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Can Chistians Be On Welfare

Should a Christian be on welfare?

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 ---tracy on 7/29/06
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I have been on a Disability Support Pension for a long time, and unless the Lord Jesus heals me totally I will be on it for the rest of my life. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it is wrong for someone who can put in a full day's work and is able to get a job to be on welfare, Christian or non-christian. The Bible says if you don't want to work, then you don't eat.
---Helen_5378 on 10/24/08

Christians can be on welfare. For many reasons. If it is needed, it is there. But I think we should strive,if possible, to provide for ourselves and dependents.
---Robyn on 11/11/07

Yes, if there is no other alternative. Welfare requires a person to hold a job, or be in school training for a job. It is not free loading, as was in the past. It is a five year opportunity to get back on one's feet financially.
---Madison1101 on 11/9/07

I have been on a Disability Support Pension for a long time, and unless the Lord Jesus "heals me totally I will be on it for the rest of my life."

That is a failsafe, having faith that the system will be there for the rest of your life.

Do you have more faith in the system?
---Beehive on 3/29/07

Wow, this was a very informative blog.
If God gives you a miracle, will you have to give up the benefits?
Or do the benefits keep one from ever believing they can have a miracle?
---Beehive on 3/29/07

Many have to be because if illnesses and disabilities.

Do you have a different and better idea?

Is your congregation willing to support its disabled and distressed members? (We won't even get into the issue of non-members in its area.)

If not, welfare is the only alternative.
---Jack on 3/28/07

A friend, who just left my house, beliefs the following, no pension for anyone, no Social Security, nothing but private savings and what you can earn in the workplace. He himself is 70 years old and interestingly enough lives on Social Security!!! Is also very Republican and ultraconservative. What a world.
---mima on 8/19/06

Amen, Frank!

Preach on!
---Jack on 8/1/06

re:"From your posts, you surely seem judgmental without looking at all the facts"

I'm just saying what the Lord said, we should help the poor. That's the compassionate thing to do. It doesn't matter why they are poor, they need help, and we should provide it, Christian or not.

It that's judgemental, then judgemental I will be.

teach love
---frank_cos on 8/1/06

Jack--True. And I never saw her again. A couple of us urged her to finish the course anyway, and get certified. She was single, unemployed. But she wouldn't listen. The daughter was in high school. In any case, I doubt they ended up with much (and it probably didn't last long) But in her mind she had struck it rich! Never saw anybody so happy about a broken arm.

Sadly, 9 mo. of study (and a nice chunk of taxpayer money) was essentially wasted. And I doubt she would qualify for another PELL grant.
---Donna2277 on 8/1/06

**They planned to sue and never work again. Yeah, right!)**

I hope they are not holding their breaths.

Suits like this can drag on forever, and lawyer and other legal fees can really eat up any award they get.

Though I think they DO deserve reasonable restitution. Their DAUGHTER would be the recipient of the award, not the parents, who will have to account for every penny spent until her majority.
---Jack on 7/31/06

Actually, there are many types of government aid that do not constitute "welfare" e.g. grants and interest free loans, section 8 housing (Co-op gov't/private funds). PELL grants provide free tuition for low income adults to learn a trade. (There is abuse here, too. I attended classes with a PELL recipient who quit the course2 weeks before the end. The reason? Her daughter broke an arm getting hit by a school bus. They planned to sue and never work again. Yeah, right!)
---Donna2277 on 7/31/06

Madison: Thanks for your information.
---Jack on 7/31/06

If you need help, and your doing all you can do, I don't see a thing wrong with it. my kids will be getting clothing vouchers for school to help us out. Now if someone whom is lazy and are able to work and just don't care, then yes it is wrong for them to be on welfare. But for someone whom needs help either in food stamps or check then no it isn't wrong.
---Rebecca_D on 7/31/06

ff: Here in the US, we have two types of government assistance. 1. is Welfare, money to those who have no way to get money, but now it requires a job or schooling and has a 5 year limit. 2. is SSI, or Disability assistance. That money is for those who have some sort of medical problem that prevents them from working. It is money that is drawn from our Social Security funds, which originally were intended for retirement. Now it also assists the disabled.
---Madison1101 on 7/31/06

Madison, has the change in your welfare laws made a significant difference? Is it now noticeable that those who said they couldn't physically work or could not get work suddenly find that they can and do? Many here in U.K. think that we should have a similar system. Yours seems extremely harsh though if 5 years claiming is the max. for your entire life. What happens to those who genuinely will never be able to work?
---f.f. on 7/31/06

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Nurserobert, I pay school taxes but I have no children so it forces me to subsidize education for everyone who has children. I understand people that use parks get proportionally more use out of them related to their tax input. We could continue the welfare with government guaranteed (subsidized) loans; FHA, VA, etc? There are hundreds of programs that people benefit from but are unaware that they are beneficiaries. And then there is corporate welfare.
---randy on 7/31/06

Jack: The actually statistic on welfare abuse is 10%. That means 90% of the recipients are legitimate people who want to work.

