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Do Christians Ever Think

"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same god who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. Quote by Galileo Galilei, "Was he right or wrong?"

Moderator - The implication of your question is that Christians don't think which is pure nonsense. Galileo was a Christian.

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 ---Theologystudent on 7/30/06
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Regardless, if you clean public restrooms or design wastewater treatment plants, we all need a Savior.
If you're a geologist, archaeologist, biologist or know-it-allogist, we all need Jesus Christ.

---Monique on 4/9/08

Intellect is a blessing for anyone that wants to hold onto their position or career path.

If all of my faith pridefully depended upon my intellect, I wouldn't need a Savior. I would rely upon my mind for all of my answers.

Christians have intellects that empower them to perform brain surgery or study the sciences like non-Christians do.
But the power of the Holy Spirit, His teaching, His guidance, His leading is beyond anything that a human instructor can give you.

---Monique on 4/9/08

Mike M ... Havig said that, we know, and scientists will emphasise this, that what they think they know is not necessarily the truth. They have many theories which they say are just theories.
So why the dinosaurs fossils are there, and how they got there is only a theory. That theory put forward by the creationists is not to my mind as those put forward by scientists, but that does not diminish the power of God to have made those dinosaurs to live in their time, whenever that was
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/9/08

1) "Jesus is the logos"-Ktisophilos

Ktisophilos, are you aware that the Logos(and the Trinity) doctrine is a corrupted doctrine that was not taught by Jesus and his disciples?

It is a fact that this corrupted doctrine crepted into the Church by Greek Church Fathers influenced not by Jesus but by Platonic Greek philosophy.
---Lari_S on 8/9/07

2) The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge states,

"The doctrines of the Logos and the Trinity received their shape from Greek Fathers, who were much influenced, directly or indirectly, by the Platonic philosophy.That errors and corruptions crept into the church from this source cannot be denied."
---Lari_S on 8/9/07

"I don't think very much. I spend all my days preaching out loud. Don't have much time to think. Another reason for that is, Satan had dominated my thoughts for many a year..."
Why would that be so, catherine? Why would Satan dominate your thoughts? Please explain.
---Marylois on 8/4/07

MikeM as usual quotes out of context. Luther thoroughly approved of genuine reason, as should be obvious from his debate with Erasmus. What he opposed was "reason" so called, which is really man-made philosophy against God.

Jesus is the logos, and God told Isaiah, "come let us reason together". We are supposed to love God with all our minds.
---Ktisophilos on 8/4/07

I don't think very much. I spend all my days preaching out loud. Don't have much time to think. Do you want to know why God has me preaching out loud so much of the time. Well, time goes by fast. Another reason for that is, Satan had dominated my thoughts for many a year and so now he has a much harder time with that so, there you go. Still waiting on God but having fun while waiting. I stay in prayer too.
---catherine on 8/3/07

Robyn: You said it perfectly.
---Marcia on 8/3/07

Christians think, most certainly. But one thing, I think you are forgetting is this: You do have to learn to think and look at things from a spiritual perspective, in order to please God. God does not deal with us through our flesh(minds) He deals with us through our spirits. A lot of people want to try and figure God out through the intellect. It can't de done. This is the problem the unbelievers, atheists, agnostics and so forth have. It can't be done. But oh yes, Christians do think.
---Robyn on 8/3/07

Well, there is reason that has you depending on yourself...theoretically justifying that God gave you a brain, so USE it. But I think He means for us to SHARE with Him what we have > see how He has me thinking so better than I can, on my own.

