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Is Day Trading Unbiblical

My husband is a day trader he says to show him one place in the bible that this is wrong. I know there is more than one place he has a very serious problem and twice has quit his work to go at this. Scriptures please.

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 ---cindy on 7/31/06
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Looks like Cindy is not around any more. Maybe her husband is broke by now, who knows, not me. But here is my answer. If being a trader is his job, then it is OK as long as he doesn't lose his money. Many play cards and lose the money for the family. Now that is bad. Gambling is a habit. Some times you win but most of the time you lose.
---ven. on 7/2/20

I ask myself when day trading if I'm being a good steward, or is there a high probability I'll lose that money. Then I ask myself If Im doing it because I love money. If I am not being a good steward or do it out of love of money, then it is for me a sin.
---Chris on 5/28/20


There's no specific verse that says that day trading is sin, what matters to God is the heart condition, what's his motivation in day trading?

If a person's reason for day trading is only to gain wealth, then that person needs to think twice.

On the other hand, if a person's reason for day trading is to bless people with the blessings he received, to provide and to advance God's kingdom through it, then therefore there's no reason to worry about it.

There's no problem with money, the love of money is the problem, no one can serve two masters.

Some may tell you that day trading is similar to Gambling, nope. Gambling is purely relying on luck, day trading doesn't.

Blessed day :)
---John on 4/11/20

After 15years of war God sends me to money.I grumble saying it is unfair seeing I have now to go to the work market.I am under qualified,no experience,and I do not have connections.Nonetheless I put my foot ward in obedience.Guese who comes forward to do work with me?Billionaires who run the world economies,some are even trillionaires.Luke 19:1-27.
I may be not having money in my hands yet but a phone call from these guys is good.So trade,I command to.
---The_Kenth on 9/30/18

Jesus said: "you could have At Least put it in the bank and drawn interest" Banks do all types of investing with our money. We support those if we have accounts. Long term and short term- Jesus did not specify. I have been studying options in the stock market. The more I do, the more I realize how ignorant I was about the "sin" of investing. By investing short or long we are stimulating the economy and gaining for the support of the Lord's Kingdom interests. Obedience is better than sacrafice in any personal direction one is led into. Education is the best to have before concluding what we think we know. Many proverbs share the positive and negative about increasing in wealth.
---Theodore_Dalton on 9/23/18

I have the same question. It would be nice to get a true answer
---Ashly_Bethrant on 5/25/18

Honestly, I have been also struggling as a Christian and not even disclosing it to those people closed to me because of the uncertain reactions whether trading of forex and stocks markets are really gambling. This is the reason I came by here to seek others opinions. I am doing also an online research and reading the Scriptures just to get at least a reasonable if not absolutely right answer...Part 1.
---Ferdz on 5/21/18

dear sir is it a sin for a cristian to engage in stock market day trading plz tell me
---pavan on 4/16/18

I trade stocks. I have spent a couple of year learning more and I am becoming more successful. So far, I am able to pay my bills and have more time for college work. The more I practice the better decisions I make. Being cautions is part of becoming a better trader or investor. I say trader because it may be wise to sell the stock sooner than anticipated, or there may be an opportunity for a short term investment. Sometimes holding a stock long term can be a costly mistake. Trading stocks short term or investing long can be wrong choice, but either can be profitable. If I made better long term investments, I would that, yet if I made better short term trades I personally would use that strategy. The time frame isn't important.
---Billy on 3/15/17

1 Timothy 6:10 "Some people eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.
---mike4879 on 1/5/17

I get your question, but I don't quit understand why more people don't have a real concern about it. I am struggling with this myself. Day trading in essence is taking money from some poor sap who invests and cashing out before he does. Your not investing long-term because you believe in the company. You simply trying to ride the wave of money givers long enough to take your profits before it falls. I totally understand your thought process behind this and I wonder after all these years, how has your husband done in his trading. Did he do ok?
---Benton_Ruth on 4/18/15

nothing in Holy Scripture to support claim "day traders" job is "wrong"

If it were than EVERY job today is wrong and we might as well all stop working and figure out another way to live

reality of TODAYS economy is one must work and make money (a tool)

if the type of work is LEGAL by way government then one must put their whole heart and soul into their work and do so to glorify GOD

if your husband is earning money illegally with work that is against the law and not paying taxes then you would have many verses from Holy Scripture

obviously you do not comprehend what day traders do and seem to want to mix it up and destroy your husbands ability to PROVIDE

why would you do that?
---Rhonda on 1/2/12

Mat 25:14-30.

James L is correct. Everything is a gamble if you think about it.

anyway, it is better than being a night trader. they have a terrible exchange rate and the payoff is a rip-off.
---aka on 12/31/11

Gambling is not necessarily a bad thing. Even when you go to work, you are gambling on a paycheck.

