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Raising Minimum Wage

What are your views about raising minimum wage? I read, some of them would vote to raise it if taxes were cut on the million dollar homes. It should have been raise a long ago, and higher than what they are proposing to raise it to now. I would like to see them live on $7.15 an hour for a month.

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 ---Barbara on 8/3/06
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According to the Bible, defrauding the laborer of his wages (which would include not paying a fair wage) is one of the sins crying out to heaven for vengeance, along with oppressing the poor and wilful murder.
---Jack on 5/9/08

Most of the Democrats vote for a hike due to their constituents, the Big Labor Unions. why? Because most of the people in these unions have in contract that they also get a raise if the min goes the guy making $26/hour gets a raise also. If you r makin minimum wage, work smarter/harder and get an education. you will never worry what the minimum wage is..
---michael on 1/24/07

sue if your husband wants to work he will find a job. Jobs are out there. but if he has the attitude that he is too good for a job that will cause him trouble. the problem with many people that had a good job and nolonger do is they won't work their way back up. I used to work for 13 an hour and now I work for under 7 we should work. and we can find jobs.
---Jared on 11/12/06

It isn't as easy as "just get a better job".Michigan used to be Motor City now all jobs are gone and the 'trickle down' effect has thousands of people unemployed.My husband is a machinist by trade and believe me when I say jobs are very hard to get here.Right now he is on unemployment compensation but when that runs out I dont know?If he has to work for minimum wage, oh well. Better than nothing. Very sad that a man who is willing to work hard but can not find a job that pays enough to live on.
---sue on 11/12/06

They have bounced this idea around for years now. I hope they do but not by raising taxes because then that puts us back at square one. It is like a buying something on sale but the week before they raised the prices so you are actaully at the same status quo.
---Jeanne on 11/12/06

raising the min. wage will only cause everything to rise as well, it won't give us any more real value to the dollar than it did before. We should let the value of the person's work determine the wages. if a person doesn't get paid what they are worth they will move to a different Job. (most min. Wage earners are High school and college age students anyways, very few families try to live on min. wage)
---Jared on 11/11/06

I hear many appealing to the notion that increased Min wage leads to inflation which in turn negates the increase. Consider this, my business increased product costs 19% and cut wages 10% for 6 months then spent $1.5 mil on more equipment. All for the sake of survival in a highly competitive market. All while the owner gets into his new Lincoln and drives to his home on Lido Island. This man will never have enough money left to increase the min. wage. Maybe that's why we need min. wage regulation.
---Dan on 11/11/06

I just remembered when labor costs go up, prices for products go up.
---Creamcup on 8/24/06

When minimum wage is raised many small businesses will not be able to pay as many peoples' wages, therefore some people will be let go or not hired in the first place. High minimum wage hurts small businesses and unskilled people.
---Creamcup on 8/24/06

I was doing some research for a post on my blog and was steered here by the search engine. A very interesting thread. Some reading that many of you may find enlightening are the encyclical letters by Pope Leo XIII and John Paul II. Specifically Rerum Novarum, Laborem Excercens, and Centesimus Annus. They are all Christ filled and largely reference Scripture.
---Steve on 8/22/06

Elder--I like your idea about "incentive wages". In fact, I thought wages were supposed to be that...minimum wage is just a starting point. Why regulate anything else?
---Donna2277 on 8/5/06

Who would pay $10 for a melon? How about $8/lb for tomatoes. Farmers would have to pay workers the same minimum wages you speak of. How about $5 for fast food fries? or $30 for delivery pizza? Are we willing to send all the basic jobs overseas or force more businesses to use illegal workers who pay no taxes or insurance? If you make minimum wage, get an education or learn a real skill. I know it is possible, I am proof. My first real job was literally cutting bait on fishing boats at $7/day.
---mikefl on 8/5/06

Again this is an issue that we seem to get involved with and keep our eyes closed.
We don't need minimum wage. What we need is incentive wages. If you meet certain criteria then you get more money. Regulate that.
What people do not realize is that raising the wage is just another ploy for the local and federal government to raise taxes without saying so.
---Elder on 8/5/06

I think every Christian should read "The Working Poor." It is a book about people who are poor and working low paying jobs.

