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Who Has Been Slain In The Spirit

Who has been slain in the spirit, how many times and why?

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 ---Sally on 8/1/06
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micha, Acts 5:5 refers to the physical death of Ananias. In verse 6 he is wound in burial cloth and taken out and buried. The same thing happened to his wife in v-10.

I wonder how can members of God rejecting false cults practice these same things and call it of God?

I also have never met a woman involved in this activity who hasn't had a problem keeping her self physically pure either.

I see this as extra-biblical activity.
---Elder on 3/29/14

This is the closest reference I've seen pertaining to the Spirit and being slain:
Acts 5:5 And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things.
Acts 5:1-11
I'm not sure how many people would glorify God if they saw people convulsing on the floor, unless someone told them that this is the Spirit's work.
And I'm not sure how the proclaimer would know either.
---micha9344 on 3/28/14

"Please who knows the Biblical reference for this "been slain in the spirit"?"

I have never seen one. Still looking for one. Many try to use verses that say something else but they do not refer to this activity.
---Elder on 3/28/14

HOLLA ...This a a doctrine of devils so is laughing in the spirit, gold dust and speaking prophecies over some one, speaking a word doctrine, acting as a medium calling out sicknesses in prayer, speaking in tongues without an interpretation ( every time) except alone speaking with God ( to an extent),and many other doctrine's that are NOT found in the books.
---Carla on 3/27/14

Please who knows the Biblical reference for this "been slain in the spirit"?
---Adetunji on 3/27/14

I was slain in a Spirit at a charismatic Church, it was like a million volts of supernatural power came over me and knocked me down,.. its real, but its a demonic power and not the Holy Spirit. A sign points to something, this sign or wonder that occured to me simply pointed me towards Pentecostal/Charismatic theology which is loaded with damnable heresies like when they say only those who speak in tongues have been baptised by the Holy Spirit, when in truth you cannot be a christian apart from being baptised in the Holy Ghost. Paul says "not all speak in tongues do they? of course not" also many other errors such as salvation by works or human effort is taught i was recommended Benny Hinn books after being slain in this false spiri
---Joseph on 3/24/14

I have been slain in the spirit many times.Those who are not saved,do not understand and often are scared when they see this happen,or think it is fake.I can assure you,it is not. Be Blessed,tina8476
---tina8476 on 1/2/08

I have been slain in the Spirit quite a number of times, in fact every time except once that I went to an altar call. Strange part is I don't know why, nor is it in Scripture. The first time it happened I had just gotten saved and I was standing alone at the altar i.e. the pastor had not touched me -- suddenly I went down. As I look back on that now, I am amazed at the importance that is placed on being slain in the Spirit.
---Helen_5378 on 1/1/08

John T, thanks for the comment. I never thought of it as being a rare gift since it arms a Christian with a weapon of protection against Satans lies and tricks,it isn't based on feelings alone,God drops things into our Spirit and we know it is Him, but I am blessed to recognize Spiritually prompted feelings from my own. I think perhaps people forget God gave us feelings to protect us in the flesh,why wouldn't He perfect them for use in the Spiritual?
---Darlene_1 on 8/30/06

Discernment is a RARE (prophetic) gift in the body. If you have it, I hope you use it to glorify Jesus in your local assembly.

Too many here rely on their feelings rather than asking Holy Spirit to reveal the spiritual source of any manifestation.

That is an open door for the counterfeit, and the counterfeit will NEVER glorify Jesus.
---John_T on 8/30/06

John T,I don't know about anyone else, but I don't have to "test' or try the spirit,although we are warned to, when a message or anything happens in church, because the Holy Ghost in me automatically lets me know if it's of God or not. John T when it isn't God it is like a bucket of ice water being poured over me or the anointing lifting ,I recognize then it's not God,it Quenches the Spirit. Discernment is important at all times.
---Darlene_1 on 8/29/06

I am surprised, only one person on this site confessed to testing the spirit (1John4)when manifestations of tongues or SITS came.

Tongues is one thing, SITS, or even "Holy Laughter" are both different. Only tongues is listed in Scripture.

Because the Enemy of our soul wants to have us NOT worship Jesus, it is likely he will do all sorts of things that cause us to seek experiences, not Christ.