I worked a contract job this past winter and summer, and in July I had to quit because the guy owed me 1600 dollars and didn't have it. It's December, and I still haven't been paid all of it

Also, the better you are at something, the less gamble there is in it.

I once had a 6-week construction contract fall thru the day before I was supposed to start. What was I gonna do on short notice?

I had played pool for money a lot in the past, so I took my money to the pool hall and played for 6 weeks til my next job started. I was gambling, but it wasn't like flipping a coin. I earned a living doing something I was good at.
---James_L on 12/29/11


"High probability" means "likely but not certain". I.e. It IS gambling, just more likely to pay off than a casino or a lottery. Some people STILL lose their shirts when the market takes turns that they do not expect.

The Bible speaks in favor of investments in the parable of the talents. All the servants but one made investments, and were praised for doing so. The only one who as criticized was the one who wanted to ensure that he didn't lose the money and kept it under the bed. (However, since the rich man rewarded all of them based solely on their profits, I shudder to think how he would have treated a servant who invested the money but lost it all, a worse outcome than sticking it under the bed!)
---StrongAxe on 12/29/11

There are many occupations that never existed during the period when men wrote the scriptures. Working on Wall Street is one of them. Some people are very good at long term and short term trading and some people arent. Much is dependent is being able to reading peoples expectations of what the market will do in the future. It is not Godly or Ungodly it is just one of numerous things scripture does address. Of course we have may maggot heads on Christianet who will try to prostitute scripture for their own perverted agendas trying to make it falsely apply but that is just the basic nature of ChristiaNet. So there is nothing wrong with your husbands occupation Cindy. Just pray he will be successful.
---Blogger9211 on 12/29/11

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Day trading is not gambling it is however a FOR SURE way to be parted with your money if you have not studied long and hard the tricks of the trade. There are many fine books on the subject and one called "High Probability Trading" would be great one to start with as it deals with your emotions as a trader for one. You cannot let emotions like "greed and fear" control your decisions or you won't be in the game very long. Almost every day trader goes through a period of learning from mistakes which is known as the "tuition period" because you are certain to lose a lot of money. It is practically guaranteed! (continued)
---L_D on 12/28/11

Day trading is like gambling, seriously. A relative of mine withdrew all of their retirement funds, everything. It would have been better if they had flushed it down the toilet. Lost their hindends. It was the wife. She quit her engineering position, spent her days trading. Her zeal exceeded her funds. Blew it all.
---Recap on 6/22/07

I read your post and was wondering if you got any answers. could you please let me know? I too have that inquiry.

thank you
---Pedro on 6/21/07

I don't think you'll find Scripture to show that investing in companies is wrong. Buying and selling is something we all do. Some use the stock market.Jesus encouraged the person he gave the one talent to that he should have invested it. Buying into companies is an investment. I say let him go for it. Some think it's gambling.But then so would farming be.
---john on 3/8/07

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As an investor/ trader in India this thought occurred to me but suppressed it as its not against the law. The macro economics that is involved in the modern day financial world is too complicated to make a judgment. Random day trading could be addictive, income uncertain and an emotional roller coaster. Luke 14:28,31 1Tim 6:10. Also I observed that prayer gets effected, e. g. if escalating war or any crisis is positive to your position. Please pray for me too.
---Aurunoday on 7/31/06

If he is making a living do it, it should not be a problem. If he is gambling your life's savings away, then I would be concerned.
---Madison1101 on 7/31/06

My father was a very successful day trader. I have tried day trading but not been nearly as successful. I have great admiration for day traders. The risk or heavy therefore The profits can be large. My most recent venture into day trading was in the New York Stock Index. mima3783 at penpals.
---mima_I_dont_trust_a on 7/31/06

Gen 46:32,34, Eze 27:12-17. the bible doesn't say it is wrong, but people from way back then have traded. How does he have a problem? A man and his wife that I go to church with are trading all the time on their vehicles, you never know what they will be driving. I don't see the wrong in what they do.
---Rebecca_D on 7/31/06

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cindy-Is this day trading inhibiting his role as provider? If he is fulfilling his role as head of household and providing for his family than there is nothing wrong. As his wife in a marriage remember you are one flesh.

Moderator - If his day trading is just another form of gambling, then yes it wrong. Which by the way it is gambling, because investors don't day trade, but invest for longer periods of time.
---Ryan on 7/31/06

Maybe it's you who has the problem. You don't seem to trust him in what he is doing. Why not pray for him that the Lord would bless his wisdom in the investment field? Be a partner. You may find a whole new outlook on this.
---john on 7/31/06

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