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Will Jesus Always Forgive

Will Jesus forgive continuously? I keep repeating the same sin. I'm afraid if I keep doing this, Jesus will eventually stop forgiving me. Is this true?

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 ---Christina on 8/7/06
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He won't if you keep trying. Keep asking for His forgiveness. I do it all the time. The same dumb stuff. Love God, obey God, snuggle up to God. And God shall keep thee.
---catherine on 4/19/08

How many sins did Jesus pay for on the cross? Are you sinning over 70 times seven every day? Remember his mercies are renewed day by day! Do you think that your sins come as a surprise to Almighty God? If they do not surprise him why did he take you in. Accept you and make you his child. He encouraged to ask for forgiveness and realize when you do you are forgiven and cleansed of all unrighteous!
---mima on 4/19/08

Dont people see the contradiction?
If your asking to be forgiven, that means your NOT forgiven. If your not forgiven, the wages of sin is DEATH. NO salvation, No life.
.... Dont be doubleminded ...
Christians are forgiven continually
---duane on 5/27/07

If a person says He is saved, then he also has to say, Im forgiven....Will a person say.. Please God save me, every time he sins? Thats what we do when we ask forgiveness after we sin....Foolishness....
The saved are the forgiven, not the
---duane on 5/27/07

Matthew 18:35
23...kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king, which would take account of his servants.

24And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, which owed him ten thousand talents.

25But forasmuch as he had not to pay, his lord commanded him to be sold, and his wife, and children, and all that he had, and payment to be made.

26The servant therefore fell down, and worshipped him, saying, Lord, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all.

---Matthew on 5/26/07

27Then the lord of that servant was moved with compassion, and loosed him, and forgave him the debt.

28But the same servant went out, and found one of his fellowservants, which owed him an hundred pence: and he laid hands on him, and took him by the throat, saying, Pay me that thou owest.

29And his fellowservant fell down at his feet, and besought him, saying, Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all.

---Matthew on 5/26/07

30And he would not: but went and cast him into prison, till he should pay the debt.

31So when his fellowservants saw what was done, they were very sorry, and came and told unto their lord all that was done.

32Then his lord, after that he had called him, said unto him, O thou wicked servant, I forgave thee all that debt, because thou desiredst me:

33Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant, even as I had pity on thee?

---Matthew on 5/26/07

34And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him.

35So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.

Either we believe Jesus or not.

Matthew 6:15
But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.
---Matthew on 5/26/07

Mark 11:25
And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

Mark 11:26
But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.
---Matthew on 5/26/07

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
---Matthew on 5/26/07

repentence is never commiting a sin again. no unclean thing can enter God's kingdom. Jesus said go and sin no more. he forgives those who are obedient, repents daily and NEVER repeats the same mistake twice ever. that is why enduring to the end is so hard. satan tempts us continually. by overcoming a sin, we perfect ourselves and have the strength to never commit it again. Jesus forgives us and it is then washed clean. He cannot do that even though he wants to until it is repented of completely.
---ashley on 5/26/07

The BLOOD will always forgive continuously.

Christians ARE forgiven, they dont get forgiven.
Salvation is life, you CANT have life if your not forgiven ...........

---duane on 5/26/07

Ashley::You are called to love the Lord Your God & your neighbour as yourself.To estimate anticipate is not a requirement.He is your God & creator.The sins you enumerate are transgressions against His Law for which you will be accountable.His forgiveness & MERCY is HIS to bestow.Its your duty to avoid the occassion of those actions which are incurred by your own free Will.True contrition will be forgiven,as he says,but you can only obtain that HIS WAY not Mans way.HIS WAY, HIS CHURCH, HIS DECREES.
---Emcee on 5/26/07