That is why discernment is paramount when dealing with "showy stuff".
---John_T on 8/29/06

The Book of Confusions has been one of the most influential books in my everyday life. Some people say I'm a living example of everything it teaches! ;>)
---Donna2277 on 8/25/06

1 Confusions 6:89 . Yep -- that's the one! Thanks Ryan. ;-)
---Leon on 8/25/06

Thank you Ryan, for looking the scripture. up Just because some people who haven't experience it they say it is not Bible
---Betty on 8/25/06

"slain in the spirit" is called many things in many cultures. Among pentacostals they believe it is a divine manifestation. In other cultures it is called other things. It is the release of endorphines in the bloodstream, explained as a biological process. This has all been firmly extablished for decades.
---MikeM on 8/24/06

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No Katie i was not saved I was going to another church that my husband was pastor i new that i didn't have what i needed to besaved My daughter church was in reviel and i went on a thurs night i repented of my sin i was baptise and i didn't get to go back un till sat night and i was standing there and thats when i said God you can have all of me and he filled me with his spirit and the next thing i new i was laying under a pew speaking in tongues.
---Betty on 8/24/06

Elder: My experience is in the bible Act's 2-38 and im covered by the blood of jesus You and Herb set your selfs up as judges to people on these blogs you need to judge your selfs not other peple there is only one judge and that
is Jesus
---Betty on 8/24/06

Math 12:31 Unpardonable sin is continuous attributing work of Holy Spirit to satan. Ascribing manifestations of Holy Spirit to hell, is the fatal sin of denial of the testimony of Jesus Christ - resulting in the rejection of the Son of God. Continual action - continuous attributing right on down to the grave defines blasphemy.
---Raine on 8/23/06

Betty and just because you have experienced it doesn't mean it is real.
All of our experiences must be tested by the Word of God. Not the other way around.
---Elder on 8/23/06

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MiMa--how could anyone who wasn't there know why 20% of this congregation went down under the power of the Spirit? Why is this always so important to people who don't believe in it? Several times in the N.T. people were overwhelmed by the power of God and fell down because of it. I don't recall this happening to any large number of people at once, though.
---Donna2277 on 8/23/06

To all of you who don't believe it to be Biblical. The result is certainly Biblical. I have seen lierally thousands overwhelmed by the Spirit and fallen down but I have never seen even one get up be mean or ungrateful. They are always thankful,happy, refreshed, and visibly encouraged by their experience. I encourage all to receive such an experience.
---john on 8/23/06

Kathy. Paul fell to the ground because of the presence of God. Yes, it happens today and yes some people have to be driven home. Yes, some people get rebuked but most get great strength and encouragement. I haven't seen any one go blind but I have seen demons expelled. Being in the presence of God is a wonderful experience that appears to have knocked most off their feet in the Bible and still does. Calling it slain is just a word people use.
---john on 8/23/06

I FOUND IT! IFOUND IT!. The scripture that says, "In days to come you shall be slain in the spirit." It is in I Confusions 6:89.
---Ryan on 8/23/06

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Betty,You said "I said God you can have all of me".

Were you saved at the time you said that? Or was that in itself your salvation experience?
---kathr4453 on 8/23/06

Sue--I don't know where this phrase originated. It's a poor description for falling down due to the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit. It is not related to healing. But God can heal anytime. The TV preachers you see are "showmen". And not all the people you see falling are under the influence of the Holy Spirit. It gets controversial...people have strong opinions both "for" and "against" this practice of "falling" under the you will see!
---Donna2277 on 8/23/06

I'm sorry that some have never been slain in the spirt.but i have i was at the front of the church this may not be proper langugue to some but i said God you can have all of me Jesus filled me with his spirt and after i quit speaking in tongue's i was laying on the floor under a pew across the
the isle from where i been standing I have also laughed in the spirt danceed in the spirt when his spirit moved on me Just because you haven't experised this doesn't mean it's not real
---Betty on 8/22/06

Sue. There is nothing in scripture about being slain in the spirit. Slain means death in all scripture that uses the word. I believe it to be demonic activity. When we are "IN Christ" we have all we need in Him. We don't slay Jesus in us. That is really strange. Why would the very Spirit of God, have to slay the very Life of Christ in us.
---kathr4453 on 8/22/06

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John: When Paul fell to the ground, it was when Jesus showed up. It was the brightness of His Glory that blinded him. Now, does Jesus show up at these meetings? Does Jesus rebuke everyone there for persecuting Him. Do all need designated drivers to take them home, because they've all lost their sight?
---kathr4453 on 8/22/06

Please forgive me but what exactly IS 'Slain in the Spirit"? I'm a little confused about all this. Is it when I see a pastor or one of those preachers on TV yell and get all excited and tap a person on the head and that person falls down and when they get back up they are healed? Thank you.
---sue on 8/22/06

About weeks ago at a nearby Assembly of God Church an unusual number of people were slain in the spirit during the time of praise and worship. In your opinion what might account for this? Estimates run as high as 20% of the congregation was slain in the spirit. Comments
---mima on 8/22/06

