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Is Mel Gibson's Apology Sincere

Should Mel Gibson's apology be accepted by the Jewish and Christian community?

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 ---John on 8/1/06
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Absolutely. Who in this world is so good? Man, we are all so BAD, BAD. And if you think that you are NOT, NOT, tell God this, And He will say to you, You are not good, noone is but God. >>>I just dare someone to look up and say to Jesus, "I am so Good".
---catherine on 6/11/07

Only God knows if its sincere. As for the Christian and Jewish communities, they dont even need an apology. Forgive him and move on.
---pkay on 6/11/07

Amen Billy: "Wouldn't it be Christ like to forgive him weather he asks for forgivness or not, or weather his apology was sincere or not?" Just as Jesus did on the cross when He said Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing, and Steven too while being stoned prayed for the peoples forgiveness when they had not asked for us...that included Saul, and shortly after that Saul was converted. Forgiving is a siritual weapon not to be underestimated.
---Christy on 9/24/06

Jesus has the answer regarding Mel in Matt. 15: 18-20, "18But evil words come from an evil heart and defile the person who says them. 19For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, all other sexual immorality, theft, lying, and slander. 20These are what defile you..."
---Frank on 8/25/06

(2).. [35] But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.
---Billy on 8/24/06

Wouldn't it be Christ like to forgive him weather he asks for forgivness or not, or weather his apology was sincere or not?
Luke 6:31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.
[32] For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them.
[33] And if ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye? for sinners also do even the same.
---Billy on 8/24/06

Why are so many people racist? I have nothing against no one. If one is a Christian, and they can't stand the Jewish nation, they better take a step back and look at the picture. Jesus was a Jew, and the Christians are covered by Jesus' blood, so to me we are part of the Jewish Family. Why does everyone bash the Jew's, Catholics, Muslims, etc. It is very sad. We can't come together on this earth, what makes us think we can come together in heaven?
---Rebecca_D on 8/5/06

Ralph..WOW. Hold on there just a minute. Is that why at their communion, only the Priests can partake of the blood, (or wine), and not the people, seeing they believe it actually turns itself into the actual?? By that,their(self proclaimed perfection, being virgins)have power to forgive? Even the Apostles didn't take such notions. So then Peter, being married? What's up with that?
That whole idea is repugnant!!!
---kathr4453 on 8/5/06

I think I understand what Jack is trying to say:
1.The Levitical Priesthood, could never take away sin because they were married.

2. The Priests in the CC can, because they are not married.
---Ralph on 8/5/06

Jack: Just one thing, I am trying to say Only God, through His Son, Jesus Christ can forgive our sins, or send people to hell. The Pope cannot do this. Does he not say he can absolve(sp) sin? Did he not lead people through a door at jubilee for the forgiveness of sins. Can he do that? Is he not playing God? Only our High Priest can forgive, through His own Blood.
---kathr4453 on 8/4/06

**The Catholic Church has re-established a Levitical Priesthood, now run by a Gentile. **

As I pointed out to you on the earlier blog, the RCC did NOT re-establish Levitical priesthood, as the Levitical priesthood was passed from father to son, but RC priests are not (as a rule) married.

You were wrong the first time you wrote this, and you're still wrong.
---Jack on 8/4/06

The reason re: Mel hating Jews, is that he has his own church on his property, denounced by the catholic church, their own "special sect" of catholocism, who do and did hate the jews.(his fathertoo). He said the Holocost did not happen. Pope John Paul, being years in a concentration camp, denounced Mel!!!!!
---Janet on 8/4/06

This is the blog that I made my statement from. I can see the misunderstanding. Thanks!
Rev. Herb...Amen! The Catholic Church has re-established a Levitical Priesthood, now run by a Gentile. Go figure. Why go back to what was incomplete, when we have now Christ, who is our High Priest. They make a remembrance day after day of their sins. I see the Pope, standing in the doorway of the Holy of Holies, blocking the way to the Father.
---kathr4453 on 8/3/06

John, I hope you understood that is exactly what I was saying. Jesus said," "I AM the Door". "I AM that I AM"!
---kathr4453 on 8/3/06

Can the 'truth' about what Mel was saying, 'wars and fighting' be backed up by Mrs. Barbera?
---MikeM on 8/3/06

There seems to be some kind of mistaken view that Catholics hate Jews. Huh? This is not true. Why would you make such disparaging comments?
---A_Catholic on 8/3/06

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Matthew 7:1 "Judge not, that you be not judged. Also read Matthew 7:2 as well. We seem to want to do what is clearly God's job. Does seeing the speck in someone else's eye when you can't see the log in your own eye, "sound familiar? If Mr. Gibson truly repented for his obviously horrible comment, who are we to judge? He without sin may he cast the first stone. The word of God tells us in many ways NOT to cast stones, but as you see on these "Christian Blogs" that must not apply.
---Dottie on 8/3/06

