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Attend TV Church Or Local Church

If I didn't go to a church, but watched and listened to people preaching the Bible on TV do you think God would be pleased with this, or should I actually attend a church? I find the pastors on TV more inspiring than church.

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 ---sue on 8/11/06
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annomonys, Thank you for your ideas. I will constantly check the tv preachers to see that they do line up with the Bible. I try to surround myself with Christains all the time, but it is hard! Usually I dont surround myself with anybody, except my family, who are Christians. I am constantly learning more and more about Jesus and the Bible from all differant places, but especailly by reading the Bible and asking Jesus.
---sue on 2/29/08

sue: It's hard to have relationships with people on TV. Since Christianity is so much about relationship, with God, and with others, you should surround yourself with other believers. TV preaching should be treated like a supplement rather than the main course. Although I'd say most of it's junk food. Let the Bible inspire you. Know the Word so you can keep these preachers in check in your own mind. I'd rather hear a dull preacher tell the truth, than have goosebumps listening to lies.
---j._nonymous on 2/28/08

You do not understand scripture on judging.
---catherine on 2/28/08

Catherine,you can't cut God loose from His Word and without lining up with the Word of God it isn't God. God will never "tell" anyone to do something which goes against His Word. I also remind you the Bible says judge not for with the judgement you judge you will be judged. You don't know where anyone on here stands with God,therefore,you shouldn't judge. Don't throw the baby(church) out with the bathwater(attending),you may be missing something you need.
---Darlene_1 on 2/28/08

No pleasure, yes church. Simple, fail not to assemble yourselve with like believers. Also, if you are looking for a show, go to the movies, pastors are there to teach you the unadulterated word of God, and if that truth doesn't inspire you, your flesh is ruling you. Look to God and not to man. Your Hope is in the word of God. Not your feelings about the pastors, are they teaching the truth, if so, your flesh would be upset. The flesh does not want to be ruled.
---Gary on 2/27/08

Recently the evangelist that we sponsor in Mexico called and said another pastor had ask him to come into his church and become "settled". Settled in this context means the same as "covering" here in the United States. Last Monday this evangelist, on the streets, heard five people receive the Lord Jesus Christ as personal savior.
Yet the pastors say he needs to become settled. Where? In their church of course. So apparently you cannot assemble on the streets. Ridiculous!!!!
---Mima on 2/27/08

Darlene, you do not know God. If you did you would also know that He is not limited just to His word. You have been listening to false preachers, my dear. We have two obedience. The word of God and God Himself. Plus, from God, there are some things about Him that was not recorded in the word of God. Check behind the pulpit this Sunday and make sure Satan is not there. One in one hundred preachers are saved. Besides there are plenty of other scriptures that will back God up ON this. Have a good day.++
---catherine on 2/27/08

What exactly is an 'assembly'? Isn't it when people get together? Couldn't this site be an assembly? Couldn't the televsion be an assembly?

Why do I need to be in church to worship God?

With my mother, with my children and grandchildren, THAT is when I like to talk about God. Up north in the beautiful woods He made for us THAT is when I love to worship Him, not in some building with lots of fancy people, some of who are there only to show how 'holy' they are because they go to church.
---sue on 2/27/08

Catherine God may lead someone out of a Church because theres something there that doesn't line up with the Word of God but to think God "yanked" one out of several churches is unreal. The Bible tells us to go to church not stay out. Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together,as is the manner of some,. God doesn't go against His own Word.
---Darlene_1 on 2/27/08

Going to church is a desire from the heart. If a person is not able to go, that is a different story. But if one is able to go and is a true christian, they should WANT to go to church. Catherine, God pulled you out of church? I could understand if that church was a cult but for you to say he pulled you out of all of them is foolish. Wherever I go, God is there. So when I go to church God is there with me. So if someone brought problems inside the church instead of God, that is their fault not mine.
---Rebecca_D on 2/26/08

I have been condemned for not going to church by some. There are a lot of reasons why I do not attend. Main reason being ofcourse is that God yanked me out. If I tried to go and God is not in it I would be most miserable. Believers and unbelievers should take a closer look at their own sins. I work hard in pleasing God. Sometimes I fell. Let God be your boss in this. No one loved church more than Catherine.+++
---catherine on 2/26/08

If you are physically able I would encourage you to attend a local church and participate in that fellowship. TV and Radio ministries have distinct limitations. When was the last time a media preacher performed a baptism, a wedding, a funeral, or visited the sick for some one you know? I am institutionalized, we have pastors perform services here but, I am physically able to walk to attend a local congregation in our town and I am very thankful that I can do so because it is a better worship experience.
---notlaw99 on 2/26/08

If you are at all able to go to church you need to because you need the contact and fellowship of other Christians.If you are really not able to attend at all God understands.If you only watch TV church I think you should pick your favorite (the one that inspires you the most) and send your 10% there-IMHO
---shirley on 2/25/08

ShastaV, sorry you are disabled. Why don't you check out some audio sermons. If you visit some Christian websites, you will soon find that a lot of them have audio sermons. That way you get to hear a variety of preachers, and it is safer for your to hear a lot, than be confined to one or two who may or may not turn out to be the best.
---frances on 2/25/08

I know people who go to church and then they have to tell me about it, like they're bragging.

