on 7/29/06

Many people are ignorant of being slain in the spirit because they have never experienced the true power of the Holy Spirit.
---Adolph on 7/29/06

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Sam-When people fall in worship to the most Holy of all they fall prone. Prone is face forward, the must humbling and worship centerd posture there is. The scriptures you quoted lend proof to that. What happens in pentacostal ceremonies is not humble or peaceful.
---Ryan on 7/29/06

Sam-In refrence to Saul falling down on the road to Damascus. "As Saul traveled he had one goal in mind. Find and kill Christians. Put a stop to this radical Jewish cult. People think the Messiah has come...what nonsense." He was an enemy of Christ. He was knocked to the ground and blinded. With these two refrences are you suggesting that we are enemies of God? I thought we were made clean and no longer an enemy because of our Righteous Intercessor.
---Ryan on 7/29/06

Sam-In refrence to the soldiers that fell. They were enemies of God sent by Satan to kill the messiah. They fell backwards when Jesus said I AM HE, because this was a sign of His power. He blew them over with the power of who He is and did not strike He showed He was allowing the events to unfold that led to His crucifixion, resurrection and ascention.
---Ryan on 7/29/06

It's a fond thing, vainly invented, founded upon no warrant of Scripture, but rather repugnant to the Word of God.
---Jack on 7/28/06

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Slaying in the spirit is when the Power of the Holy Ghost comes upon a person, and takes control, and you fall out in the spirit, some call it passing out in the spirit.
---Rebecca_D on 7/28/06

Also see other instances of those who fell in God's presence. 1 Sam 19:24, 2 Chron 5:13-14, Ezek. 1:28, Ezek 3:23, Dan. 8:17, Dan. 10:9, Matt. 17:6, Mt. 28:4, Acts 9:22-26 (Saul on way to Damascus), 2 Cor 12:1-4, Rev 1:17
---sam on 7/28/06

When the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you can't stand. Jesus was in the garden and said "I am he" and they all fell down from the power of his presence. John 18:6.
---sam on 7/28/06

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