I have no figurines or photos of ANYONE in my house that I pray to or burn a candle in front of. I do have a picture of Jesus, but I don't even pray to that. IT IS A PICTURE. It doesn't cry real tears, it's eyes don't move and watch me as I go about my housework, and I've never believed for a second that His spirit resides within that frame. I know He sits on the Throne & acts as my mediator before God, the Father. No saint or even Mary is able to do that - EVER.
---Crystal on 8/3/06

Barbara, Jesus commandment to us "as Christians" was the commandment of Love not Hate. You need to be more informed of WHO started the attacks, it was Hezbollah. The bible tells us also, he who curses Israel our Father will also curse them. Genesis 12:3 Barbara if this is truly how you feel then I will pray for you to see the truth, and you should study God's word.
---Dottie on 8/3/06

It is pretty obvious to me that Mel has been set-up the Hollywood inner-circle. I don't blame him for making those comments. I would be angry too! I feel, atleast he got the truth out about all the wars & fighting.
---Barbara on 8/3/06

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**Also, the Catholic Church is chock-packed FULL of idols, graven images, statues, etc.**

Do you have figurines or photos of your loved ones in your house?

Are you saying it's OK to have secular art, or photos of ordinary people in your home, but not figures of people of great spiritual significance?

Has God allowed you to see into their hearts to tell if they are actually treating them like idols, or whether you are just THINKING they are?
---Jack on 8/3/06

Mr. Gibson apologized. We have 2 choices of what to do. Yea/Nay. You judge. He hasn't done anything to me. He's just another person making money in his profession. IF he wants to be counted as a Christian maybe he will see our blogs and respond... As for the bash RCC fad, have we looked at the stained glass, or spires, or "photos" of Jesus, or Gold money plates, etc., in our own churches? How about the church dogma or business plan (in addition to the Bible of course).
---mikefl on 8/2/06

Well, I think it is imperative to offer forgivenss to others. It is especially important because the Bible says that God will not forgive us if we don't forgive those who trespass against us. Who here does not need forgiveness? I know I do!! Also, the Catholic Church is chock-packed FULL of idols, graven images, statues, etc. All things that God hates and will NOT overlook. Their idols are nothing new.
---Crystal on 8/2/06

Actors, like preachers have their life under the microscope so to speak. If the neighbor down the street gets a dui would we harp on it for the world to see and try to use it to condone or condemn the church that he or she attends? Would we use it to belittle or back an entire denomination, faith or nation?
He appologised and that should be forgiven. And we have no business in it unless we're part of his family.
---Heather on 8/2/06

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Whats he apologising for?
---mike8384 on 8/2/06

Kath4453. The only door that will help anyone is Jesus. He said " I am the door" Not some building that a religion has deemed to be. How sad that many Catholics totally miss the creator and go to the created for righteousness. Walking through doors forgives sins? I pray that all those who make the journey will turn around and see the absolute uselessness of all their idolatry.
---john on 8/2/06

Because of Mel Gibson's" birth canal" religion and its teachings Mel will get along just fine. O he may have to pay for a few extra masses to be said. But remember the RCC just got around to recognizing the state of Israel about eight years ago. I know of no Jewish scholars both Orthodox Jewish and messianic Jewish teachers who do not recognize the evil towards the Jewish people in the RCc.
---mima on 8/2/06

"While several thousand pilgrims from this country, and millions worldwide, will make the journey to Rome to pass through the Holy Year doors of the major basilicas,(FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS) most Catholics will be unable to make this pilgrimage. What is possible, however, is to symbolically undertake a pilgrimage of the heart within one' s home and to a local shrine or Cathedral".
---kathr4453 on 8/2/06

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If the man has appologised then why not accept it, Have mercey and God may have Mercey upon us also, thats a chief example.
---Carla5754 on 8/2/06

Here's a thought. The Bible says, strong drink is a mocker. People that are drunk say things they don't mean. Now we as christians know that at the point of intoxication the devil can speak through us. Right? The people that will not forgive Mel will be held accountable.
---wayne on 8/2/06

Mel just needs a good dose of the Holy Ghost. He just needs to get saved.
---Rev_Herb on 8/2/06

On this morning's news I heard that a television company has cancelled a series about the holocaust which Mel Gibson was involved in. I have no idea about the angle from which he was approaching the subject but isn't it sad that people think that they have the right to punish someone over and over again for a mistake. Many people don't know how to accept an apology any more. No wonder that few people bother to offer one these days.
---M.P. on 8/2/06

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I really do believe that we as Christians should get off Mel Gibson's back and start praying for him. I used to be a shockingly bad alcoholic and but for the grace of God I would not have been here to get saved let alone anything else.
---Helen_5378 on 8/1/06

Why not? Why are so many Christians concerned about this man's behavior? Let him live his life and get his recovery underway. Live and let live. There but for the grace of God go I.

The sad thing is, in my childhood, my father did many horrible things in the state of intoxication that seriously harmed his children and wife. We forgave him.

Get off Mel's back.
---Madison1101 on 8/1/06

Why should it not? Don't the people on these blogs want their own apologies taken at face value and accepted?

What I wonder is this: Would there have been as much fuss if he had said, "The Methodists are responsible for all wars. Are you a Methodist?"

Think about it.
---Jack on 8/1/06

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