Emcee: I never underestimate God in any way. no one will return to God's kingdom by continuing to openly disobey him. there are three kinds of sins. temporal sins commited every day. getting angry, swearing, getting drunk, etc. major sins like adultery, fornication, drug abuse, alcoholism, etc then there is blasphemy against the holy ghost. to be forgiven, repentence means never doing a sin again, Ever. you can deny it but it does not change the truth taught by Jesus Christ.
---ashley on 5/25/07

will Jesuis always forgive? depends on us,iF we really repent accept His forgiveness and try in His strength to avoid sin then yes Hevwill forgive,but it depends entirely on our honest repentance maybe with tears,and out desire to follow Him in all things
---doree4573 on 5/25/07

If you were lost, you would not be concerned. Understand this: there are curses occuring from generations past (your ancestors) which may have you placed into a serious strong hold. You must CRY out to God for release and WILLFULLY FORCE yourself into REPENTANCE. Find ones who will fast and pray for you for by fasting and prayer this stronghold can be broken. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the only unpardenable sin! PERIOD! You have not sinned unto death.
---jody on 5/25/07

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Sue, Paul wrote that when he does those thing which he wouldn't he confess the law is good. God is not laughing. He may be allowing your weakness to manifest the integrity of your heart and will take your weakness in due season. The ones that need to watch out are those who don't feel conviction.
---Frank on 5/25/07

Sue, another thing. While I do not know your weakness, it could be something used to manifest a judgmental attitude in others that profess Christ. We should all consider ourselves when seeing a brother or sister at fault, lest we also be tempted. Hang in there and may God bless you.
---Frank on 5/25/07

God is not laughing at you, Sue. I do not know if it is an addiction you are stuggling with, but God doesn't hand out addictions.
It is the nature of sin, to pull people under. The devil promotes the use of abusive substances to hold us down and keep us from being all we can be. He comes to kill, steal and destroy. That is the devil's nature. We cannot confuse God with the devil's handiwork.
---Jenny on 5/25/07

Mark 11:26
But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.
---Matthew on 5/25/07

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the only sin God willnever forgive is Blasphamy of the Holy Spirit..every other sin is forgivable provided on repents...
---jana on 5/25/07

When its been going on for 20 years...i'd say start fasting and going after God in all of your time...mabye God will make it go away once you dive into a "new level"(aka get to know him better)
---mark_B. on 5/25/07

Sue::HABITS --are self formed & this must be overcome by the individual.You will be able to give it up.It's not easy.But to strive Is the All important thing.With some its too personal so they must find a way God helps those who help themselves.Words are meant to be a solace,sometimes they help.I sincerely wish I were able to help you But I will offer up a prayer.I do not want to know your shortcoming so please do NOT have a weak moment as there are others who are not so understanding.
---Emcee on 5/24/07

Robyn: Repenting means to turn away from. If one repents of their sins today, but does the same sin again tomorrow. they truely didn't repent. Sue: What are you doing for yourself other than praying to get rid of this bad habit? Sometimes prayer alone doesn't work. You need to put legs on those prayers. God helps those whom helps themselves. If a person drinks alot of coffee, and want to cut back. They can pray all they want to, to quite, but until they take the first step. God can't help them.
---Rebecca_D on 5/24/07

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What about bad habits? I've been asking God to help me with one particular bad habit for 20 years or more. I also beg forgiveness when I God laughing at me?
---sue on 5/24/07

Rebecca: You are way offbase on this question. If we are unsure of something, it is best not to comment on it,until we feel in our heart that we truly believe this. We do not want to cause anyone to stumble by our responses. Catherine is totally correct. You cannot simply say: I repent and will not commit this sin again. Yes, you will until you are totally delivered from that sin. You may sin 1000 more times before you stop doing this particular sin.
---Robyn on 5/24/07

Ashley::You underestimate The power & love of God which is ALL Forgiving.All His love is not only centered inscripture ."The ways of God Are different than the ways & thoughts of Man"Bear that in Mind.
---Emcee on 5/24/07

How can people be so naive. repentence means NEVER doing that sin again, so you can be forgiven. You did NOT repent if you know it is wrong but keep doing it. Jesus said go and sin no more. I have found no scripture that says it is all right to rebel against God openly. Jesus forgives those who are obedient and repent, not go through the motions. If people say everything is forgiven, then murderers, rapists, adulterers,etc. return to God's kingdom by saying sorry. Wrong!!!!
---ashley on 5/24/07

