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Confusion On Speaking In Tongues

Why is there so much confusion concerning speaking in tongues? Tongues were given in the upper room on the day of pentacost so the apostles could go out and make disciples in all languages. And why do people ignore the protocol for speaking in tongues given by the Apostle Paul in I Corinthians?

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 ---Ryan on 7/28/06
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Speaking in tongues has no significance if there is no valid translation to the man next door to you. The word is clear you are viewed as mad or confusion when theses things get out of hand with strangers in the congregation all speak and no interpretation is reached.

I got sick of people expressing the use of tongue when dealing with demons I tried it and was nearly chocked by them is I know using them in that way is untrue.

If people profess to speak in a different tongue try the spirit, let them do so in order with interpretation or let one speak to the father but, in Order, for God is not the author of confusion.
---Carla3939 on 4/13/09

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

Did the the Apostles endeavor to spoke in Tongues at any other gathering?

The confusion lies in peoples ignorance of the fact that, 'they that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick', and Tongues aren't edifying unto the non-believer nor the unlearned, unless there's someone to translate.

"A humble physician won't ignore a person's unbelieving or unlearned state, just to speak to them in a way that they'll need a translator."

Tongues aren't for speaking unto men, but unto God in the mysteries of the spirit.

On The Day of Pentecost, The Apostles were speaking unto God and everyone that Heard the Apostles in their own Tongue, Heard because they believed.
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/13/09

So true! Every Spiritual gift is a rarity. God passes them out to whomever He pleases, to give what to whom. Enjoy the gifts that you have. Ofcourse you may pray for a specific gift which you do not have. Still it is ultimately up to God, as to what gifts he gives you....Just Another proof, our God was raised from the DEAD. "Jesus Lives". Spiritual gifts are given only to those whom God has chosen to live with Him, throughout eternity. However, you must be born-again in order to receive this most important of all giftes....Salvation. Jesus Christ....His Blood makes a world of difference. Power in the Blood+++
---catherine on 3/6/09

Beverly -- Thank God you are no longer under that bondage! Tongues is a gift...but God doesn't insist on it. People put way too much emphasis on tongues IMHO.


1Cr 14:18 I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you.
1Cr 14:19 But in the church I would rather speak five intelligible words to instruct others than ten thousand words in a tongue.

Paul's advice?

1Cr 14:1 & 3 Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.... everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort.

---Donna66 on 3/5/09

Beverly...I like you.
---catherine on 3/5/09

I am a christian, Jesus saved me, but I have never spoke with tongues. I grew up believing that I had to speak in tongues, wear dresses, and never cut my hair. Wherein, I do respect people if that is their religion and conviction, but the Bible tells me that God looks at the heart. Jesus revealed himself to me, and since I have been obeying God's commandment Acts 1:8. I spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and I love him, but I've never spoke in tongues and I'll continue to wear my pants, makeup, and cut my hair until God speaks to me and tells me it's wrong. God bless!! I an no servant to man, only to the Lord Jesus Christ!!
---Beverly on 3/4/09

ppl how can GOD say that no man can understand the tongues and we still disagree
ask a child what this means that no one can understand what is being said.They will say it is unknown to human understanding
Please remember the Holy Spirit fell upon them and they magnified GOD it is the same Spirit that lives within that intercedes on our behalf.There is a difference between upon and within.We also know that the Lord is the Spirit and the Spirit is the Lord.

the Holy Spirit in our hearts is also interceding (Jn. 14:16, 17). The Holy Spirit intercedes with groanings which cannot be uttered that ascend to the throne of grace.
Romans 8:26-27

and the best one he speaketh mysteries ..WHAT is a Mystery ?????
---nolan on 2/9/09

There is speaking in tongues which is manifest by the Holy Spirit for those who are listening that are not of your language (Acts 2:1-6), and there is also speaking in tongues in prayer, which is between you and the Father, because your spirit utters mysteries that not even the one praying can understand, so the Holy Spirit makes interpretation for you. It is better to prophesy in words of understanding though, unless you also have the gift of interpretation, otherwise you edify only yourself and not the rest of the believers around you. (1 Cor 14:1-25)
---Bryan on 1/28/09

Why do people ignore the protocol for speaking in tongues given by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians?

