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Should I Send Money To Him

A friend of mine is wanting to send money to Jesse du Plantis. Any comments on his ministry?

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 ---anon on 8/11/06
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God blesses those who bless others. I would possibly send a few dollars. But only if the Lord lays it on my heart. I would not send my church or bill money. I would set a few dollars aside to send as seed. If you want to go further and become a partner with the ministry, you can do that,too. This does not have to interfere with what you do for your local church. Pray about it and follow the Holy Spirit. He is a very wonderful leader.
---Robyn on 3/2/11

sowing your seed should be a personal thing between you and GOD. if one wants to sow into a ministry then you should know a bit about the ministry and its fruits. I know a bit about his ministry and his past and have been associated with a church that is involved with Copeland, Savelle, Dollar ministries and more. Again, your giving should be led by the Spirit of GOD, not by men. It is a good thing however to find out about the ministry you are sowing into. There is wisdom in a multitude of counsellors, if they are righteouse and God fearing men and women.
---lance_quinton on 3/2/11

I know Mark du Plantis his brother very well he worked with me when I was captain of a Mississippi riverboat as pilot, and he was a very good pilot too. From What I know the du Planis'are good people. Born-again, washed in the blood Christians. His brother is very lighthearted and has a wonderful sense of humor just like Jesse.
---mima on 1/6/08

The Word of God says to consider the works of a man. And the only way that we can consider Dr. Duplantis' works is by the fruit of his ministry.
He's an evangelist, which means he not a pastor with a neighborhood church. So the only way he can go to other venues and spread the gospel is if someone give into his ministry. If minstry is all you do how else do your bills get paid? God uses people who have been encouraged by Jessie's message to give into his ministry, so it can keep going.
---Jeremy on 9/8/06

sorry, this is kinda off subject but: WOW MIMA! You were a captain of a Mississippi boat?! COOL! I bet you have lots of neat stories to tell!
---sue on 8/12/06

katie and john: im not telling her or not telling her to give him money or asking your opinion on whether she should. Im only asking your opinions on that specific pastor as i have never heard of him or seen him on tv. Have seen his website though :)
---anon on 8/12/06

Put your money into your church not a preacher on TV
---Betty on 8/12/06

I agree 100% with Shira. Her local church is the place for seed.
---joseph on 8/12/06

jesse du plantis would like for your friend to send money to him also. Please convince your friend to put her money in the local church. du plantis does not need her money.
---shira on 8/11/06

I say if your friend feels led to send him money, then let him/her do so. I don't think it's any of our business who your friend gives money to. If he's a fraud (which I'm certainly not implying), God will deal with him in his own timing, and his own way. I'd rather give to someone who is less than honest, than not give to someone who truly needs it or will use it for God's glory.
---Katie on 8/11/06

Since its HIS money, why are you asking people here what someone else should do with his own money?
---Jack on 8/11/06

If we give locally we are more able to be good stewards and get to see first hand the fruit of it. Also, local ministries are accountable personally to us while those far away can do what they want with what you give. I've never understood why people send money far away when local work is suffering.
---john on 8/11/06

Jesse du Plantis is a false teacher. He teaches a false Prosperity Gospel and is a Word of Faith teacher. I'm sure he wouldn't mind your friend sending him some money --- that is what the false Prosperity Gospel is about -- send the preacher some money and you will get rich. Get real .. nobody has done it yet or will and it is a lie from the pits of hell designed to make the preacher rich.
---Helen_5378 on 8/11/06

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