A good book to read it "The Working Poor." It discusses some realities of poverty that Christians should educate themselves on.
---Madison1101 on 7/30/06

Madison-- I agree, churches today could never provide for all the people in all the situations that welfare does. At one time they could..esp. when a large proportion of the population was rural. In a farming economy, work was always available for any able-bodied person and living was inexpensive. The other problem, IMO, is the breakdown of the family. Few people feel responsibility for anyone else, except their own minor children... and not even them, a lot of times.
---Donna2277 on 7/30/06



From your posts, you surely seem judgmental without looking at all the facts
---John_T on 7/30/06

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If you think Christians should not be on welfare you should start an organization to support them so they don't make you look bad,Christians are on welfare because your prosperity doctrine will not work and you will not obey James to reach in your pocket and give them money, You say it is Corban, dedicated to God, Praying for them to be warmed and filled, Saying a curse is on you for not titheing. When Jesus ministered he turned the offering into enough to bless 5000 he was preaching to.
---Exzucuh on 7/30/06

There have been references here (some which can be substantiated) about welfare abuses in the UK and USA.

But these are the exceptions, don't you think?

There's not a system that can't be gotten around if people are determined to cheat it, but the vastmajority of people on welfare really need help.
---Jack on 7/30/06


Here in WV we've been on walfare for 5 generations. We alway say, Why work when the govemet wants ta gib it to ye. Besides, I couldn't ford my catlack if I worked. Shuck, if we need mo money, we just have nother kid.**

Some people might find you witty, Rev Herb; maybe they are half right.
---Jack on 7/30/06

I know of several Jehovah's Witnesses who claim social security benefits. One is a single mum because her husband left her and another became an unmarried mum in her teens. I have no idea whether their own congregation helps them financially but they certainly get all that the government has to offer.
---emg on 7/30/06

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The minister and his wife were homeless before they got married. She followed him all over with her babies eating hot yogurt. She ended up in a ministry in Georgia. Now she and Roy run Wingard Home in Jackson, Miss. When you're on welfare you learn no responsibility, Wingard pushes you into responsibility, not a sympathetic environment, more empathic ... been there, done that. We work. This is the minister's home, my home too. Where I found Christ and a job I still have seven years later.
---Nellah on 7/30/06

No! I had to give up my catlack, I started a business 6 years ago after retiring from military. I now pay for everyone eleses catlack.
---Rev_Herb on 7/30/06

What is sad is for Christians to believe that the Church, or churches are capable to meeting the needs that exist today in poverty. The need is just too big.
---Madison1101 on 7/30/06

Randy, you said "If the truth be known most Americans receive some form of government subsidy. Welfare, child tax credits, free education for children, use of parks, and the list goes on."

I dont know about you, but I pay a lot of taxes for the "free" education my children got, as well as for the use of parks, etc.
---NurseRobert on 7/30/06

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People here are ignorant of the changes that that took place in the Welfare laws in 1995. The law now says that a mother cannot get more benefits for more children. It also says that the recipient must either work or attend school. The time limit for welfare is 5 years, maximum. Then it is done for the rest of the recipients' life.
---Madison1101 on 7/30/06

oh, by the way, I am a pentacostal and my pastor counseled me to go on welfare during this difficult time. I know 2 jewish people that are on welfare.
---christy on 7/30/06

2)but here having additional children does not give you more money, a common misconception. I believe that we are all responsible to/for one another, all have various gifts, and if we gave of ourselfs as Christ intended, none would be without. It is easy to blame the poor person for being lazy etc(judgement) and not look at our own selfishness. God resources are more then sufficient for all to have food etc, but greed/hoarding, blame and much more...(sin) is the true cause.
---Christy on 7/30/06

1) I've responded to this subject before. I feel that there is much prejudice towards people on welfare because of the many that have abused the system, however, it was/is meant as a good thing to help people truly in need. I have been on welfare as a christian at a time that was extremely difficult, and I did not want to do it, but did for my childrens sake. There have been many reforms in welfare which varies state to state,
---Christy on 7/30/06

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Wow, for Christians, you seem to lack any compassion. Jesus helped the poor, no questions asked.