The answer is some people can care less about the instructions given in the Bible and they want to do their own thing.
---Rob on 12/12/08

the apostle Paul stressed that when a person speaks in tongues (on a public basis) that an interpretation has to follow in order for everyone to know what had been said.

Paul said that he'd rather speak 5 words in a known language (to preach) than to speak 10 thousand words in an unknown tongue.

why then would anyone think that tongues is a means of preaching to others whose language is different?
---opalgal on 12/12/08

What I am seeing is a lot of confusion here and everyone saying what their "thoughts " on this are. Everyone seems to twist the word to mean what they wish it to or their own personal interpretation on it. I have spent an entire day researching this and guess what? no solid answers at all. Is it not my understanding that in the end of times there will be mass confusion and an abundance of misleading going around?? Why do we not just seek our answers ( as I fully intend to) from the Lord and not from man? seems very simple to me. No one can provide me with answers better than my Father can!
---Mindy on 12/4/08

Because people do not rightly divide the word. They spoke in tongues in the early church to confirm it was of God, and ceased after the apostles were gone. We now have the bible the word of God to confirm God and do not need tongues. Tongues were given as a sign to the Jews, not the gentiles. Tongues did not start again until 1802.Wonder what happen to the Spirit of God during those years?
---Rev_Herb on 5/20/08

Thanx mima...i wish people would not skip over those scriptures eh
---mark_B. on 6/1/07

1 Corinthians 14:39 wherefore, brethren, covet to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues.

While such a practice tends to be a problem within the church, Scripture plainly tells us we are not to forbid the practice of speaking in tongues.

I am more of the persuasion that "I had rather speak 5 words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than 10,000 words in an unknown tongue."
1 Cor. 14:19
---lee on 6/1/07

Many people insist that speaking in tongues is speaking in a known language. Yet the Bible says in first Corinthians chapter 14:2" For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: FOR NO MAN UNDERSTANDETH HIM ; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries." So an unknown tongue is not understood by any man.
---Mima on 6/1/07

I cant believe that still some are confused about speaking in tongues..where in the Bible does it say that it is only God that understands mumbo jumbo speaking..sorry thats how I see this kind of talk. God is a God of order, not of mumbo jumbo..It is so simple..E.G.speaking in tongues means one english talking to Japanese and another to interpret Jap/Eng...IT IS A KNOWN LANGUAGE FRIENDS...SATAN otherwise is deceiving u..
---jana on 6/1/07

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Warren i think Culver answered the question you was asking me I know when i receive the Holy Ghost there was nothing false about it he spoke threw me he took control of my tongue. and i was speaking in tongues i don't no any thing but english and that sure wasn't english
---Betty on 6/1/07

Conn And jesus said upon this rock i will build my he church he was the rock and upon what he told the apostles to tell the people how to be saved so they would be in his church no matter what we belive doesn't matter it is what the word of God says we pray in tongues because sometime we just don't know what to pray about and when we are praying in tongues we could be praying for a missionary that's in danger are for some one thats fixing to be in a wreck different things .
---betty on 6/1/07

When it says keep quiet Paul literally means to keep quiet nto to stop...if your speaking to God go ahead if your speaking to Man get an interpreter...paul even says he'd rathe speak 5 intelligable words to man than 1000 in tongues
---mark_B. on 5/31/07

Betty: That's true about baiting. But also people speak tongues to look good, to prove that they can do it (faking). God will handle those people when the time comes. There are only a very few who could honestly speak because of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says to be in groups of two - one to speak in tongues and the other for interpretation. ONLY if you are baptised and received the Holy Spirit. If one is speaking in tongues and there is no interpretor, then he or she should keep quiet.
---Steveng on 5/31/07

