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Condition With The Lord

Are you satisfied or at least content with your condition in the Lord as of today?

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 ---mima on 8/8/06
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that is the problem with people. they are just satisfied with their walk with God. I don't want to be "just satisfied" I want to be more than satisfied, and I want Jesus to be more than satisfied with me. There is a song, If It Satisfy's You Lord, Then It Satisfy's Me.
---Rebecca_D on 8/3/08

Mima, you're asking the wrong question.

As the evanglical hymn puts it:

"I am satisfied with Jesus
But the question comes to me
As I think of Calvary:
Is my Master satisfied with me?"
---Jack on 4/29/07

personally I,am much more concerned with whether I am pleasing God AND he is happy with or satisfied with me.your position is a matter of your obidience,your decisions as to following jesus, and Gods word. WALK in the spirit,think in the spirit LIVE in the spirit in all areas and decisions, and in every thought.
---tom2 on 8/12/06

I am never satisfied with my condition in the Lord. I strive every single day to do His will and get closer to Him.
---shira on 8/10/06

Donna2277, Of course I am not perfect. Christ does say "Be ye perfect." Even though we cannot achieve perfection it would not make sense for Jesus to say, "settle for mediocrity."
---Ryan on 8/10/06

why do you speak of
"the transformation that GOd has done in your life to make you a new creature seeking perfection."? I thought you just said you WERE perfect. Or did you mean you weren't perfect after God made you a new creature, but have become perfect since then?
---Donna2277 on 8/10/06

If you walk in this life asking, "What is God going to do for me today?" and, "Am I content with my condition in the Lord today?" Rather than, "What can I do to glorify my Lord today?" and, "Is my Lord pleased with me today?" Than when you get to the kingdom the words He will speak to you are, "Depart from me I never knew you, you who practiced iniquity."
---Ryan on 8/9/06

If you do not become salt and light and you continue to walk in the flesh you will be one of the virgins left behind with an empty lamp and you will not be at the marriage feast.
---Ryan on 8/9/06

If you continue to make your Christian walk flesh-centered and not Spirit-centered and do not press on to maturity you will be the worthless slave that burried his talent. If you stay stuck at the cross under the assumption that you are done because you have believed and accepted but you produce no fruit you will be cut off the vine and thrown into the lake of fire.
---Ryan on 8/9/06

People must learn that Christianity is more than believing and accepting. Christianity is being changed into a new creature an being accepted as His desciple. Christianity is about sacraficing your life in the flesh to gain your life in the Spirit. Once you have gained your life you must than press on to maturity. Do not get stuck at the foot of the cross.
---Ryan on 8/9/06

The greatest praise we can give the Lord is to ask Him, "What must I do to be completely submissive to you most high God?"
Christians must learn that walking in the Spirit being led by the Spirit maturing in the Spirit and producing good fruit are essential to enter the kingdom of heaven.
---Ryan on 8/9/06

The third teaching that has been butchered is "The free gift of salvation." The gift of salvation is absolutely free. This gift, however, will transform you. If you are not willing to accept the transformation than you have truly not accepted the gift. By accepting this gift you can no longer say things like "I'm only human" or "I'm not perfect just forgiven" these statements deny the transformation that GOd has done in your life to make you a new creature seeking perfection.
---Ryan on 8/9/06

The second bogus teaching we have today is "Accept Jesus into your heart." How can Jesus dwell in a heart that is evil from its youth? He cannot send His Spirit to dwell in your heart until He has made you a new creature and given you a new heart. No where in the bible will you find the term, "Accept Jesus." It is the exact opposite Jesus must accept you.
---Ryan on 8/9/06

This is absolutely wrong. Believing is essential we must believe the Lord died for our sins and that He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings this belief also extends to He can make us a new creature prepared to learn His ways and grow on His vine and completely dependant on Him.
---Ryan on 8/9/06

Jack, I completely agree. This question is evidence that Christianity today is self-centerd rather than God-cneterd. The true question is, "Is God satisfied with you?"
God has presented us with the gift of salvation. This gift is largely misunderstood. Too many peolple are under the impression that all they need to do is: believe, accept Jesus in their heart and accept the free gift of salvation and their end of the bargain is done.
---Ryan on 8/9/06

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