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Can God Still Heal People Today

Who believes that God can heal people today and why?

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 ---Jama on 7/29/06
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Yes, he does heal today. 10/06/08 after having a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with colon cancer after it was discovered I was anemic. I went into the hospital Oct 3rd and from the moment I got there till a couple of days after my surgery, there were people in my room almost 24/7 visiting and praying. We had one prayer meeting after another. The cancer had not metastisized and after taking out 2 ft of my ascending colon + 36 polyps, the cancer is now gone. G-d used this for his honor & glory. The nurses & docs all witnessed the prayers. My son decided after smoking for many years that he was going to stop. He got on a program & has stopped smoking along with his wife. Praise Adonai!
---Gophylann on 11/20/08

Definately, Jesus himself said his followers would do what he did and greater things. The Great Commision was to heal the sick. It is our duty to fully preach the Gospel...that includes healing people and raising the dead. Its hard to believe but its the truth. I've heard of alot of healings, seen alot of movies/videos of healings... been in Jesus Culture when healing took place...its a definate thing.
All it takes is faith. Only believe. I encourage people to go out and pray for the sick and watch healings take place. Only do the things you do out of love.
---Jeff on 11/16/08

God heals. In fact, all healing comes from God. It is also true that Christians get sick too, (I even heard of one that died once!). The power that made the body heals the body. And even on the sickest day, there are still millions and millions of body processes going on without a problem. It is not the doctors or the medicine that rebuilds damaged tissues, God gave the body an amazing ability to heal. Maybe we just need to work with God, after all our species survived many years before drugs and surgery. Maybe we don't need to question God so much, or look to our medical men to "portal" God's healing. Maybe we need to remove some of the barriers to getting well. Healing comes from above down, and inside out.
---Dave on 10/15/08

Ofcourse God can still heal. He is the same God who walked this earth, too. Sometimes He takes His ever-loving time. {I better watch it, or I am going to get in trouble}. For myself, God can fix things rather quickly. Other things not so quickly. God's own business.
---catherine on 3/6/08

Not believe, but know: I am living proof that Jesus physically heals today.
---Eloy on 3/6/08

Yes,I can not go into detail take a whole lot more than 50 words to write about it.Let it be enough to say that GOD healed me at 47 or I wouldn't be alive and very well at 72.He does of course at times use doctors and natural healing.
---shirley on 3/5/08

I believe that God can still heal people, but when I pray for the sick I pray that His will be done in their bodies and lives. I also believe that for some, healing comes at the time of physical death when they are in their new bodies, healed and perfect in His presence.
---Madison1101 on 3/5/08

I believe God can heal people today because He is the creator.
---Ryan on 5/8/07

jama, my brother was full of cancer, he had only weeks to live,my church had a prayer chain and several men laid hands on him.he felt so good the next day his doctors checked him out.they are still mumbling to themselves and he in a matter of hours had NO MORE CANCER.
---tom2 on 8/20/06

ALL healing is from God! It comes in three basic forms: 1. Preventative medicine, (Such as proper nutrition and exercise). 2. Normal medical means, (such as doctors, medicine, etc.) 3. Supernatural intervention. (When God heals directly, by-passing normal channels.)
---wivv on 7/30/06

I don't.
I do believe that He already did heal us & all we have to do is lay hold of it.(1Peter 2:24) I know that God doesn't put sickness on folks or death.
---Rickey on 7/30/06

Of course!!! He's God isn't He? The same yesterday today and forever.
---christina on 7/30/06

And by his stripes we are healed.The greatest healing occurs when a person submitts their will andheart to the lord jesus.they are spiritually healed, and reconcilled to the father.Now that being said YES,YES,YES.God does heal today .I,am the same yesterday today and forever.God can,t change whatever he done in the past he WILL do today.
---tom2 on 7/30/06

Three years ago while visiting a friend in CCU at hospital, I noticed a doctor talking with a family. I asked a nurse what was wrong, she told me that they were going to take him off machines and allow him to pass. I walked closer to his room, his family now with him, held up my hand and prayed for a healing for his man. Next day when the old man was gone I feared the worst. I asked the nurse where he was. Her reply, "He suddenly got better and was moved to a private room." Yes, God still heals.
---Nellah on 7/30/06

It's very easy to say, "Praise the Lord!" and smile all the time when they get their illnesses cured and have their pockets stuffed with $50 bills.

I know a man on disability with fibromyalgia, torn irreparable rotator cuff, and other ailments, who lives on contant pain that not even morphine will kill who STILL loves and trusts God.
---Jack on 7/30/06

I believe that it's God's will that His children prosper in soul,body(good health), mind, finances. God always knows whats best for each individual person,and situation.My Dad was a sinner up until his 60's,I still prayed for his soul, didn't give up,a sinner woman(not my mom)wanted to hang around him even when he was sickly, I prayed her away. He got saved shortly before he died,if he would of got healed and lived,he might of backslid,his weak spot was women,they seemed to be drawn to him like a magnet.
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/30/06

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God definitely does heal today. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8). He already did a miracle for me when He set me totally free from cigarettes and cigarette addiction. The greatest miracle however was when Jesus saved me. Every day of my life is a miracle because Jesus has to carry me through or I would not make it.
---Helen_5378 on 7/29/06

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