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My Wife Just Left Me

My wife of 12 years just left me and I am hurting. Any advice?

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 ---marty on 8/9/06
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One suggestion, keep all of your storylines 'strait', it is helpful to others.
---Mike on 1/10/08

Yes. See a doctor.
---Mike on 1/9/08

Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.Matt5:4 Casting all your care upon him;for he careth for you.1Pet5:7. Your pain is deep. The only thing you can do is take the Lord. It is unhealthy to try to deny having the feelings you are experiencing or to replace them with something else, like another woman,alcohol or whatever. You must experience your feelings and understand that they are normal(even a man crying like a baby). May God be with you. I will be in prayer about your circumstances.
---jody on 5/29/07

if you cheated on must offer her the freedome..if she needs this husband cheated on me..along 12 years ..although i was virgin..Now..i want to divorce..and be happy again..without him..he didn't love he promised..
---marila on 5/29/07


Pray, and talk to us here if you need to. I'll be praying along with everyone else here.

Peace & God bless,

---augusta on 5/26/07

A male relative of mine has been married 5 times. He never did catch a clue, all his wives were good housekeepers. He left with a suitcase, they all kept the house. He finally quit chasing, repented, and returned to Jesus Christ. Being unequally yoked is one condition that rarely, if ever, works.
---Spike on 10/2/06

Mike - divorce can be painful but you can rebuild perhaps even a better house than the one you had. Do not become overly discouraged as tomorrow things may change for the better. Be positive and seek the Lord's blessings; who knows 5 years from now you may find yourself in a much better situation than ever before. I have seen that happen to many that have casted all their cares upon the Lord.
---lee on 10/2/06

I'm very sorry to hear your story. My wife has also recently left me. I was informed on Father's day in '05. I've been fighting to save my marriage ever since. It hurts so bad I know. I can't give you any advise at this time but I do feel your pain.
God Bless.
---Mike on 10/2/06

My wife left me. She never so much as whispered that she was going to leave me feeling that she and my step children, that I love as my own were to never again be home. I know you pain.
God bless you
---Guy on 8/20/06

I would concur with what everyone has said so far. Also, try to find a Divorce Care Course. It's Christian and with Biblical advice and standards, will help you understand and get through this.
---marya4598 on 8/11/06

Hi Marty, I weep with you brother. Please find godly, christian men with whom you can fellowship, counsel, and share - men who will listen, pray, and speak the truth to you. If you haven't already done so, make an appointment with your pastor. Looking into your own heart for your part is good, but don't do it alone - let people who really know you into the process.
---daphn8897 on 8/10/06

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." When I was hurting very deeply, I would pray and tell Jesus how badly I hurt. THen I'd cry everytime I prayed. One day a blanket of peace fell upon me and it stayed with me for many weeks. The Lord heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Acknowledge that you believe that scripture and speak it over your life every day, and thank God for your healing and eventually that word will come ot pass in your life.
---Donna9759 on 8/10/06

If you love someone you cannot keep that person prisoner, he or she must be free to come and go. I would suggest that you commit all these things to the Lord and let Him deal with the problem as there is little else that you can do.
---lee on 8/10/06

Part 2--and the really important thing:

But also, Marty, I pray with you that God will lead both of you through this to reconciliation, and your marriage will be stronger than ever. (I've seen it happen.)

(And your hurting is perfectly normal. You can't rip out your heart without it hurting.)
---Jack on 8/9/06

Remember your wife didn't up and say, "Oh, let's see; today's Wednesday 9 August. I think I'll leave my husband today."

This is obviously something she had been thinking about, gnawing on, and ruminating over for weeks, if not months or years.

Don't take what I'm saying here as trying to blame you. I'm trying to say (however clumsily) that the hurt you are feeling now your wife felt at the beginning of the breaking-up process. She just went through it first.
---Jack on 8/9/06

Do you know why she left you? Are there kids involved? Have you and she tried marital therapy?

My advice, get into therapy and find out what makes you tick that she left you, then change and become the man God meant you to be.
---Madison1101 on 8/9/06

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Here's a great opportunity to examine yourself. Was she justified in her leaving? Is communication with her still possible? Under what conditions would reconciliation be possible for her? Are you willing to talk with her, agree on some guidelines? The hurt is immediate reaction. But you're readjustment from this point forward offers an opportunity to take a long look at yourself. Make God richly richly bless you as you go forward.
---mima on 8/9/06

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