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Do You Have A Personal Helper

I was watching nightline the other night on ABC and this woman does personal erands for people who are to busy. She even takes children to their games or after school activities. Like she is a rent-a-parent. Has anyone seen this and what do you think?

Moderator - Yes, this is very common for the rich to wealthy as their time is more valuable than just hiring a helper.

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 ---Rebecca_D on 8/7/06
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I could understand one going to the drycleaners or going to get something to eat. but to hire someone to take your children to their ball games. That is the parents responsablity. I would want to take mine and be there at the games.
---Rebecca_D on 1/6/08

Years (if not decades) ago on a TV show I heard
of a similar service called My Favorite Aunt. (Metaphor for the kind of helpful errands run by an indulgent aunt, though they also had uncles.)

Sometimes such help might be worth the price.
---Jack on 6/15/07

MP: I am from a third world country and there are lots of young ones needing help just to go to the university. I am one of those who were able to get a high school diploma and a university degree due to the scholarships given. But others are not as lucky as myself in relation to opportunities. In a way, I am employing student assistants so that I could help them get a university degree. If they won't go to school, then there is no reason for them to work with/for me.
---linda6546 on 9/7/06

Linda, do you mean that you pay the expenses of these students whilst they are in university (perhaps because their parents cannot afford this), in exchange for the work that they do for you in your home? If so, that sounds wonderful.
---M.P. on 8/12/06

I am not rich but I have two personal helpers or student assistants. They cook my food, wash my clothes, attend to my garden, my dogs and do some errands for me. They are actually students in the University where I am working. They work for me to go to the University. In this set up, I took the responsibility of sending them to the University, the role that is supposed to be done by their parents.
---linda6546 on 8/12/06

** I have a personal helper...he is called the Holy Spirit and he lives within me!**

Wes, does the Holy Spirit baby-sit your children, or carry them to activities when you are hindered from doing so?
---Jack on 8/10/06

I havn't actually heard of this service but here in the U.K. many working mums take their children to a child minder, put them in a creche (possibly at their place of work) or, if they are wealthy, hire a nanny. The personal helper sounds like a good idea, providing that it not a different person every time. Children need stability and continuity of care when someone has to stand in for mum and dad.
---emg on 8/8/06

I agree with Rebecca, it's not good for the kids in the long run. But then every situation is different, maybe some are single working parents.
---Benny on 8/8/06

I have a personal helper...he is called the Holy Spirit and he lives within me!
---wes on 8/7/06

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