Where is the sensitivity in some of you? This blog causes me to grieve for the poor in this country.
---Madison1101 on 8/5/06

Mima--You were a very smart businessman. Bet you didn't have much trouble keeping your employees.
---Donna2277 on 8/5/06

Rev Herb-- What you say is very true. But just TRY to get businesses to lower the prices they charge! It's a whole lot easier (and less damaging to businesses) if Congress mandates a minimum wage rather than apply price controls.
---Donna2277 on 8/5/06

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**Then my mother said, pastors are always ultra conservative Republicans who are foursquare against the working man,**

Neither clause here is necessarily true.
---Jack on 8/4/06

As a young man at home I saw many pastors come and go. One day I ask my mother why was a certain pastor there? O she said he has come to ask for money and we gave him some. Then my mother said, pastors are always ultra conservative Republicans who are foursquare against the working man, however it is the working man if they ask money of!!comments
---mima on 8/4/06

It about time and it should be more.
---tonya on 8/4/06

For those of you who are against raising the minimum wage, do you think you would feel the same if you were earning that wage? We are talking less than $800 per month after taxes in my area. Those who ignore the cry of the poor shall cry themselves and not be heard.
---joseph on 8/3/06

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Raising minimum wage is a waist of time. Before the wage goes into effect, prices jump to make up for it. Once you calculate the price of good that went up and the wage raise you get, you find you are make less than you were before. You would be better off lowering prices and leaving wages where they are.

If you work for me and minimum wage goes up, I have to raise my prices to cover your pay. After everyone raised prices, what happens to your raise?
---Rev_Herb on 8/3/06

I'm not as well informed as some on this topic. But I don't know of any jobs in this area that actually PAY LESS than $7.00 an hour. There must be some...we have a lot of illegal aliens who probably make considerably less. Since they are illegal, their employers don't concern themselves with minimum wage laws, anyway. But "Anglos" don't even consider applying for those jobs.
---Donna2277 on 8/3/06

#2 Folks who were getting paid above minimum wage . . . lets say someone is now being paid $7.00 hr. They have worked to achieve raises or have skills that allow them to earn $7.00 hr. If the minimum wage goes up to $7.00 hr, their employers will NOT increase their wages by the same amount. They are now working for minimum wage and feel devalued.
---Gena8493 on 8/3/06

I'm against raising the minimum wage. It never helps people get out of poverty. When the wages go up, so does the cost of everything as the cost of labor is factored into the cost. So if someone is being paid only minimum wage, there situation actually stays the same. Folks on fixed incomes don't get a raise and this makes life even harder for them. Their situation becomes worse.
---Gena8493 on 8/3/06

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YES.I'm in favor of raising the minimum wage. But I understood that the rest of the bill would eliminate the "death tax", or inheritance tax. That's FAR DIFFERENT than cutting taxes on million dollar homes! I would like to see the "death tax" eliminated because 1) "death tax" means money is taxed twice. 2)Farmers and small businessmen are kept from passing the farm or family business on to their children..they are forced to sell the farm or business to pay inheritance tax.
---Donna2277 on 8/3/06

Barbara; your minimum wage is $7.15 an hour? Gee I would be thrilled if our minimum wage was like that. It is only $5.25 an hour. I would love to see them raise the minimum wage, but as sure as they do the cost of living will go up, so no one really would make anything extra.
---Rebecca_D on 8/3/06

Read James 5:1-5 to understand my views. I've particularly interested in the verse that says the workers cries have been heard. Now retired but when I owned and ran businesses my first action upon taking possession of the businesses was to double the pay of the employees. This policy worked out wonderfully and I'm very comfortable today.
---mima on 8/3/06

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