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Your Kid With Alice Cooper

Would you send your son or daughter to Alice Cooper's school to learn music...even though he says he is a born again Christian now?

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 ---Cindy on 8/1/06
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alice cooper is a born again christian.he has given donations to christian schools and missions.
---aimee on 3/15/08

Even though?? Do you suggest that because of that we should shun him?
---alan8869_of_UK on 3/11/08

If I were absolutely certain that he is now a born again Christian, yes. Do you doubt his testimny for some reason?
---M.P. on 4/4/07

I would say: go down to the school and check out the sessions to see that you would be comfortable sending your kid there. Not because of Alice Cooper's past, but simply because it is good to check things out period. We certainly do that much e.g. checking for doctrinal soundness when looking for a new local church to join right?
---Benny on 8/6/06

I read his testimony in a magazine a little while ago and can see no reason to doubt him. I think we sometimes focus too much on a person's appearance or their past and, in doing that, we don't give them a chance. Also, this attitude can hamper their growth as a Christian.
---M.P. on 8/2/06

If he is truly born-again then praise the Lamb forever. If he is born-again then the fruit will be there and it would be ok to send your child to learn from him. Pray about it. It does depend what type of music he is teaching also -- is it Godly.
---Helen_5378 on 8/1/06

**it is a good one that may provoke some soul searching.**

That generally is what I try to do, to get people to THINK. (There's a blog here wondering if Christians ever do, or if they just turn off their brains.)

Or as I put it: comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.
---Jack on 8/1/06

Yes Jack, what you say is true. I pray that none of my responses has made anyone feel that way. It is not my intention to judge anyone.
You should make that a question for the heading of a blog, it is a good one that may provoke some soul searching.
---lynet on 8/1/06

This blog brings up an issue:

Has anyone but me noticed the number of born- again Christians on these blogs who want their own testimony and assurance of their faith and spiritual condition taken at face value, but question the status and faith other people?
---Jack on 8/1/06

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