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Who Would You Vote For

If today was the 2008 elections, who would you vote for?

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 ---John on 8/2/06
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There are many politicians, but few statesmaen. Ones religious connections, beliefs have NEVER had an impact ones ones ability to be president. Once their in the office, you dont know what they are going to do. Most presidents have been freemasons.
---MikeM on 8/24/06

Rev Herb I keep voting for you here and you have still not been elected.
I would vote for Ronald McDonald. Just think...billions of hamburgers sold and only one cow used. Now that is economics.
He wouldn't raise minimum wage. He'd get rid of the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and there would be a lot less people on Social Security. They'd die younger from his food and coffee and more jobs would be available. He would baby sit the teenagers for free after school for at least 8 hours.
---Elder on 8/24/06

this is an easy question to answer. I would vote for the person who I beleived by his life record to be the most like jesus.political parties mean nodda,a person personal chouices to follow God and do good to all are whats important, not politics.
---tom2 on 8/23/06

Mike M-- I like your slate.
But,Melissa, it's a little hard to say who we'd vote for when we don't even know who is going to be running.. a lot can happen between now and then. It's more than 2 yrs. away.
---Donna_2277 on 8/5/06

Whoops! I tried to back space my first response to you Melissa, cause after reading it I realized it sounded mean, and that was not my intent. So I apologize if you took offense. I was trying to joke with you, oops!
---Katie on 8/4/06

Well, Melissa, I saw your previous answer, but is there a real person like that in the running? I'm not caught up on my politics...
---Katie on 8/4/06

Okay, Melissa, YOU START!
---Katie on 8/4/06

How about some serious responses people?
---melissa on 8/3/06

Hahahaha! Mel Gibson? Yourself? You people crack me up! It's funny Alan, I was going to say the same thing, but truth be told, I would make a horrible President. It takes me half an hour to decide between Reeses or Snickers. Well, I don't know who I would vote FOR, but I certainly know who I WOULDN'T. LOL.
---Katie on 8/3/06

I agree, my vote goes to Alan, IF he figures out a way to get around that having to be born an American issue! Of course if that changes, he would most likely be running against the Gubernator! (Ahnold)
---NV_Barbara on 8/3/06

I would vote for Nixon. Dead people have voted, so why not vote for dead president?
---Rev_Herb on 8/3/06

I would vote for John Howard -- he is doing a marvellous job.
---Helen_5378 on 8/3/06

I think I am the only one who knows how to put the world to rights.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/3/06

I would vote for Yoda. I especially like his choice for a running mate Chewbacca. On this ticket you get the wisdom of age combined with the strength of a wookie. And their slogan
"Do or do not there is no try"
Absolutely brilliant.
Although the Muad'Dib Captain Kirk ticket is fascinating.
---Ryan on 8/3/06

A christian.
---wes on 8/3/06

......Mel Gibson.......
---Amy9384 on 8/2/06

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I pray there will be a candidate who wants to get America back by focusing our finances and energies on our own country; who has a plan for bridging the huge gap between working America and the super-wealthy America (of which our current president and vice-president are members!) How about a candidate with a healthy working class background this time?
---melissa on 8/2/06

Who's running?
---Nellah on 8/2/06

Mitt Romney for president. Condi Rice for vice president. He is the ONLY real non-statist Republican left.
---MikeM on 8/2/06

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