Acts 22:6. "And I (Paul) fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to me.." It seems that many times in Scripture when God showed up people fell to the ground. Why do so many have a problem with that now? Who cares what it's called, it happened many times. And just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen. And yes, as you can see from this verse, it's in the Bible. So please quit saying it's not in there.
---john on 8/22/06

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I was slain in the spirit the night i got the Holy Ghost. Boy did i have a time that night
---Betty on 8/22/06

I have, many times. This manifestation is called the shekinah glory, the divine presence of God. And yes it is very common during praise, worship, and prayer. It's when God's Holiness overwhelms you. Please read II Chronicles 5:13,14; Daniel 10:8,9. Recall how God's shekinah glory came upon Paul on the road to Damascus. Those with him heard the voice, but they did not hear the Hebrew speech. Please read Acts 9:3-9; 22:6-11; 26:12-18.
---Eloy on 8/22/06

Aren't we only interested in one truth? Jack is questioning something that sounds man made "Slain in the spirit." Of which there is no evidence in the bible. And the mere mention of it brings dissentions, disputes, strife and factions. Where would something like that come from?
---Ryan on 8/21/06

Exzucuh, your wording says volumes, "...Now WE want...discredit US...annoying US."
Within the Spirit there are no factions, this is a deed of the flesh. To separate yourselves from other brotheres and sisters is disheartening. Don't both of you hunger and thirst for righteousness?
---Ryan on 8/21/06

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hindus do this as well, called 'shaktipat' -is theirs from God? i contend neither are
---r.w. on 8/21/06

Satan is the author of confussion and his spirit brings all kinds of mean spirited remarks and groanings trying to make them appear legitimate. They aren't. No person devoid of the full Gospel experience of God even knows whereof they try to speak,for with out the depth and power of God one doesn't have all God has for them. It's a loss they don't even know they've missed out on, they are so busy explaining the Holy Ghost's move away. Be careful of blasphemy.God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 8/4/06

Jack you keep gainsaying telling others to prove that there is being slain in the Spirit but I know it is true by the word I have already given you and by experience,Now we want you to find the sciptures that say it is of the devil or does not exist. prove yourself with scripture if you cannot then you have no right to discredit us. your blowing your horn and it's annoying us.
---Exzucuh on 8/4/06

If we believe the bible is complete why are these sayings not in there? Answer: The father of lies, Satan, has created them. Look at the evidence they look good they sound good people accept them as truth but not one of them exists in the complete word of God. This tactic of mixing a little truth with a stock of lies and passing it as truth has been a tactic of the devils for all ages look at what he did in the garden of eden. Mixed a little truth with lies and made the fruit look good to Eve.
---Ryan on 8/4/06

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Where is the scripture that says:
And the Spirit of the Lord was poured out unto all the earth so they may be slain in the Spirit?"
This scripture does not exist therefore it is not of God. If it is not in the bible but it sounds good like:
Slain in the spirit, rapture, personal savior, accept Jesus in your heart, age of accountability, once saved always saved, than it is from Satan.
The problem with all of these sayings is not one of them is in the bible.
---Ryan on 8/4/06

**No mortal can stand beneath the hand of God when He is allowed to minister to them in Spirit and power.**

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He doesn't push people over.

Try again.

Just because you had the experience, it does not follow that it is of God.
---Jack on 8/4/06

God did not reveal all that Jesus did, too right and been slain in the spirit is not one of them. We are straining at a knat and swallowing a Camel here. Either God put the examples in the Bible for refference or we just plain and ignorantly re-write our own to justify, some event that is insignificant to those that recieve as there is no evidence of any particular revelation, word, or prophecy in it, or to those that here about it. The only events is that they have been thrown on the floor.
---Carla5754 on 8/4/06

My father told the story of seeing the minister at some Pentecostal service touching people on the head as he said, "Shockameshuginna! Shockameshuginna! Right now, Lord, right now! Shockameshuginna!" And people were dropping like flies.

Those who have Jewish friends know what a "meshuginna" is.

Think about it.
---Jack on 8/3/06

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Rebecca: I live my faith based on the facts of scripture. I don't need to feel God to believe Him and worship and love Him. My faith is secure because I choose to believe truth, not feelings. Feelings are not facts.
---Madison1101 on 8/3/06

The argument that things done in "decency" do not bring into question the source of the power involved does not hold water. The bible talks about Satan coming as an "angel of light." II Cor 11:14 I hardly think that his appearance as an "angel of light" would be done "indecently."
---Bruce5656 on 8/3/06

** Jack, I have never seen anyone who fell under the power of God who didn't know what was going on around them.**

When I first saw this phenomenon some 30 years ago, those who had it happen said they were unconscious.