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Would you please give us the interpretation of what it is, you're trying to say?
---Warren on 5/30/07

Why would any one say the spalms in a nother
langues and another try interpt that is pure flesh doing that God is not in that and how would you know it was spalms if it was another langues and spalms at that sounds to me like you are trying to bait people
---Betty on 5/30/07

The only ones who are confused about it, are the ones who don't believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
If you have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, God gives you the interpretation.
It's not a mental activity and cannot be faked. There are false tongues spoken by false religions, but those can be quickly identified as counterfeit.
The Holy Spirit gives good gifts, and doesn't give you a counterfeit.
---Culver on 5/30/07

Two types of tongue speaking having one purpose - edification: One, for he who speaks in an unknown tongue speaks not unto men, but unto God: for no man understands him; howbeit in the spirit he speaks mysteries.

Two, he who speaks tongues unto men is for edification, exhortation, and comfort. But is said must have an interpretor.

He that speaks in an unknown tongue edifies himself; but he that prophesies edifies the church.

Read 1 Corinthians 14
---Steveng on 5/29/07

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Anthony and Jana: I understand (at last) what you are saying. That makes perfect sense. I agree and thankyou very much for explaining 'tounges'. Betty: I have no idea what you are trying to say?
---sue on 5/29/07

First of all i don't belive some people understand about tongues.there is only one church thats the one Jesus died for 2when you repeat of your sin's Jesus spirit comes in your body takes control of your tongue and it is his spirit praying threw you that's the evedence that you have received his spirit That is the one thing you have to have is his spirt to be saved and people that says speaking in tongues have never received his spirit are you couldnt say it was babbling
---Betty on 5/28/07

As said elsewhere, todays glosserlia is bio-chemical in source, which explains all the 'confusion' about it. It is listed as the 'least of gifts' as well in scripture. No one has tried to refute this fact, as it is a verifible fact. Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable, but remains the truth, non-the-less.
---MikeM on 5/28/07

Let me elaborate what "speaking in tongues" means to me: I speak English, and don't understand any other language. If God gave me the gift of speaking in tongues I could understand what a person speaking Japanese is saying just as easily as I understand English, plus I would be able to talk to that person in Japanese also. This would have been an extraordinarily helpful tool for people spreading the gospel in foreign lands 2,000 years ago. Why is that so hard to understand?
---Anthony on 5/28/07

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so much confusion on such a simple text which says speak in simply means speak in understood languages..the Bible said someone should interpret meaning, e.g.if a chinese speaks to an american, there should be someone to interpret it(if the american do not speak chinese)visa verse..simple..God is a God of order, not a God of confusion as some of us are..speak strange unknown language??? I dont think so..
---jana on 5/28/07

I agree with jana - Speaking in tongues simply refers to the instant ability, given by God, to communicate with somebody who speaks a language unknown to you. This gift would be necessary in order to convert people in other countries who had no idea what you were saying. Today we have lots of translators so we don't need the gift of tongues. Most people who babble in churches these days are doing so in self-deception and ignorance, tarnishing the true meaning of the original gift of tongues.
---Anthony on 5/27/07

People don't look at scripture in context. There was so much confusion in the public gatherings because everyone spoke in tongues at the same time. Paul tried to establish rules that only a few at a time spoke, and that any public speaking in tongues should be followed by interpretation.
---wes on 5/27/07

speaking in tongues means speaking in understood languages. Not babbling as some do and noone understands it. Remember the tower of Babel? thats where it started only God made different understandable tongues. The christians in the upper room blessed with tongues of fire were talking intelligible tongues. not mumbo jumbo...
---jana on 9/16/06

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The devil is the author of lies and confusion. Since speaking of tongues is a gift from God, the devil has tried to confuse Christians to keep them from receiving the gift. Just like he has tried to confuse people from receiving salvation by spreading lies that people can get to Heaven in other ways besides Jesus.
---sam on 9/2/06