I think there is something wrong with me because I just dont want to go. I will go with my daughter sometimes, but I dont really get anything out of it, where as I really learn from the television program and I cant wait until the next one. Maybe I haven't found a good church.

I'm not lazy. My mother is 89 yrs. old and I take care of her full time, this is a job that you can not be a lazy person.
---sue on 2/25/08

I'm disabled I get my word from tv not just any body! From reading and understanding,I do have good Teachers how ever I have been Blessed to watch via sattle light/Sunday morning/Tuesday night Bible study. I don't deal with those begging get rich! I investgate see what they are doing,if my sprit tell me no that's what it is! I do have my home base church I pay my 10% to.
---ShastaVonta on 2/25/08

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You won't be able to get away with this one,friend. God has it already figured out. You must and need to go to church. People are always devising ways to do things---Their Way. TV is ok sometimes but you need to be a part of a bible-teaching church,under leadership, serving Christ with the gifts he has given you. TV does none of this for you.You need the fire of praise,worship and fellowship with other Christians.
---Robyn on 2/25/08

If you are fit and well and can get to your chosen church regularly then that is where you should be spiritually fed. We need the 'assembling together' as well as the sermon. Some T.V. preachers are excellent and I watch them when I cannot get to church, through illness (or rain - I have a very long walk to church) but it not the same as having the fellowship of like-minded people.
---f.f. on 2/25/08

If you are able to go to church, then you need to go. I believe when one gets saved, God puts a desire in that person to want to go to church. I understand if a person isn't able to go, they can't. Like me, I am able to go but I have no way of going. My ride broke down 3 weeks ago and money is an issue of getting it fixed. My church is getting it fixed for me this week. I would love to be in church right now, but I had no way. So if you are able to go and can, you really should go.
---Rebecca_D on 8/13/06

Shira thank you for your concern. Actually I attend a very small church with about 12 to 16 regulars there. I am the second youngest and I'm in my 60s. One old lady drives and her driving scares me almost to death!!!! She does offer in fairness to her. All others live close to the church so can walk easily, even when raining. I don't mind getting wet on the way home but sitting in wet clothes for about 75 minutes isn't really that good for my health. Fortunately the rain doesn't keep me home too often.
---f.f. on 8/13/06

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ff, is there not anyone in your church willing to come to your home and pick you up for church? I bet they would pick you up and bring you home again.
---shira on 8/13/06

I need the fellowship of my church. They are family and we need each other. I don't get that kind of fellowship at home.
---shira on 8/12/06

Not all T.V. preachers are fake MikeM. Have you ever watched/heard Bayless Conley or Charles Stanley?
---emg on 8/12/06

Not all TV preachers are fake,and is just after your money. From some of my experience in church and with some of the pastors these days, I would much rather hear the word of God from some of the TV Ministers. Actually, We have false phrophets in the world but their not limited to TV ministers. There are also self seeking, money hungry,envious preachers in the churches today also. Sad but true.
---Barbara on 8/11/06

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I believe God understands when a homebound/ill person has no other option than TV. The rest of us should try to go in person for the fellowship.
---Linda3 on 8/11/06

Hebrews 10:25 gives the answer to your question, "Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together, as the manner of some is..." This would include "watching" preaching on tv. The Gospel, and church is about action not entertainment. You need to be deeply involved in a local, Bible-believing ministry, not just watching on the sidelines.
---tommy3007 on 8/11/06

The gathering of the Saints is for our benefit. We are to edify and encourage one another, help carry one another's burdens. If you don't get that at your local church then it's just a show, and you might as well stay home and watch tv. But it may be a good idea to look into a Home Bible Study or something...
---Katie on 8/11/06

Why don't you go to church? You need to find a good church you can call home. The preachers on tv, don't know you or your situation. All they care about is your money and how much you can give them. Going to church and listing to the word being brought forth is not the same as watching a preacher on tv. Most of the preachers you see are fake. I would much rather go to church.
---Rebecca_D on 8/11/06

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TV preachers? One need the fellowship of others, not the flickering images on a TV screen. They all seem so blatently fake on TV, the Televangelist, onl as real as their hair. I have not seen one that looks credible. Go to a real church with at least a few real people- not a video impersonation of a church with no real people at all.
---MikeM on 8/11/06

sue: do you consider our participation on this blog a type of assembling ourselves together? Or do you feel that a physical building(with the steeple on top ) is necessary for assembling ourselves to take place?
---mima on 8/11/06

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