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USA Troops Having Problems

Does anyone else think our troops are loosing their minds over in Iraq? They seem to be doing things like killing and raping like savage animals. Do you think military training has something to do with the dehumanizing of these soilders?

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 ---Stan on 8/2/06
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Stan:"They seem to doing things like killing and raping like savage animals." This is a very incriminating statment!.The word "seem" to appear to exist.That is a broad statment and i am sure NOT all of our soldiers are doing this. Yes, some may become immune to the violence and may have to say "gone crazy". and is commiting crimes and also taking their own lives. War is dehumanizing on both sides. May be they should not be there for more than a few months Or no war period!!
---Kathy on 12/27/07

The battlefield is destabilizing to all humans both the lost and saved. A fact that our present president and vice president have no concept of since they have not been on any battlefield. A small voluntary army necessarily becomes over strained and destabilized when faced with an overwhelming problem. Such is the state of our army in this hour. We should remember when the leader has no vision, the people will perish.
---mima on 12/23/07

"War is at best barbarism...It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, more vengeance, more desolation. War is hell ."
General William Tecumseh Sherman...graduation address at Michigan Military Academy, June 19, 1879
---Leon on 8/5/06

The mainstream media reports some of the news, not all. They are the ones who first came out with so many soldiers on psychtropic drugs committing suicide and being under investigastion for civilian murders. Then, they just quit reporting it. I don't believe all I read, but when there is plenty of evidence to back up a claim, then...
Unfortunately for our soldiers, they are the guinea pigs for new drugs and vaccines.
---tc on 8/3/06

I think it's easier to tune the war out of our hearts and minds. We need to intercede for these men. They're not wrestling against flesh & blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Our prayers for their mental stability can keep them from being pushed over the edge. We've got to fight for these men on our knees.
---Rachel on 8/2/06

2. Schools & churches were used by V.C. as cannon & missle sites with locals held hostage. You can't compare the a/c'd quarters, clean clothes & medical aid of Iraq to Vietnam, Korea, or WWI or WW2. They are ALL horrors but all necessary for the way of life we all take for granted as if owed to us. If you want to do something to stop the fighting, go there in such numbers they can't fight. Pulling out means murder to those left behind. There are more drug users in Major U.S. cities than Iraq, go figure.
---mikefl on 8/2/06

My heart bleeds for them, many of the men in my family were in wars throughout the decades.
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/2/06

My, how sheltered so many here have been. Who would EVER believe the internet is the place for absolute truth? The last war fought as "honorable" was the American Revolution. Some was left during the Civil war. Since then it has been guerilla warfare and fodder. I know of Vietnam. All the people in country could be friend or foe or both. Toddlers were sent out with explosives taped to their bodies. see 2
---mikefl on 8/2/06

Commanders, not medical officers, are usually the ones who determine if someone is mentally unfit for combat.You think they allow "zombies" to endanger themselves and other soldiers in combat?
---Donna2277 on 8/2/06

Yes, it's military training and meds. The horrors of what is going on is too much for many to bear. There are quite a few websites where you can read the "real" news and not biased media reports to find that over half the troops are being (over)medicated for depression so that what goes on does not bother them so much. It's basically making zombies out of them.
---tc on 8/2/06

Sue-- Our soldiers are not taught to be "killing machines" nor to think killing is "cool".That's video game stuff. Yes, many are kids (and scared spitless when facing combat) If your life is in danger you fight and call upon every skill you've ever learned and some you invent on the spur of the moment. Nothing "cool" about killing when your friends are dying and you may be next.Never been in exactly that spot, but I was an army nurse, and have talked to hundreds who have.
---Donna2277 on 8/2/06

As we used to say when was pulling alerts as a Minuteman Launch Control Officer.

"If you kill one, it is a tragedy, if you kill 200 million? It's just a statistic"
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/2/06


In combat, soldiers don't always contemplate lofty ideals. They fight to protect their own lives and those of their buddies. Since they can never be sure who the enemy really is, they are on constant alert.If they believe an apparent "civilian" may be about to attack them, they shoot and ask questions later. (It's kill or be killed). If they watch a buddy die a horrible death, they may retaliate against whomever they think is responsible.
---Donna2277 on 8/2/06


No. Not military training . American troops are always taught to protect civilians whenever possible (which it isn't always).But in Iraq and Afghanistan(as in Viet Nam) the problem is, there's often NO way to distinguish soldiers from civilians. Terrorists don't wear uniforms. They may be, and not infrequently are, women, children or old people. The intent is to catch Americans off guard.
---Donna2277 on 8/2/06

Yes, I think the military has something to do with the dehumanizing of soilders, they train them to become killing machines and then wonder what the heck happened when they start killing. Some of these kids are not very mature, they're not even old enough to drink beer and they are trained to think killing is okay, even 'cool' to kill. God help us.
---sue on 8/2/06

Mima, Have you been on the battlefield yourself, since you seem to understand how destabalizing the battlefield can be. I think everyone knows, including the President and the Veep, regardless of whether one has been to war. I suppose the troops are overstretched, bogged down in a war that seems to have no end in sight. They need our prayers, even though most of of us think the war was a bad mistake.
---pkay on 8/2/06

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Was it Sherman or Grant who said, "War is hell."

There have always been random killing, murder, violence, and rape in wars.

WW2 wasn't exactly lily-white, either.

We are just hearing about these horrors nearly immediately now.
---Jack on 8/2/06

In order for the mission to be accomplished the whole unit has to be ready and able to act on command, not rebel against orders or freak out. Training is meant to weed out those that are not psychologically equipped for the task, or to conform the soldiers to think alike for the safety of the troops and civilians involved. This method obviously is not fool proof, but it is unfair to blame the government for one man's actions.
---Katie on 8/2/06

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