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Should We Evangelise Jews

Since the Jews are God's chosen people and most of them do not accept Jesus, should Christians be ministering to them as diligently as we do to heathen tribes in the mission field? I don't know any Jews personally, but I have a feeling they wouldn't appreciate being evangelized to by Gentiles.

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 ---melissa on 8/7/06
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Our church supports a missionary to the jews. Yes, they need to hear the gospel too.
---shira on 8/21/07

Jesus said "Go ye therefore into the world" He didnt say go to one group of people only but to the world. Including Jews.
---jana on 3/23/07

Yes we should evangelize the Jewish nation. The form of this evangelism should take place in the following manner. They should be made aware of the fact that Jesus Christ was the Jewish Messiah. And that if they accept him as the Jewish Messiah they will have "completeed" their Jewishness and will enter heaven. The gospel is to the Jew first and then the Gentiles. We should provide this information and let them make their own choice.
---mima on 3/22/07

NO...we should take care of ourselves first then others...tidy your own house up first sister, before you do others...the Jews know their bible and if they choose to reject Christ, then thats their choice..I would rather minister to the ones still in the dark who never heard of our Lord..China and Russia is coming by the droves..our evangelists there are bringing them into the store house of God with the help of the Holy Spirit amen...try your neighbour sister
---jana on 8/28/06

Melissa: IF you should happen meet a Jew, there's no reason at all to believe God wouldn't want you to witness to them! Everyone needs to be saved by faith in what the Messiah, as Jesus, did for us; no exceptions! How you approach them will be the same as for everyone else: FIND OUT WHAT THAT INDIVIDUAL's beliefs are and ask the Spirit for help in what you say concerning them; there's no one single way to reach anyone!
---danie9374 on 8/27/06

Tbabe: Woah! Your idea of how the "Romans" acted towards the Jews is incorrect! You need some history lessons; I'll message you privately, but wanted to be sure others knew that there was no one single policy towards Israel by Rome. It varied greatly depending upon whom the Emporer was! Every Christian should have some background knowledge of Rome for at least the period from Jesus' birth through Paul's death; if not longer.
---danie9374 on 8/27/06

The answer is YES! Although the Jews as a people failed in their mission, they are in need of the good news as individuals and should therefore be evangelized also. P.
---Pierr5358 on 8/27/06

Madison - I live in West Virginia and I have never met a Jew in my life. I am sure there are some around here, but it is that much a minority that I have gone 35 years without knowing anyone of the faith!
---melissa on 8/9/06

Benny - Yes we do have to send the right message to the world. And that message is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The Cross is an offense and a stumbling block, and it will make a lot of people angry because confronted with the Cross they are confronted with the truth.
---Helen_5378 on 8/8/06

Being a fact that Judaism is not accepted by God for salvation it would be a goog Idea to try to get them saved so they won't go to hell.
---Exzucuh on 8/8/06

[cont] Many unbelievers I have talked to over the years have told me that they found Christians to be petty, pushy and judgmental. Granted some may have found the Gospel inherently offensive but more have been obstructed by the offensive behavior of Christians. I think as Christ's ambassadors we want to send the right message to the world.
---Benny on 8/8/06

I agree with Tbabe. In fact I think it applies to most people. If we are open to discussion and listen to what people have to say, they will usually reciprocate. The problem is that many Christians, whether through inexperience or over-zealousness, insensitively push the Gospel at "targets" and talk down to them.
---Benny on 8/8/06

The definition of evangelist is a bringer of good tidings. The gospel of salvation is the best news ever given. It would be deplorable not to bring good tidings to the nation of Israel.
---Ryan on 8/7/06

I was listening to a "Messianic Jew" [a Jewish person who has received "Yahshua Ha'Mashiach" ("The Image of I Am a.k.a. "Jesus Christ") as their savior]; he said, in essence, that the best way to evangelize a Jew is to lay a foundation of love, kindness and friendship for some time before bringing-up the Gospel story; they may or may not be receptive at first, be patient, continue to gently build the foundation, and dont be pushy. I agree with this.
---Tbabe on 8/7/06

From what I understand, many, if not most Jews today despise Christianity to the point that the name "Jesus" is forbidden to be spoken. This is because their people have suffered tremendously at the hands of many so-called "Christians" since the time of The Roman Emperor, Constantine (during the third century); which is the origin of the RCC. You see, the Romans were anti-Semitic from the get-go. (e.g. Hitler drew his hatred for the Jews from his Catholic faith.) Cont...
---Tbabe on 8/7/06

Where do you live where you do not know any Jewish people. I work with them and have several Jewish friends. Some are Jewish by tradition, and do not practice the Law at all, even during Yom Kippur. One actually attends a Unitarian church and she and I have had many discussions of what my faith in Christ is about. If we were not to evangelize the Jews, why does scripture tell us to the Jew first, then the Gentile?
---Madison1101 on 8/7/06

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What would it hurt to go and preach to nations? What could they do turn a deaf ear toward you? that is all they can do. But at least you (we) have done our part, at least tried. If we preach or talk to them about Jesus Christ, it isn't our fault if they don't take heed to God's word. But it would be our fault if we do and say nothing to those who don't know Jesus.
---Rebecca_D on 8/7/06

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