When you receive the Holy Ghost jesus fills you with his spirit you pray in a unknown tongue .That's the evedience that you have the holy ghost .God then give us different gilfts as in giveing a person the gift of giving a message in tongues he gives one the gilf of unterstanding the message and they tell the church what jesus is saying to the church he gives another the gilf of healing and so on but it is same spirit
---Betty on 8/29/06

Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!
---Rev_Herb on 8/5/06

Rev Herb-may I please sing a little tune for you? "I've got tongues, and you've got tongues, let's get together and use those tongues, let's gooo--ooooooo times a wasting." Of course I changed the original words, but I thought that would be a cute little tune to sing to you Rev. Herb.
---Donna9759 on 8/1/06

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Jack-I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. We all have different gifts. The gift of tongues is not evidence of the indwelling of the Spirit. We should always seek the Lord's righteousness and He will equip us with what we need when we need it.
---Ryan on 7/31/06

Ryan, according to your argument, one must have (giving them in no particular order yet) word of faith, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, prophecy, healing--all before one has tongues.
---Jack on 7/31/06

"It doesn't follow that tongues is the "lowest" of spiritual gifts just because it's listed last." Jack I agree but there is nowhere in the bible that even vaguely suggests that tongues is the most important gift either yet we are constantly told that it is so important that it is the ONLY evidence that a person has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Now where does the bible say that? There are many gifts of the spirit and He will give the ones He chooses to whom He chooses.
---emg on 7/30/06

The problem is not in the language spoken, it is in the interpretation of that language by someone in the church that interpret tongues. They have no idea of what was said.
---Rev_Herb on 7/30/06

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Jack- You need to have faith and hope before you can have love. Among these three love is last. I've discovered God does put things in sequntial order in the bible. The Holy Word is written so precisely it is just another example of its divine inspiration.
---Ryan on 7/30/06

** Paul considered it the lowest of spiritual gifts.**

It doesn't follow that tongues is the "lowest" of spiritual gifts just because it's listed last.

Were this so, 1 Cor 13 would mean that love is lower than faith or hope, because it's mentioned last.

Anyway, can any true gift of God be called "low"?
---Jack on 7/30/06

Rev Herb--I've seen something similar happening when the Lord's Prayer was said in Greek.

You think the Holy Spirit would recognize the Lord's Prayer in Koine Greek, wouldn't you?
---Jack on 7/30/06

If tongues is for today, then why can a person go into a church and say the 23rd Psalm in a different language (real language) and when someone interprets it, it is anything but the 23rd Psalm
---Rev_Herb on 7/29/06

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Some people try to claim 1 Cor 13:8 saying that speaking in tongues will cease, but in that same scripture it also talks about prophecy and knowledge, both of which I don't hear people talking about it has ceased, although it seems knowledge may have ceased in some churches. People are picking out scripture that suits their agendas and not taking God's word as he intended. This scripture is actually talking about when Jesus returns again..that is when speaking in tongues will cease!
---wes on 7/29/06

Paul considered it the lowest of spiritual gifts. Some my find praying in tongues useful, I would never engage in such a frivolous practice. It definitively has no place in modern corporate worship setting.
---notlaw99 on 7/29/06

I'll ask the question I always ask:

Why do people who claim to speak in tongues have the same difficulty learning Biblical languages as the unsanctified?
---Jack on 7/29/06

People ignore it because they don't fully understand it and therefore are afraid of the Power of the Holy Ghost. I went to this Baptist church and they didn't believe on laying on hands with using oil. Until one night God told my sister to annoint a man whom had cancer in his throat, she did. the man was healed, he started shouting. With people all around in amazement, they now believe the Power of laying on hands, but still don't believe in tongues. But they are learning more on God's power.
---Rebecca_D on 7/28/06

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