teach love
---frank_cos on 7/30/06

If the truth be known most Americans receive some form of government subsidy. Welfare, child tax credits, free education for children, use of parks, and the list goes on.
---randy on 7/30/06

Walfare use to be provided by the church till the government got involved. If you read your bible, people gave to the church and the church took care of those in need. Social Security is a form of walfare for the elderly. Maybe we should do away with that to. Today it is hard to get people to give 10% to the church where in the beginning people gave it all to the church.
---Rev_Herb on 7/30/06

Herb, still driving that "Welfare Cadillac"? One of the rules of the ministry I lived in was NO welfare of any kind. You were to learn to work and become self supporting. You were given a certain amount of time in which to find a job. No need to spend your money, everything you needed was there on site. We got a lot of donations, from apples to stuffed zebras. You saved your money and kept a budget. No welfare. It is so abused.
---Nellah on 7/30/06

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**Can anyone explain how Amish, Pentecostal, and even Jw's all manage without any government assistance?**

Why not ask Amish and JW's and the appropriate Pentecostals? (Some will accept welfare.)

Actually, many people perished miserably, or lived in the most abject poverty before social welfare.

But you seem to misunderstand the whole system. I know one man who is on disability. He gets a grant total of 604 a month and 11 in foodstamps. Period.

Great luxury, isn't it?
---Jack on 7/30/06

3. All my kids are from my husband. We cannot throw parties, afford fine foods or 62inch tv's, cell phones, eating out shopping for our pleasure. You know what people tell us? Get divorced so your wife and kids can get welfare. You were stupid to get married in the first place. I think welfare is one of Gods test of morals. It's the goverments way of breaking the traditional family.
---tc on 7/29/06

2. twins and they were premies so she receives disability checks for them all in addition to free housing and free food. She has and decorates a nicer place than most. She goes clubbing when the urge strikes, she throws parties all the time. I on the other hand am a SAHM of 4, my husband works full time and overtime, the only time I've been away from my kids is when I'm in hospital giving birth.
---tc on 7/29/06

I know a girl in chicago, age 35, been on welfare since 16, has 7 kids by different men, never been married, her parents get paid to babysit her kids, all get into headstart programs, free stuff etc... 2 are vegetables in wheelchairs (not their fault) so she gets disability checks for them, also she lets her kids roam the streets and a 5 yr old got hit by car, claims to have found small tumor in head says caused by accident so he gets a disability check, her last birth she had
---tc on 7/29/06

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People did manage before Welfare. Family took responsibility for the ill, disabled and elderly. Society was mostly rural, work was readily available w/o special skills.In the mid 1800's, my grandfather, at about 12 y/o, ran away from home (he was physically abused in a dysfunctional "blended" family).Distant neighbors gave him board and room in exchange for farm work. There were church run orhanages. Late in the century, there was the state-run "poor house",which was a last resort.
---Donna2277 on 7/29/06

Ideally, nobody would have to go on welfare, everyone would belong to a church, every church or denomination would have a plan for helping their needy. Our church is a small independent church. We can't even fully support our pastor. Members on welfare (only a few) are questioned by the gov't about any help they may get from the church. Whatever the church may give them...they have their benefits cut by the same amount.
---Donna2277 on 7/29/06

Alan of UK-- In the US you can go on welfare if you don't have a job...but can only get benefits for a limited period. Then you have to work at something or study a job skill to continue on welfare. (Of course, if you know how to work the system you can get by for years...)
---Donna2277 on 7/29/06

The few that have responded all seem to think that state aid is okay and a means of living. Can anyone explain how Amish, Pentecostal, and even Jw's all manage without any government assistance? Most of these programs have only been around for 80 years or less. Apparently people survived without state aid before it started.
---tracy on 7/29/06

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Here in WV we've been on walfare for 5 generations. We alway say, Why work when the govemet wants ta gib it to ye. Besides, I couldn't ford my catlack if I worked. Shuck, if we need mo money, we just have nother kid.
---Rev_Herb on 7/29/06

We are to pray for the poor and to provide for them if necessary. As some have already said, sometimes we cannot work or there is not work in the area where we live - are we to just let our families starve and live on the streets? I believe that Welfare is a means that God has provided for those of us who need it. I know that my family is thankful for it!!!!!!!
---Linda5676 on 7/29/06

Madison ... In the UK you can go on welfare because you don't have a job. We read recently of a woman who receives free of tax 25,000 a year (That is about $55,000 gross) who has 6 children by different fathers, and who has NEVER worked. She has free council accommodation and is suing the council to carry out redecoration of the house.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/29/06

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