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Why Are Some Demons Free

Please explain 2 Peter 2:4. Why are some of the wicked spirits (The angels that rebelled against God) in prison and some are free to work with Satan?

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 ---Ramon on 8/6/06
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Ramon; That's why they are in "Tarterus" and not Hades or Gehenna. Look it up!
---1st_cliff on 7/6/08

Genesis 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
Looks to me like these heavenly rejects were capable of impregnating earthly women.
---Chipper on 10/19/07

If Benny Hinn and the like have bound up so many demons and devils and even satan himself, then why are they still lose and causing havoc in the world today.... especially if Benny has commanded him to the pit of hell?
Evidently since satan has been bound to hell and released so many times now they ought to put a revolving door at the gates.
Folks, this "binding satan" stuff is bad theology.
---Chipper on 10/19/07

Bible doesn't say so here is MY belief. Some were just TOO WICKED for man to deal with so God bound them in prisons because we would not have been able to have withstood their wickedness or powers. They may have even been rebellious against satan himself. Satan was given the power of the air and they may have been in competition with even him. All I DO know for fact is that they are so WICKED that they are bound.
---jody on 10/19/07

ok bob read what it says. genesis 6:4 numbers 13:33 let the bible speak for it"s self. there are many accounts of all these acts by those called the nephilim. read deuteronomy 3:11 joshua 12:4 2 samuel 21:16 1 samuel 17:3-7 jude 1:6-7 the bible is pretty clear on this. bing! bing!
---the_watchman on 10/19/07

Man has flesh and blood, angels do not.
Angels are created spirit beings, they do have a will and emotions.
---Bob on 10/18/07

Angels do not reproduce with men, and they do not reproduce with each other.
You're talking serpent seed doctrine - bing.
---Bob on 10/18/07

bob,we are created beings also. the bible is very clear on this subject.
---the_watchman on 10/18/07

josef, angels cannot reproduce. They are created beings.
---Bob on 10/18/07

Ramon; Peter explains that they were the Angels that rebelled in Noah's day.They left their station in heaven ,came to earth,materialized a human body and married "the daughters of men".When the flood came and drowned their bodies they could not go back to heaven and were "locked out" in Tarterus (dense darkness-hell a condition not a geographical location)so free to roam the earth 'till Christ chains them for 1,000 yrs. con.2
---1st_cliff on 10/18/07

Here is one answer; hold on to your hat!!! Maybe the Demonic spirits are not all fallen angels. Many believe in some type of beings being on planet Earth before Adam and Eve(yes Adam and Eve were the first humans but maybe not the first beings of some nature) and Satan captured these other beings when he fell to Earth. And today these lost, deceived beings are demonic spirits!!!!
---mima on 3/27/07

ok that s cool
---willow on 8/23/06

2. They are figuratively chained & imprisoned, as in an impediment. A necessity in binding them in the obscurity of their error until the day of judgment. All are free until their task are accomplished.
---josef on 8/19/06

Gen 6:2>Jude 6.>2Pet 2:4 Fallen angels left their original position & place with the Father, came to earth & impregnated women producing disfigured, abnormal giants. (5303 for definition of giants) Because of this infiltration mankind was destroyed & all of those rebellious angels are incarcerated in the deepest void of obscurity concerning the kingdom of God & heaven. Reserved as in watched & guarded in a plan to retain & maintain them for the fulfillment of a specific purpose. [Cont....]
---josef on 8/19/06

Because a third part fell from the sky and onto the earth, along with satan. Rev 12:4. Satan can't be everywhere at once, so he has his demon helpers, to help him possess people.
---Rebecca_D on 8/18/06

Where is that in scripture Jack?
---tofurabby on 8/8/06

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**We are like the angels so arent the angels like us?**


We have physical bodies. Angels don't.

Jesus became human, not an angel (nor was He ever one).
---Jack on 8/7/06

tofurabby, 1)The Church will already be married to Christ and to mary anyone else while in this union would be adultry.
2) Woman was created for man because God saw it was not good for man to be alone, in heaven we will not have need for a helpmate because we will be in the eternal presence of God therefore we will never be alone.
---Ryan on 8/7/06

tofurabby, I agree, the term, "Not marrying or giving in marriage" does not necessarily denote gender it is simply addressing the issue of marriage. Marriage will not happen in heaven for two reasons, as I see it:
---Ryan on 8/7/06

Shira; I'm only going by scripture ,angels have always materialized as men.Gen.6 says that the SONS of God (not daughters)got to see that the daughters of men were "fair" Since they cannot experience sex in heaven got to desire this experience ,hence "left" their position in heaven! Since they don't have the power to "materialize" any longer they instead Possess or inhabit people (demon possession)
---1st_cliff on 8/7/06

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2. Lets apply some logic. Humans are currently gender specific. If that verse tells us the angels are not gender specific, then in the resurrection humans will not be gender specific either because we would be as the angels. But, prior to that time, humans were gender specific and changed. If this verse is saying angels are not gender specific, cant it be said that they may have changed too? We are like the angels so arent the angels like us?
---tofurabby on 8/7/06

Ryan, the common scripture people will use to prove angels are not gender specific is: Matthew 22:30 "For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven." The part they leave out is that this is speaking of "humans" not marrying. Humans will stop their "relationships" (not lose their gender) like the angels stopped after their physical existance. cont.
---tofurabby on 8/7/06

shira, where does the Bible say angels are non-gender?
---Ryan on 8/7/06

I am offering no Scriptural support for this view. Nor do I claim this view as my own. I do know something about what those who hold this view Believe. They say, when God said in Genesis 1:28,"Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth" the word replenish means that it was some kind of beings before men.
I never intended for anyone to believe that this is my belief so I'm sorry if that is what people think.
---mima on 8/7/06

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shira, if you read the account that 1st cliff is speaking of (Genesis 6:1-8) you will find that the only person that found grace in the eyes of the Lord was Noah. There was 1 Godly person, no Godly lines. God did not create a Godly line or chosen people until Israel. Prior to that, everyone was equal. Please show me scripture that actually declares one lineage Godly and the other unGodly.
---tofurabby on 8/7/06

it's not in the bible.
---eliza4969 on 8/7/06

I have done studies on pre-Adamite creatures. I agree with mima. Not humans, but it would be arrogent to think God created humans first. It is definitely not scroptural God did create angels and the devil before He created hummanity.
---Ryan on 8/7/06

1st cliff: I thought angels were non gender. How can a non gender cohabit with a person? What you are referring to is the Godly lines and ungodly lines of men and women married each other, therefore corrupting the Godly lines of men.
---shira on 8/6/06

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I believe the answer can be found in Gen. 6:1-7. 2 Pet. 2:5 refers to Noah and the flood so maybe the angels overstepped the bounds that God gave them. My other theory would be similar to mima's except I believe that the angels did inhabit the earth prior to humans. But satan and his angels are not bound like this scripture describes so I lean toward my first suggestion.
---tofurabby on 8/6/06

Mima. I have found no scriptural support for your statement. Can you give me at least one scripture to back up your statement?
---Ramon on 8/6/06


where is you biblacial proof please back up yorur statment
---willow on 8/6/06

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