I can't trust what I think during worry or my paranoid self-righteous criticizing of others.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/3/07

"Reason is the devils harlot," said Martin Luther. Our leaders, are leaders who are in authority over us, will give an accoundting for us. (2Cor..6) Our 'reasoning' leds us to second guess Spiritual authority. Reason is vanity in pure form.
---MikeM on 8/3/07

Mature Christians think, I also believe babes in Christ think too. Nevertheless, christians do somethings that are hard for the World to understand. Like who picks up and leaves all they now to follow something unseen. This is not rational thinking. Its faith.
---Marcia on 8/2/07

I once visited a Friends (Quaker) church that had a large mural at the door that said something like "Jesus died to take away our sins, not our brains"
---Mark on 8/2/07

Yes, jerry6593, scientists can be corrupt like preachers can. And we ourselves can be corrupt in how we perceive things.

"And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment." (Philippians 1:9)
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/13/07

The Lord told us to walk in wisdom with those who are without and to make friends of the unrighteous mammon and to agree with our adversary while we are in the way. Of course some Christians think. We walk by faith but use common sense as well. Or at least we should. We should strive to retain an equal balance in all things.
---Frank on 6/13/07

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I thank God for the mind that I have. I try to use my mind to glorify God in all that I do. God is leading the Way in my life. I follow Him and not the other Way around. If we realize we can do nothing without God, no matter how smart we think we are, we will do ok in the final analysis.God is in control!
---Robyn on 6/13/07

Mark- Doubt you will respond. Who is the
heathens? Is thinking itself vulgar? I gather what is being said here by some is, "Thous shalt not think."

The scripture says, "Come let us REASON in the Lord."
---MikeM on 6/13/07

If we are wise, Think on these things:>>Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Mercy, Goodness. JESUS.
---catherine on 6/12/07

For the heathens did know that there was one supreme God; yet from low and base considerations they conformed to the idolatry of the vulgar. They did not glorify him as God, neither were thankful - They neither thanked him for his benefits, nor glorified him for his divine perfection. But became vain -
In their reasonings - Various, uncertain, foolish. What vain reasonings, and how dark a heart, amidst so pompous professions of wisdom!
---Mark on 6/12/07

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I Forgot to add PEACE! For your way of thinking.
---catherine on 6/12/07

Mark Twain also wrote something like that. I wonder if is was intellect that Adam and Eve took from that tree?
---sue on 6/12/07

Catherne; "Thinking can be a bad thing. How come? It can lead to reasoning" Now I believe Catherine is making a joke, like myself, sometimes a joker. as she once said people who disagreed with her are possessed. I get it.(grin)
---MikeM on 6/12/07

Spiritual wisdom is more valuable than worldly wisdom. God does not leave His children ignorant. We are not to accept anything. Especially from the world and its points of view. The devil has great influence in this evil world, this is his domain. God is more powerful. His domain is the spiritual realm. Satan cannot touch that, too powerful.Read Prov chap 3.If we let the Lord direct our steps things will work out for the good.
---Robyn on 6/11/07

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once as a teen I entered church were everyone was so friendy, hugs 'n hoopla, instant friends. Being pleased at this reception I told someone about this, the response was, "You don't get all that unless you give up something first" I soon found out that maxims meaning.

I later heard, "you know your in the wrong church when you have to leave your brains at the front door" That gave full understanding to the first maxim.
---MikeM on 6/11/07

I don't have to think, God thinks. Thinking can be a bad thing. How come? It can lead to reasoning, Then Satan can move in with his demonic person.
---catherine on 6/11/07

Most Christians accept that their brains and common sense are God's gifts and use them appropriately.
---emg on 6/11/07

Anyways, I don't have to be smart, God is. I don't have to be strong, God is. I don't have to be courageous, God is. I don't have to be rich, God is.
---catherine on 2/10/07

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I'm not in that "Ninty five" percent that you're talking about.
---Cindy on 2/10/07

Do Christians think?

