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Want Old Or New Wine

In Luke 5:39 it says: "And no one, after drinking old {wine} wishes for new; for he says, 'The old is good {enough.}'" What does this scripture mean?

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 ---Ryan on 7/31/06
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New Wine = Holy Spirit. Once you taste and see that the Lord is Good, you will never want to go back to that old life of sin.
---Leslie on 12/31/06

Debbie-Amen sister. I completely agree. I love your point of view I hadn't thought of that thank you for sharing that with me. Hence the new heart and the new creature.
---Ryan on 8/2/06

#3 We now have a New Creation living inside of us that is pure and holy and forever sinless, this New Creation goes to heaven with us when we die. The old sinful creation stays in the grave and never enters heaven.
---Debbie on 8/2/06

#2 The New Wine (Holy Spirit) can not function in the old wine skin, it was designed for the New Wine skin of the New Creation where Christ dwells in our heart. Most people do not get this revelation. Before we were born again we only had 1 creation, that of the old, sinful nature we were born with. Then when Christ came into our heart, we became a 2 creation being.
---Debbie on 8/2/06

Ryan, yes I do completely agree that you can't mix the law with grace, but this goes even deeper than that. This is also talking about something brand new coming to live in an old earthen vessel. The old earthen vessel couldn't be patched up to make a home suitable for Christ to abide. God had to create a New Creation life for Him to dwell. He does that in our heart when we receive Christ as our Savior.
---Debbie on 8/2/06

Debbie-The old vs. the new is how I see this parable. The old is the old covenant, law. The new is the new covenant, grace. Jesus is saying do not blend the covenants. Do not blend old, law, with new, grace. Do you agree?
---Ryan on 8/2/06

Yes the old is the flesh, and it isn't good enough. When we are born again we are a NEW creation. The old didn't leave, the New is born inside the believer's heart and is brand new, sinless and uncorruptible. The new wine is meant for the New creation life that is born in us. The old wine (old sinful creation) is happy with the way things were and doesn't want anything new.
---Debbie on 8/1/06

Debbie- I am attempting to comprehend what you have said. Please help me understand something. Are you saying the old is the flesh? Does that mean that what people are saying is the flesh is good enough?
---Ryan on 8/1/06

#6 Only the new creation is made to receive this new and powerful "Wine." The final verse reinforces the large gulf which exists between the flesh and the spirit: 5:39 The flesh does not even desire the New Wine of the Holy Ghost, let alone receive it. Paul stated it perfectly in ROMANS 8:17 AND IF CHILDREN, THEN HEIRS; HEIRS OF GOD, AND JOINT-HEIRS WITH CHRIST; IF SO BE THAT WE SUFFER WITH HIM, THAT WE MAY BE ALSO GLORIFIED TOGETHER.
---Debbie on 8/1/06

#5 Jesus was telling them, "YOU NEED TO BECOME A COMPLETELY NEW GARMENT, OR NEW CREATURE." Anything short of this only "MAKETH A RENT," or makes the problem more apparent. 5:37,38 "AND NO MAN PUTTETH NEW WINE INTO OLD BOTTLES; ELSE THE NEW WINE WILL BURST THE BOTTLES, AND BE SPILLED, AND THE BOTTLES SHALL PERISH". The new wine, the power of the Holy Spirit, was poured out on the Day of Pentecost, and can never be contained in the old bottle of the flesh.
---Debbie on 8/1/06

#4 He presented a parable to introduce the truth of the two creations, which truth He later unfolded fully to the Apostle Paul, for the Church. 5:36 "NO MAN PUTTETH A PIECE OF A NEW GARMENT UPON AN OLD; IF OTHERWISE, THEN BOTH THE NEW MAKETH A RENT, AND THE PIECE THAT WAS TAKEN OUT OF THE NEW AGREETH NOT WITH THE OLD". The Pharisees were trying desperately to "patch up" the old garment with all their works which could be seen by others.
---Debbie on 8/1/06

#3 Jesus' answer is simple: "CAN YE MAKE THE CHILDREN OF THE BRIDE-CHAMBER FAST, WHILE THE BRIDEGROOM IS WITH THEM?" Jesus was present and took care of all their needs, so it was a time to feast and rejoice. When Jesus would be taken from them, then it would be a time for exercising real faith; thus a time of fasting and prayer. At this juncture, as was so often the case, the Great Master gave His critics more than they bargained for.
---Debbie on 8/1/06

#2 Their questions present two of the many negative characteristics and tactics of law keepers. One is the obsession with outward appearances, which ignores the inward character. Two is comparison with others. The law keeper does not measure himself by the Word of God, but by other people. This accusation against the disciples is really one against Jesus, for not being able to "KEEP THEM IN LINE."
---Debbie on 8/1/06

KJV adds the word 'straightway' to this verse - 'straighway desires new' and many commentaries say that this means that it takes time to get used to the new so no-one will wish to have the new immediately, they will have to get used to it gradually. However as the word 'straightway' was not in earlier translations the meaning of this verse is debateable.
---M.P. on 8/1/06

Ryan.#3. The point is that the Pharisees refused to accept the fresh revelation of God in Jesus. For those who recieve Jesus, the fresh new wine of gospel is preferable to the old wine of Pharisaic religion. Thats why Jesus states that "No man also having drunk old wine straughtway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better" in Luke 5:39.

Jesus has come with a radical gospel of Good News to the poor etc(4:18-19).The Pharisees refuse to accept the "new wine"(Christ Gospel).
---Ramon on 8/1/06

Jack-Are you serious?
---Ryan on 7/31/06

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Ryan.#2. We may not interpret this verse to state that old wine (i.e, Judaism) is better than new wine (i.e, Christ's gospel), for this would invert the parable's meaning (see vv. 37-38).Jesus states that the Pharisees and their followers do not even recognize the merits of the new; they feel that "the old" is good enough.

The Pharisees prefer the rabbinical interperation of the Law to the fresh, new wine of the gospel of christ
---Ramon on 7/31/06

Ryan.Let me explain. Jesus comment concerns the Pharisees (see vv.30,33,36) who rejected the "new wine" (The gospel) and held that the "old wine" (First-century Judaism) was better.Here "better" (GK chrestos) more literally means "suitable" and probably carries the sense of "good enough".

It is not Jesus but the one drinking the "old wine" who thinks "The old is better".
---Ramon on 7/31/06

The version of scriptures I've seen render it "the old is better".

"New wine" is not through fermenting, and of course is going to taste icky. Would you eat a cake that was half-baked?
---Jack on 7/31/06

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