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USA Demand Israel Stop The War

Should the USA demand that Israel end it's current war or continue to give them room to root out the Hezbollah forces?

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 ---Alan on 8/1/06
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Hi Catherine, I agree with you. Israel has every right to search out Hezbollah and all the other stuff that are wrecking life in their country. I notice most all the bombings are done by Palestinians, Isrealis, to my knowledge, are a peace-loving people.
---Mary on 4/9/08

I think they should be allowed to root them out.
---catherine on 4/9/08

"The Military instrument is just an extension of Diplomacy"

"Hunt them down where ever they are."

"If turning the cheek is the whole answer, reread the Bible."

More proof that the bible is littered with hate, pomposity, and vengeance. All lies.
---deb on 4/8/08


Both sides!
---Jack on 4/8/08

I think Israel should be more careful and spare civilian lives. As for Hezbollah I say hunt them whereever they are!!
---pkay on 3/22/07

Israel is indeed a sovereign nation. If another country, say Mexico or Cuba took lethal aim at our country, blowing up YOUR home in the process, what action should the USA take? What if they kidnapped your son or daughter in the name of their government? It is too easy to eyeball CNN from our couch and backseat drive across the world. Thank God we have been spared... oh wait, we have not. Remember 9-11? Did Israel tell us to quit then? If turning the cheek is the whole answer, reread the Bible.
---mikefl on 8/2/06

Israel is asking for a large peace keeping force which most of the countries already involved in war can ill afford to help support. Let those who started or the target of the war ,finish what affects them. It is time countries sink or swim under their own resources and stop dragging the whole world into war.I believe in helping those in need of help, but there must,at some point, be common sense and reason concerning the abilty to stretch themselves even further, when their limit is already met.
---Darlene_1 on 8/2/06

Our great nation's principal reason for existence is for salvation of souls and the support of Israel. The present policy of letting Israel defend herself is correct. President Bush is at fault not because of what he's done but rather because he failed to do more when the window of opportunity with world approval was available. That time was just after 9/11. Now historians will later prove that the present administration was behind 9/11.---- All the best laid plans of mice and men>>>>
---mima on 8/2/06

Let it play out to it logical conclusion.

Collateral damage is a planned and justifiable tactics to make an adversary want to bargain or capulate.

You should review the proposal to use tactical nuclear weapons in Vietnam to create extreme collateral damage in 1969 See: Nuclear Weapons, Vietnam War, and the "Nuclear Taboo" at the National Security Archive

The Military instrument is just an extension of Diplomacy
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/2/06

The USA has no authority to demand anything. Israel is a sovereign nation fighting for her survival. She will call the shots. If only we COULD end war by just demanding it!
---Donna2277 on 8/1/06

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