Not much anymore. People today are just too knowledgeable to think for themselves. Ninty five percent of the Christians never read the Bible from beginning to end. They learn by jumping around like a kangaroo. And when a preacher says something the listener accepts it as truth even if it's a lie. Even today Christians believe in fables (novels) more than the truth.
---Steveng on 2/9/07

Does Christians think? I can speak for myself. Not much. I do have to be careful. Watch my thoughts, like a hawk. [I could think, if mylife was in danger].
---catherine on 2/9/07

I am very much a thinker and I praise God for that. I have heard it said that Christians who do not think and blindly accept whatever is told to them will fall for every false doctrine that is around. Probably true. We need to know the truth of God's Word for ourselves.
---Helen_5378 on 2/9/07

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Surely you jest. God's intelligence is so far beyond us the Bible says eye has not seen nor ear heard what things God has yet in store for us.
If God created us in His image of course we have thinking and reasoning intelligence.
However it is good to remember that the tree of knowledge is not the tree of life.
---Virginia on 2/8/07

There are some things where 'thinking' will not prove beneficial. We know most Biblical prophecys aleady came true. The rest are yet to come. Us thinking about it had nothing to do with it.But I think if so many did happen, the rest will too.
---Virginia_Watson on 11/17/06

Well Eloy I guess those of us that have doubted are just not as spiritual as you. And I'm sure Peter would have to say the same, as well as about all of the saints and most christians today, because doubt may not be in your vocabulary but it is a real spiritual emotion. it doesn't mean we lose faith in God, Jesus or any of that but we don't see him working in our lives at that point. I would encourage you to read a book called The Cloud of Unknowing it discribes some of what I'm talking about.
---Jared on 11/15/06

.jared, you are not stepping out on a ledge, instead you are merely professing untruth as though it were true. I never doubted Christ God Jesus, ever, for he is much more real to me than any tangible thing. And he has literally manifested himself to me and literally touched me in a way that is much more marked than any human being ever has. When it comes to my Papa, doubt is not a part of my vocabulary.
---Eloy on 11/15/06

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eloy you have not studied spritual formation then. Doubt springs up as an emotion. True it is a lie, but a person must at that moment either continue to walk forward into an unknown area and grow, or they can sit back and stunt the growth. those that walk forward are used by God those that sit back complain about the pastor's sermon.
---Jared on 11/15/06

doubt is part of every thinking process. we doubt so we seek answers, it's in every relationship (usually its innocent) Doubt is also included in our relationship with God, we doubt the meaning of scripture at times, we doubt God's plan, we may not doubt our salvation but there is doubt. usually we use a covert word like questioning or puting out a fleese or some other clever saying to not say we doubt, but it's all the same.
---Jared on 11/15/06

Eloy I will step out on a ledge and say you have doubted, that is why you are firm in what you say because you doubted and found the answer. (just so you know I enjoy our little debates Eloy don't think harshly of me)
---Jared on 11/15/06

.jared, no I have never experienced any doubt as concerning the reality of God, but in the past I have believed the very damaging lie from Satan that God did not love me when he did.
---Eloy on 11/14/06

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.jared, doubting is NOT a part of the spiritual formation of every believer, but Faith is.
---Eloy on 11/14/06

when we stop growing we are ultimatly saying I know everything about God, and at that point we are starting to fall away from him. Isn't this what Jesus condemded in the Church at Ephesus? They had their doctrine in order but they left their first love.
---Jared on 11/14/06

Eloy Doubt is a natural part of the spiritual Formation of everybeliever. It is called streching, pruning, dark night's Journey, the cloud of unknowing, and other things. Have you ever experienced this? It is not a sin, it is actually the time right before God uses a person in a bigger way.
---Jared on 11/14/06

.reiter, it is best to believe and live, rather than doubt and drown.
---Eloy on 11/13/06

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Eloy you have been taught that Doubting Thomas was a sinner and should not have doubted but that's not the whole story. Thomas is regarded as one of the greatest evanlists and was sent to the darkest areas of the world at that time to minister. Thomas is a great apostle because he saught truth and was not swayed by the wind he saught and was given answers.
---Jared on 11/13/06

of course Christians THINK God gave us brains to use,we use our freewill to makedecisions daily we often need to think in our jobs,as a nurse I would have killled patients had I not thoiught about what I was seeing hearing and doing all the time Paulsays whatsoeverbthings are lovely pure of good report etc THINK ON THESE THINGS
---doree4573 on 11/13/06

Rachel, it's abundantly clear that any type of religious/non-religious belief is fine with you. Witchcraft, New Age, the works. Christians are side-stepping your remarks, it's easier. Are you familiar with Acts 16:16?
---Paul on 11/13/06

I believe, in spite of doubts.
---AlanUK_quent5969 on 11/13/06

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It is better to have some doubt than to be gullible.