Now, if they remain conscious, how much of this is simply learned imitative behavior?

Remember, "the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets."

I'm still waiting for clear scriptural warrant.
---Jack on 8/3/06

Jack, I have never seen anyone who fell under the power of God who didn't know what was going on around them. Furthermore it has nothing to do with any form of Ecstacy but plain ole' Praise and worship, coming into the presence of God,adoring Him, and fellowshipping with Him. No mortal can stand beneath the hand of God when He is allowed to minister to them in Spirit and power.
---Darlene_1 on 8/3/06

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Jack; If I see someone that isn't doing things in decency, I ask God if this person is of you, then fine. But if this person is in self and you have no part in what this person is doing, then set them down. The bible says to try the spirit to see if it be of God. You do this, it will work every time. I can tell the difference sometimes, because there is a glow on that person's face, not all of the time.
---Rebecca_D on 8/3/06

Madision; then you truely don't have the desire to feel all of God's power. so your saying by feeling the power of the Holy Ghost, your tempted to sin? You may feel the presence of God, in which I am not doubting you feel that with your patients, but that is just his presence, not the full power of the Holy Ghost.
---Rebecca_D on 8/3/06

**Revelations 1:17 And when I saw him,I fell at his feet as dead(Strongs 3498 lifeless;Wouldn't slain also fit?).**

No, it wouldn't. I've already dealt with this verse below.

Revelations 11:16 And the four and twenty which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces and worshiped God.**

This refers to a prostration that they make while fully conscious--an act of reverence common in Eastern Christian churches, though the West has lost it.
---Jack on 8/3/06

Revelations 1:17 And when I saw him,I fell at his feet as dead(Strongs 3498 lifeless;Wouldn't slain also fit?).Revelations 11:16 And the four and twenty which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces and worshiped God. The position one falls doesn't matter,seen it every way,it is the obedience and faith in God,trusting him to take care no matter what. When People are down they are worshiping,praising,loving,and surrendering to God. Satan doesn't praise God.
---Darlene_1 on 8/3/06

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** true some people do things in the flesh, but that is just them, has nothing to do with God, or Satan.*

How does one tell the difference, Rebecca?

Can YOU tell the difference?

Please elaborate (as much as you can in 85 words).
---Jack on 8/2/06

In other words, Exzucuh, you can give no scriptures supporting being "slain in the spirit".

** The fact is Jack that there are people here who have experienced being slain in the Spirit **

Experience in and of itself does not prove it's the HOLY Spirit these people were "slain in".

Fainting spells and ecstasies happen in other religions, too. Ever hear of the Sufis (aka "Whirling Dervishes")?
---Jack on 8/2/06

Rebecca: I have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit many times a day in my life. Each time I am tempted to sin, the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart and shows me a way out of the sin. Each time I work with patients and they speak about their faith in God and how God helps them in their troubles, I sense the Holy Spirit moving. I do not need to fall on the floor to prove the Holy Spirit is moving in my life. That is just nonsense.
---Madison1101 on 8/2/06

Happened to me once. The pastor placed his hand on my shoulder and I went down. I was not expecting anything, and the shocked pastor didn't even believe in this. No one was behind me, so I hit an uncarpeted floor full force...heard the fall but felt nothing. However, when it comes to pastors that push on my head...I "push" back.:-(
I could only think of the disciples on the mount of Configuration...but they fell on their faces and were afraid, neither of which applied to me.
---Donna2277 on 8/2/06

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"Slain in the Spirit" gained in poularity as an expression with the Charismatic movement and frankly it is a misnomer. One isn't "slain" but are under the power/blessing of the Lord. That type experience doesn't keep anyone from knowing what is going on around them. People do,however,become so close to God as they are praising Him,while lying on the floor, that they ,like any in deep prayer, care about nothing but their relationship with God. Satan wouldn't lay there and praise God!
---Darlene_1 on 8/2/06

The fact is Jack that there are people here who have experienced being slain in the Spirit I never asked for this to be part of my ministry but it is, people fall from the power of God sometimes I fall to when it hits them, I see miracles from God all the time. You are saying that makes us of Satan and you don't even know me you judge a tree by it's fruit not spiritual experiences.
---Exzucuh on 8/2/06

those who have not experienced God's power, don't understand it so therefore, they say it is of Satan and not of God. true some people do things in the flesh, but that is just them, has nothing to do with God, or Satan. If you don't understand it, or have never experienced the power of the Holy Ghost, then you have no right to say anything. but if a person wants to feel the Holy Ghost, it must be a desire from the heart.
---Rebecca_D on 8/2/06

Mark 9:26-27--the frequent effects of a demon leaving. It is not a worship experience. The "spirit slain in" here was clearly UNholy.

