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I Am From A Poor Family

Out of college due to lack of funds from a poor family with brothers to care for and with none to help. Now turning 23, what do I do to achieve my goals in life? Has anybody else ever passed through this?

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 ---FRANCIS on 8/8/06
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There are grants out there to help with college. You didn't say how old your brothers are or if you have a mom. Is she working?
---shira on 2/11/08

Francis, I have not been through what you are experiencing now. Sorry for your troubles. Are you looking for a job now? Perhaps you could try getting a job and take night classes to complete your college degree. Another suggestion is to discuss with your college counsellor to work out some kind of bursary or even a part-time job at the school e.g. at library or food-service. Let us know a couple of short-term goals you are aiming for so that we can pray for you specifically. Don't lose heart.
---Benny on 4/10/07

Yep! Been there and done it, had two children no job, no finances, nothing, started to work with my hands doing hairstyles for friends and family, paid my way into college, Went on the bus to work in old peoples homes started with one home, got reccommended to several others homes started to earn 250pw...., went for funding refused moved to a small shop expanded into retail earning 50,000+pa. Worked partime as a tutor Owned my own car at 21, my own home at 34. you can do it even ironing for 15/40$ a bag.
---Carla5754 on 9/1/06

Breaking out of financial drought cycle for your family is good. Keep your eye on the target and don't let your dream die. Judy Jacobs described similar situation, her Dad died, she quit college to take care of Mom. Time came when she and Mom heard same Word from God, get back in the game, finish college. God puts those desires in your heart for your good and well being of your family. Fight for it, I put myself through college without aid. Your hard work will be rewarded with God's help.
---Raine on 8/11/06

How were your grades? Did you try the financial aid office?
---notlaw99 on 8/10/06

Everybody has given the practical advice - now how about the spiritual advice? Pray and wait on the Lord. I am a teacher and very much recommend all the education you can get, but consider that God may have another plan for you right now. Maybe He needs you somewhere else right now. You won't know until you talk to Him. Pray it through and my prayers go with you! Do things His way and in His time!
---melissa on 8/9/06

With all the grants and scholarships available today, almost anyone who wants to go to school can go. Also, there are guaranteed student loans that you have to pay back, but not until you have graduated. Some will even give a "grace" period until you are gainfully employed. Go see a guidance counselor to explore your options. God may have put you in this position to pull your family our of poverty. Who knows?
---Crystal on 8/8/06

Go to the nearest Community College and apply for financial aid. You can apply for a tuition waiver and scholarships through them, and they can help you apply for federal grants and loans. It wouldn't hurt to ask your home church for a scholarship as well. What are your goals? There are many people who have worked to achieve their goals without a degree. God knows your needs. Seek him out. He takes care of those who love him.
---Katie on 8/8/06

Have you applied for federal student loans for college? Google FAFSA to apply for one online.
---Madison1101 on 8/8/06

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