---Reiter on 11/13/06

.jared, Doubting Thomas is not praised for doubting. Doubting is sin: Blessed are they that believe, not they that doubt. "Therefore the just will live by faith: and if draws back, the soul of me has no pleasure. But we are not of them who draw back to perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul. But without faith it is impossible to please: for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." Hebrews 10:38,39; 11:6.
---Eloy on 11/13/06

I love the fact that Brown wrote the Divinci code because it has caused some doubt and we have to think our way through the issues. Ultimatly if we actually look the doubts up we will easlily find the truth and be more able to discuss our faith. Seek and you will find. Let us think and let us reason and let us see God.
---Jared on 11/12/06

It is easy, if you are a christian, to let other people [such as pastors] do the thinking for you. Be sure to keep a sharp, discerning and open mind.

---Reiter on 11/12/06

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doubts aren't bad as long as your doubts are turned into knowledge. Didn't thomas have doubts? and wasn't his doubts used to inspire many people to christ. Doubts are useful. they are the feelings we get just before God moves us into something greater. it is what you do with the doubts that is wrong. too many of us stop when we start to doubt and fall back. when we should move forward.
---Jared on 11/12/06

Even in vain philosophy it is said"I think therefore I am." We think every moment of the day even in dreams science says "we are working" out things. Made in God's image endowed with His spirit so yes we think and are different then animals who mostly go on instincts. We go on instinct also and animals can think also but our knowledge, compassion, the abilitity to reason is what makes us different.
---Jeanne on 11/11/06

Why is it that when I begin to 'think' about our Bible, and whats in it, that is when I begin to have doubts? When I think, I get into trouble.
---sue on 11/11/06

I have heard it said that Christians that think will not fall for false doctrine. I believe that to be true. God has given us individually brains to think with. Those who do not think but blindly believe whatever they are told fall for everything that is said.
---Helen_5378 on 11/11/06

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"Trust in YHWH with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men; God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He takes the wise in their own craftiness. And again, YHWH knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain." Proverbs 3:5; I Corinthians 1:25,27; 3:19,20.
---Eloy on 11/11/06

The tree of knowledge is not the tree of life. My reason tells me there must be a way through this life and to me Christianity is IT, after studying history & all world religions. Have you read What the Bleep Do We Know? There's lots of science which points to there being a God...a creator, but not who He is or what he communicates. The Bible does. God gave us minds to think with.
---Virginia on 11/10/06

mikem,cause would mean that we all make the same decision. but we don,t free will allows us to all make different decisions when confronted with identical teen decides to smoke,another doesn,t,one person chooses a divorce, another doesn,t.another accepts God and jesus and another doesn,t. by your statement we should all be making identical decisions from the causes around us. the decision to accept,reject,participate,not to is FREE WILL. you choose only you. free will. your right to choose.
---tom2 on 8/22/06

mikem, have you ever considered that your sense,reason,and intellect where the part of you that you received when God said LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE. he did,t give you these mental capabilities to rebel against him ,or reason your way to his ways.
---tom2 on 8/22/06

