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Marry For Citizenship

Tried to adopt Russian orphan-several years. Russian govt didn't clear her in time for adoption. Lived w/us 1 year as student. Now 19, she needs a family; we are it. Our oldest son, 20, also adopted, has offered to marry her to get her a home and then to divorce after she is a citizen. Your thoughts?

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 ---leann on 8/9/06
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---pkay on 1/30/08

I disagree with that entirely. That is not God's ordained purpose for marriage. She should go through the normal channels for citizenship, not marry her "brother" to be.
---Helen_5378 on 3/16/07

Try praying and asking Father GOd to work it all out for you instead of you trying to work it out in the flesh. Man's ways are not GOd's ways. His ways are HIGHER than yours or mine. PRAY HARD EVERY DAY, "The effective, fervernt prayer of the righteous availeth much." If you are not praying, you are trying to work this out in the flesh and your plan will fail.
---Donna9759 on 8/10/06

This is ubsurd. You've raised him, she thinks of you all as family. You're son would be marrying his sister, a marriage must be consumated or it is not considered legal, he would have an intimate relationship with his sister,(step or not, that would be a form of incest. A divorce would mean neither would be free to marry again. How could you all look one another in the face? And to ask fellow Christians what we think?
I'm praying for you all, seek God for a legal, painless solution.
---lynet on 8/9/06

How dishonest can you be to even think of approving this idea? If this young lady is to be a citizen she should do it honestly.
---Madison1101 on 8/9/06

It's not about pummeling anyone, it's about giving a wise and biblical answer to the best of our ability. I must admit, we all get off the mark, quite a bit! LOL.
While I sympathize with your situation, being deceitful and disobedient are not qualities Christ exudes. God can work everything out for good for those who love him. Look to him for the answer instead of acting out on your own understanding.
---Katie on 8/9/06

This Q is almost like the script from Green Card.

At the least it is illegal, possibly resulting in fine, jail and surely deportation for a minimum of 10 years.

Meanwhile, son lives in a sham, has a divorce on file, and creates possible heartbreak for you if there is jail and grand kids.

---John_T on 8/9/06

It's dishonest. Is that Christian?
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/9/06

Good points, Phil!

I could offer an opinion, but as Phil pointed out, it would not be worth much, as I don't know.

For the legal ramifications, especially of a divorce, contact INS.

BTW--marriage does NOT confer instant citizenship, though it might speed up the process.
---Jack on 8/9/06

You need to check with Immigration statutes again because some of the information you said is inaccurate. As I remember she would only have to be married for three years and would not have to become a naturalized citizen.

ChristiaNet is the wrong place to ask that question. You are going to get pummeled by a 100+ answers. Never ask "He with out sin cast the first stone." to workers in a gravel pit.
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/9/06

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