Revelation 1:17--John retained consciousness and was not in ecstasy, as "slain in the Spirit" claims happens.

John 18:6--These were UNbelievers, not believers in worship.

Try again.
---Jack on 8/2/06

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God is a Spirit, they that worship Him must worship in "Spirit" and in truth. The truth is the Bible plainly shows that there are highly supenatural Spiritual experiences for the Believer. Example the verse; these signs shall follow those who believe, in Jesus name cast out devils,speak with new tongues,etc.. I said it before; if you only have the "written word" you don't have the God of the Bible. All Christs works would more than fill the world if written. We don't know all He did.
---Darlene_1 on 8/2/06

Mark 9:26-27 And the spirit cried, and rent him sore, and came out of him: and he was as one dead; insomuch that many said, He is dead. But Jesus took him by the hand, and lifted him up; and he arose.
Revelation 1:17 And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last:
John 18:6 As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground.
---Exzucuh on 8/1/06

And we have heard from the Dragon, the false Prophet, and the beast, just a lot of frog talk from the ditch.
---Exzucuh on 8/1/06

Jack: I would love to see the scriptures that support this idea. I have read the New Testament over and over and have yet to find it. Sounds like hocus pocus to me.
---Madison1101 on 8/1/06

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No one has ever been slain in the spirit. This is an extrabiblical teaching given to fleshly man by Satan.
People may have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. But to fall backwards in worship is completely unbiblical. People fall forward (Prone) in a humbling & worship centerd posture.
I suggest you erase this rediculous term from your vocabulary.
---Ryan on 8/1/06

Those who fell backwards when Jesus said."I am" were sinners, not Christians. Believers always fell forward in the bible. Sinners fell backwards.
---Rev_Herb on 8/1/06

If you will show me the new testament authority that says you jack have the authority to speak on the word of God. where does it say anything about Jack in the bible? Where does it say I should believe anything you say? It's not there but I know you have the authority because I know the word and what it means and that there are people who were slain in the Spirit in the Bible.
---Exzucuh on 8/1/06

Will someone please show me NEW TESTAMENT authority for being "slain in the spirit" in public worship of the Church and where the phrase appears in the Bible?
---Jack on 8/1/06

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Each time a Pastor prayed for me, I never went down. The one or two times I fell backwards, it was because he pushed my head backwards and I lost my balance and fell backwards.
However, when Jesus said, "I am He." Didn't the soldier in the garden of gethseame fall backwards. The power of God is powerful. I once heard Tommy Tenny say when God showed up, the Pastor got thrown 3 feet backwards from the pulpit. I do believe WHEN the power of God is real and present, people do fall down.
---Donna9759 on 8/1/06

We were praying for a sister,laying hands on, Mom put her hand on her,power of God flowing through her was so strong it knocked Mom flat on her back.That's what(slain) falling out under the power is,the power of God moving through a mortal body which can't "stand" before that power and God's Glory. My first experience happened when I went for prayer,when I noticed where I was I was looking at the underside of a pew. The only way I could have gotten there was to go through it by the power of God.
---Darlene_1 on 8/1/06

I've seen too many women "slain in the spirit" who nevertheless had the presence of mind to grab their wigs and put them back on.

Thank God, He has kept me free of such delusions.
---Jack on 8/1/06

Yes I have been slain in the spirit three times. I have seen many people slain in the spirit while praying for them, many times before I even touched them. Is being slain in the spirit scriptural? I would say yes. The priest could not stand in the temple with the presence of God in it.(Solomon's dedicating the temple) in the garden of Gethsemane they all fell backwards when Jesus spoke to them. The presence of God brings strange reactions in human lifes.
---mima on 8/1/06

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Many times when the power of the Holy Spirit is on me. The first time it happened I was stubborn and said "I am not going down". I started to wobble, then I fell. So I figured I must have my dress shoes on and I just lost my balance. Then I realized I had tennis shoes on. One time I was worshipping at the altar and got slain in the spirit.
---wes on 8/1/06

I have been slain in the spirit so many times I lost count. Glory to God.

My name is Susan Christensen. Jesus loves you and so do I.
---Susan on 8/1/06

the only thing that has ever been slain for me is my heart.
---shira on 8/1/06

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