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mikem, hers the senario in the world today. person 1 says God says this ,what do you think?person 2 says yes but,person 3 says sometimesbut,person 4 says thats not what God was saying,person 5 says I don,t understand at all,person 6 says wow what a mess, and on and on and on it goes,people using thinking and intellect to reason spiritual matters instead of being lead by the spirit of God to discern for themselves.
---tom2 on 8/22/06

mikem, part 2 so to be perfectly clear ,no theres not a thing wrong with seeking knowledge,and being intelligent.but if you are the smartest person on the gliobe and don,t accept jesus,or use your vast intellectual resources to rebel against God what have ,or has your wonderful thinking processes done for you?you can,t reason or think your way to heaven.humility,love,obidience,service to God and your fellow man.people overthink sooooo much I wonder as I have said before if humans have any brains at all.
---tom2 on 8/22/06

no mike , I,am saying that your God given intellect is of no consequence or value to God.God interested in your love for him and others and obidience to his will, not how intellectual you are. my issue is intellect most often does nothing but raise doubt in a person mind,reason through intellect is many times a process to lead a person to become a athiest. because nothing makes sense to their intellectual mind.
---tom2 on 8/22/06

a better question would be do non believers have faith in anything?oh yes all natural and physical law that operates this vast universe is a matter of chance,or maybe it evolved into it,or better yet it was a mess until the BIG BANG straightened everything out.
---tom2 on 8/21/06

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Obviously he was wrong. The number one thing all of us has to do is make a choice. Either we choose to accept the gift of Christ or we dont. Doesnt that require sense, reason, and intellect? God is not imposing this choice on us, he wants us to choose Christ from our hearts not mouths.
---tofurabby on 8/21/06

Tom; So you are saying that one should dismiss the God given mind He has endowed us with as it might, as it sometimes does lead people into sin?
---MikeM on 8/21/06

the issue most of the time is we don,t excersize our intellect and make rational decisions or worst yet God based ones,we live by our emotions.distrust,pride,jealousy,overtake our thinking and the result is conflict.
---tom2 on 8/21/06

from mans nature and the way he has handled things thus far ,maybe God should have left oh say squirrels in charge instead of us.then they coud have gathered up all the nuts, aka people and stored us away each fall.
---TOM2 on 8/20/06

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sometimes when I ponder the condition of man and what he does to his fellow man and the world and all Gods creation, I perceive that maybe man has no brains at all.
---tom2 on 8/20/06

And though I have the gift of prophecy,and understand all mysteries,and all knowledge,and though I have all faith so that I could remove mountains,but have not love I,am NOTHING.
---tom2 on 8/20/06


It takes a great deal of restraint, patience and tact to answer insipid questions from prideful people who act condecendingly to others with less education, intimidating them, and think that their meager education makes them wiser than the God who CREATED the universe and all the knowledge therein.
---NoName4Now on 8/7/06

Scientist I would like to clarify my statements. What I have stated does not speaks against science or using our God given intellect to explore to wonders of His creation. Evolution in terms of one species transforming into another or something specific deriving from nothing specific are the only theories of science I have been exposed to that true intelligence provide me has totally denounced. Evolution in my mind is simply a God given ability to adapt to environmental changes. Mike faith fears nothing.
---josef on 8/5/06

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Mike you have obviously misunderstood me. The knowledge I speak of has absolutely nothing to do with supposition or feeling. And no amount of so called science can shake that knowledge. As a matter of fact all the true science I have been given to understand confirms the knowledge I have received via the Holy Spirit. The rest "evolution" etc I leave to those who can receive it. Faith can be placed any where one chooses. I choose the Father.
---josef on 8/4/06

Mike M ... When I walk the coastline of South West Britain, I look at the cliffs, and at how the different rock layers have so many colours, and densities, and angles, because over the differnt ages, the layers have been laid down, volcanic and tectonic activity has forced the layers into different shapes, and then the elements have worn rock layers away, and soil has formed, and life taken hold, I do not say this was chance ... I say what a marvellous God to have shown us such wonders.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/4/06

Mike M ... .Because God did it, and did not record every detail of what and how & when He did it, we cannot understand. But neither can a scientist say he knows how and what and when, and few do say that.
What we do know is that the scientists may be able to give us some tiny glimpse of it, but we will never know until we are home with God.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/4/06

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