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Widower Dating Advice Needed

Do you have any recommendations regarding challenges I may face as a caregiving wife with five homeschooled children, ages 10-18? A godly widower is serious about courting me. Our age span is 49-74. (I have been widowed five years.)

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 ---Kay on 8/8/06
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It is to nice have attention, yet I agree with Madison.

We all want to be admired by the other sex, butI urge caution.

I recommend each taking a Myers-Briggs Temperament Analysis; it can be done on line to look objectively at each other. Another source isthe christian-based eharmonydotcom. It permits people to have a free $50.00 scientifically-proven analysis.

Beau's attitude towards this as well as the results will tell you much, and if there are no other hinderances go for it.
---John_T on 4/24/08

Do you really love this man? Does he love you? Are you both Christians? Yes,you will probably have to bury him -- but if love is there, it's better to have a few years together than none. True love is rare. I am 45 yr old widow, buried my 55 yr old husband on our 9th anniversary this spring. Broke my heart. But, had I known he would get cancer and die, I would have still married him because we were both strong Christians, and loved each other SO MUCH! Each day together was a treasure.Ask God what to do.
---twyla on 8/22/07

I think the challenges are obvious. But the more important question to ask is if this is God's Will for the both of you. Only God can answer you.
---Benny on 8/22/07

I am your age, and my mother is in her 70s. I could never date a man who could be my father.

Be prepared to bury him anytime. Then you will be widowed again.
---Madison1101 on 3/20/07

Kay,don't marry because of loneliness or needing a man to help shoulder burden of raising five children. You love your children but I can't imagine how hard it is to raise them alone. If you love this man is the only valid reason to marry. He may live 10 more years if he's lucky anything past that is a miracle,and you again would be a widow,besides he may be sick and you'd have someone else to take care of. You've made it five years don't rush into something that may be worse situation than you have.
---Darlene_1 on 8/9/06

Our friend, a godly widower, father of three teenagers is also a pastor. He's 40, but would consider someone older than him; but, not 25 years older. He's a great man and widowed 3 years. You interested?
---Susie on 8/8/06

I'm sorry, and Donna is right! My response was anything but Christ-like. Even though that is how I FEEL, that may not be how God feels. I just know I would RUN (not walk) RUN in the opposite direction as fast as my little feet would carry me!
---Crystal on 8/8/06

I'm rather surprised at most of these responses. Does anyone still believe in "love" and that God chooses our mates...not us??
---Annie on 8/8/06

I'm a widower, not yet that age, but I would love a young wife. But Crystal is right, and I don't think it would be fair on her.
Incidently, I receive weekly proposals from girls in their 20's, through this site!
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/8/06

Kay, although I luv Madison and Crystal to pieces, I honestly don't think either of them is hearing from the Lord on this one. Telling you to be prepared to bury him and you are crazy, are really carnal answers that I don't think Jesus would say to you, even if that were truth, Jesus wouldn't be that crude and tell you that. It was funny though. My advice is this: ASK GOD. KEEP ASKING GOD. Don't ask humans. You'll get these same responses that you've already gotten. ASK FATHER GOD.
---Donna9759 on 8/8/06

Wow! So you just LOVE the caregiver position, huh? Because that's what you will be to this man in no time at all. Even the healthiest 70-year-old are nearing that time. If you just can't get along wthout taking care of someone, then go ahead, but I think you are CRAZY!
---Crystal on 8/8/06

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