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How Long Should One Date

Does the bible say how long a couple should date before they get married? Or make suggestions?

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 ---katy on 8/6/06
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You can date in the Godly way as long as it is convenient for the 2 of you.
---adetunji on 9/5/06

what i think is we should learn the words from the bible and apply them "carefully" in our times,the matter of dating should be shaped according to applicable social manner in u'r locality.
---amo on 8/30/06

I don't believe the Bible makes any mention of dating time. In fact, it seems like people didn't date back then. I think dating is a relatively modern concept. Ask God for guidance on how long to date. There is no set "formula" for success.
---Michelle on 8/29/06

Something to remember.

There's a proverb: "Engagements were made to be broken."

It does not mean, "We definitely are going to get married," but rather, "If all goes well, we shall marry."
---Jack on 8/7/06

Although there is no "magic number," I believe it is impossible to know someone you've dated for less than a year. Even when someone is on their best behavior (as is the case in most 'dating' situation), they cannot normally hide their character flaws for such an extended period of time. If I had it to do over, I would date for at least a year and my engagement would last another 6 months to 1 year.
---Crystal on 8/7/06

Dating didn't exist at the time the Bible was written.

Marriages were arranged by the parents or families involved, and had nothing to do with love of the couple involved. Love was seen as the fruit of marriage, not its reason.

In this light, the Apostolic command, "Husbands, love your wives" (sounding obvious today) was revolutionary to the immediate audience.
---Jack on 8/7/06

Bible says nothing about dating length. My daughter and her husband dated for over 4 years, and were engaged for 5 months. All of his brothers and sisters had longer dating periods and about the same length engagements.
---Madison1101 on 8/7/06

I had a total of five uncles. One of these uncles while on a drunken spree woke up with a strange woman. When he said he would take her home, she said, WHAT HOME WE GOT MARRIED LAST NIGHT. Okay he said,I'll take you to my home. The story is true. They had six children, a wonderful marriage, and both died born again Christians. The Lady by the way was my family's favorite aunt.
---mima on 8/7/06

I think it varies. I got married a year after dating a Christian, and he ended up abusing me physically. A very well respected Psychologist said go through a very serious trial with a person while you're dating, that will test both of your faith and love for each other. We didn't get our test until the 4th year of our marriage and it tore our marriage apart. I say "Ask the Lord, is He the one or should I wait for another." LET God set the timeframe for dating.
---Donna9759 on 8/7/06

I beleive the Bible is silent on all aspects of dating
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/7/06

This will vary, depending on factors like, age, maturity level, etc. But, a 'rule of thumb' is at least 3 years. (This is if both parties are over 24 and both are single - having never been married.)
---wivv on 8/7/06

If a couple is going to get married and are sure about it, then get married as soon as possible so as to not allow temptation to sin.
---Helen_5378 on 8/6/06

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