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Like I have said before....Christians are always forgiven. If not, they cannot be saved. Has anyone heard of an unforgiven saint?...Impossible.
Dont be double minded
---duane on 5/24/07

If a person does something and it is wrong, and they know it is wrong but do it anyways. But keep asking God to forgive them, then turn around and do it again. God may not forgive them the next time around. No matter how many times they ask. He will turn them over to a reprobate mind and laugh at their clamities.
---Rebecca_D on 5/24/07

No, He won't stop forgiving you as long as you keep your eyes on Him. We all do the same dumb stuff over again. I know I do. That is why it is important to continuously stay in prayer and ask for forgiveness for your sins and those you know nothing about. And the few of us who actually makes it to heaven, knows it has nothing to with us but everything to do with the Blood of Christ. "Hang in there".
---catherine on 5/24/07

Yes-he does. For now but one day it will be too late to ask for forgiveness. But even now. Think about this. I am so glad I learned it. God is not obligated to protect us in our devilment(sin). He may or he may not. You are really, temporarily, on the devil's side when you sin. God does not have to protect you. You need to start trying to resist that demon and he will flee, as the bible says.
---Robyn on 5/23/07

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If Jesus told Peter that we should forgive each other "seventy times seven", don't you think that He will be at LEAST that merciful Himself?
---Jack on 5/23/07

Jesus will always forgive sin. The only time He will not is when we have sin that we die with. Then it is too late.
---Leslie on 12/31/06

When you truly know that when you sin, you are carelessly crucifying Jesus Christ all over again, then you should not sin. "If you all love me, my Commandments keep. Neither do I condemn you: GO, AND SIN NO MORE. Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that you all should obey it in the lusts thereof." John 14:15; 8:11; Romans 6:12.
---Eloy on 9/3/06

I'll weigh in that "before the cross", forgiveness was conditional . But now, since Jesus has died to "take away" our sins, everyone who is "in Christ" is totally forgiven ... forever! This is clearly taught in all of Paul's teachings:

Col 1:14
we "have" ...the forgiveness of sins.

Col 2:13
He forgave us "all" our sins,

Col 3:13
Forgive as the Lord "forgave" (past tense).
---Jeff on 9/3/06

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Mima, Don't you think that it grieves the Father when we are out of relationship with Him? Don't you think that it does benefit the Father just a little bit? Are you happy when you are not in good standing with your mom, dad, husband, son, daughter, sibling or friend? Don't you think God has feelings too? His decisions are always JUST...but he is described as being ANGRY. Wouldn't he also be HAPPY?
---Amy9384 on 8/29/06

Forgiveness presupposes confession; however, confession is NOT a prerequisite for forgiveness, quid pro quo.
Robertson,"...confess (ean homologmen). Third-class condition again with ean and present active subjunctive of homologe, 'if we keep on confessing.' Confession of sin to God and to one another is urged throughout the N.T."
Cleanse is Aorist active, meaning a past action continuing into present.
Thus the Blood of Christ cleasnes us once and forever
---John_T on 8/29/06

Exactly who benefits from my confessing my sins God or myself? How could confessing my sins possibly benefit the Lord? If on the other hand it benefits me to confess my sins perhaps it has something to do with clearing my conscience of guilt? Yes? Your comment
---mima on 8/29/06

If it is necessary for me to confess my sins in order to get them forgiven. I got big troubles. Since I'm not even capable of understanding what my sins are and I cannot remember all my sins to confess them. Also if I cofess my sins of yesterday or today to the Lord Jesus Christ does he need to return to the cross? Or has he already paid for all my sins on the cross of Calvary?
---mima on 8/29/06

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We are intructed to forgiver eachother 70x7 a day. That doesn't look like the person has stopped doing what they are doing does it? If you stepped on my toe 490 times a day and asked forgivenss I would have to forgive you according to this verse. Don't you think God lives by His own rules? The fact is, we will not stop sinning until we get to heaven. Guilt results when we don't believe God has forgiven us. Grace is greater than sin.
---john on 8/29/06

