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Backstreet Boys Photo Boycott

Does anyone know why Brian Littrel of the Backstreet Boys boycotted a Rolling Stone photo shoot?

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 ---Stacy on 8/2/06
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No,should we know.I like the backstreet boys music.I have about 3 of their cds.But i don't have any of their newest albums.Maybe it was something that they said or did,or it could be that it was something they supported that he thought was wrong(like supporting homesexuals),or something else.Maybe you could look it up to find out.Lance Bass from Nsync annoucned last week that he was gay.Everyone has reasons and beliefs that they believe in.
---angea on 4/20/08

Like what I said: Celebrities are easily corrupted by power and Satan, even though they want longing from people. It's easy for a celebrity later on, to enjoy being with naked ladies and "shed" their clean-cut image. Four of the BSB did it. Brian did not. Hooray for Brian!
---CNoEvil on 9/16/06

The cover shows four Backstreet Boys surrounded by women not wearing clothes. The women are surrounded by balls which hide their anatomy. Brian didn't like the concept AT ALL and refused to be in the picture. He is portrayed standing alone in another picture. Backstreet fans know about Brian's faith and the stand he takes when needed in the world of music. Brian is an inspiration and I love his new album. I also loved the last BSB album, personally I thought it their best.
---Kathryn on 8/3/06

Rolling Stone magazine, has nothing to do with 'The Rolling Stones.'
---NV_Barbara on 8/3/06

Rebecca D, not sure why I know this, but that was a NSYNC member, not Backstreet Boys...Just FYI
---mary on 8/2/06

One of those guys I can't remember who, but came out of the closest and said he was gay. I don't know if it is this band or another one.
---Rebecca_D on 8/2/06

No offense intended, but who cares? Why is this important to you? I think I'd be more concerned with the things of Christ and less concerned about the things of the world. Just an observation.
---Crystal on 8/2/06

The message the Rolling Stones have given is death, destruction, rebellion,adultery, and fornication. Why shouldn't we all boycot anything they do?
---john on 8/2/06

From what I understand, they wanted the backstreet boys to pose for a pic with girls without clothes on in the background. He stood up and said no way, it's not right.
---bethie on 8/2/06

And sometimes they think that have to protest or boycott for it,which doesn't really do anything in most cases.Just look at emails and people wanting to boycott ford,rename french fries,black and decker,proctor and gamble.People have tried to boycott them after 9/11,and because they support homesexuals and fund them.They wanted to rename french fries because of the french people didn't support in hunting down terrorists.People will boycott and protest anything now adays.
---angea on 8/2/06

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