Although I am in favour of confession, to say that you have to cofess before you are forgiven is not true. Many times the Israelites sinned and Moses went to God on their behalf and God forgave them. The very people that crucified Jesus did not confess and Jesus interceded forgiveness to them to the Father. This is why intercession is so important.
---john on 8/29/06

Don't mean to argue but still insist that we need to confess our sins for them to be forgiven! That's what my Bible teaches. Also He cannot/will not forgive any sin we want to hang on to, for He will not force our will! P.
---pierr5358 on 8/29/06

Christina, I am Christina also and have been posting here for a while. I suppose I should add something to my ID to differentiate between us. I could have written this post myself, as I have been in a similiar situation. I am encouraged by the many hopeful posts here that point to Jesus.
think I'll try Christina 123?
---Christina on 8/29/06

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Pierr, there is no condition. Repentance is granted by God the same as faith is. They only reason people repent is because they have been convicted by the Holy Spirit. The reason they believe is because God has given them the faith, and the reason they are saved is because God saved them. They could not change their own hearts only God can change a heart of stone. Men cannot change himself. Believe it or not.
---lisa on 8/28/06

pierr5358, (4.) Walking in the Spirit is going out into the Deep Waters, most Christians just don't and/or don't want to go out into the Deep, they are just satified with wallowing near the shore, but we must go out in the Deep in order to really receive the Fullness of God's Truth. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/28/06

pierr5358, (3.)He looks for Evidence, a soft heart , a Obedient Heart, a repentant heart, a surrendering heart. God is good , and will help the Obedient ones, give them strength to stand tall in His Truth, and He will teach them how to Walk in His Spirit, and not the Flesh! --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/28/06

pierr5358, (2.) The Sincerity of the Heart God looks on , He will help us, and eventually the sinning will cease, not by our on power, but by the power that works within us(Ephesians 3:20) (Colossians 1:29), His power, that Same power that raised Jesus on the 3rd day! There is no condemnation in those who are Walking in the Spirit(Rom 8:1). God's forgives, and doesn't keep track of how many times we sinned in the past,
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/28/06

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pierr5358 , dear one, you wrote: "Jesus is willing to forgive us but His forgiving is conditional "IF" we confess our sins...He is going to forgive you every sin confessed in faith and repentance. The day He will not forgive your sin(s) is when you like it/them so much that you will not want to give it/them up! P. " --P, you got it! (Smile). --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/28/06

Jesus is willing to forgive us but His forgiving is conditional "IF" we confess our sins...He is going to forgive you every sin confessed in faith and repentance. The day He will not forgive your sin(s) is when you like it/them so much that you will not want to give it/them up! P.
---pierr5358 on 8/28/06

Part #2.

Part of trying, of course, is doing our best to avoid "occasions of sin"--places and circumstances where we are likely to fall.

Example: If your particular besetting sin is gluttony, avoid all you-can-eat buffets and parish pot-lucks.

But NEVER lose hope of God's mercy.
---Jack on 8/9/06

St. Paul referred to "the sin that so easily besets us", or as we say, a besetting sin.

All of us have a particular failing (or failings) that we struggle with, a stronghold to be over come. There are also sins that we might not be tempted by. I, for example, am not tempted to gamble--which only means, as CS Lewis said, I lack the virtue of which gambling is either the excess or defect.

God is BIGGER than our hearts, or our sins, and knows all things.

All we can do is try.
---Jack on 8/9/06

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If you keep repeating the same sin over and over again, your heart will turn hard and God will turn you over to a reprobate mind. Meaning he will turn a deaf ear toward you, and laugh at your clamities. He said this in his word. The question is if you know that it is wrong then why keep doing it? it is like you don't care, and your using God's forgiveness as a crutch.
---Rebecca_D on 8/9/06

melissa, you are confusing "missing the high mark" (the definition of sin) with a personality quirk. Aint the same.

There are reasons why you have this unpleasant habit because it fulfills (albeit inappropriately) a percieved need, or it is an upbring pattern.

Try to read some Christian self-help books from REPUTABLE authors. You are on a journey, and it is GREAT that you recognize a problem, and want to correct it. But as I said earler, your personality is not a sin.
---John_T on 8/9/06

I have a problem trying to control others. I didn't see this as sin, but my husband recently pointed it out. I insisted it is "just who I am." He insisted God could change it. I prayed about letting go of control. God led me to bible study on "changed man." The Lord showed me my intentions and motivations. I feel better and more compassionate toward my family now. The answer to the question is prayer and bible study leading to acknowledgment of sin and true repentance.
---melissa on 8/9/06

Madison (<::Your disagreement with Emcee is nothing new but there are others who see the teachings of The lord & they have spoken.Fact is no CONTRITION NO Forgiveness.
---Emcee on 8/8/06

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(3.)The only Sin that the Lord will not forgive is Blaspheming the Holy Ghost, and one must have a "reprobate mind" first for this to happen. God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/8/06

(2.)God accepts honest repentance but He expects much from us now that we have the Divine Blood of Jesus. Don't give up, "yield" to the "Blood of the Lamb", and you will not "fulfill the lusts of the flesh". God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/8/06

(1.)God knows your heart,if you are-sincere or not,if you are struggling, you need to "yield" to the Blood of Jesus", Jesus "promised"His people"overcoming-power through His Blood"in regard-to sin&the devil(Revelation 12:11), but we must "YIELD" to Him. The bottom line is"sin is dangerous", you don't want to become separated from God at ANYTIME&you don't want to become a "reprobate"!Sin separates a person from their God,because God is Holy.
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/8/06

To continually repeat the same sin - there is something missing in your relationship with the Lord. Once saved, you want to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and in doing so you will not want to repeat the sins of the past. Your spiritman won't be the same. Find a bible based Pastor and talk to him. You need guidance to grow spiritually. However, we are weak humans and Jesus'blood took care of all our sins. Don't continue as you are..your're missing so much of the Lord.
---Terry on 8/8/06

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Repeating the same sin over and over and over when you KNOW it's sin, because you are calling it "sin", will harden your heart. You are grieving the heart of God and your fellowship with God will be cut off until you repent. When Jesus told us to forgive 70x70, I don't think he meant that as a ticket to do whatever you wanted regarding sin. Are you committing fornication? You must STOP. The wages of sin is death. Do you want to spend eternity in hell? What sin are you committing?
---Donna9759 on 8/8/06

Mt 18:21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?
22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
---a_servant on 8/8/06

Madison 1101 is right about you being forgiven after you trust in what Christ did for you at the cross. I would suggest you start reading in Romans (KJV)looking carefully what is being said. Rom 3:10 none righteous, Rom 3:23 all have sinned, Rom 6:23 the gift of God. Start there and see what you find on your own.
---geraa7578 on 8/8/06

** Cristina::God's Forgiveness is based on Contrition,Like he said "GO & sin no more".Repiticious sinning does not qualify for a sin to be forgiven. Because there is NO contrition.By your admission it seems it is Habitual & same.**

Only Christ Himself can see into the heart.

Only Christ Himself knows what strongholds a person has--and whether s/he is trying to the utmost to overcome it.

Trust in HIS mercy.
---Jack on 8/8/06

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Christina: I disagree with emcee. When Jesus died on the cross He knew about ALL the sins I would commit. He died for all of them. He forgave all of them at that moment. I accepted His forgiveness of my sin when I accepted Christ as my savior.

Instead of focusing on your repeated sins, you need to focus on His grace and forgiveness toward you, and fill your mind with His Word.
---Madison1101 on 8/8/06

Cristina::God's Forgiveness is based on Contrition,Like he said "GO & sin no more".Repiticious sinning does not qualify for a sin to be forgiven. Because there is NO contrition.By your admission it seems it is Habitual & same.
---Emcee on 8/7/06

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