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President Of Iran Wanting War

I have heard from several sources that a day of historical spiritual significance in Islam falls on 22 August this year. The President of Iran has said he will give an answer to stop his nuclear program on this day. The implications are frightening. Anyone have a comment to share?

Moderator - Yes, his comment is that he will not stop the program.

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 ---Jack on 8/11/06
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Jon .. Hezbullah is not a nation, but it is sure waging war & murder. Immediately Israel gave Gaza back to the Palestinians, what happened? Not even grudging gratitude, but bombs & rockets. Not speculation ... where have you been?
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/13/06

mohammad, until Christ Jesus comes and sets up His Kingdom on earth, there will be war, and much of it, the only true Peace is God's peace, and this world won't see it until the end of the Great Tribulation Period, and Jesus takes over this world system. --Mrs. Morgan.
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/13/06

I heard that Aug 22nd is the date that Mohammad completed a pilgrimage to somewhere, back in history, sometime. How's that for exactitude!
---Donna2277 on 8/12/06

Mohammed, I am a non-black American by birth and I am a Christian because I repented of my sin and accepted Christ.
Do you believe that I am the Devil or not. Would you kill me because I disbelieve your faith and the Koran?
---Elder on 8/12/06

mohammad, I guess you are still satisfied with the old way of killing people then... you know cutting their heads off and such.
---Elder on 8/12/06

** Jack, It means just that. Our Savior will come. I guess you don't have one huh? That's really quite a shame. **

Believe it or not, Michael, pop-evangelical dispensationalism, though it tries to pass itself off as such, is NOT the norm of Biblical Christianity.

As far as what you are trying to call me, they have proven our Saviour's favorite transportation, carrying Him at critical events in His life, so coming from you, I take it as a badge of honor.
---Jack on 8/12/06

Jack, It means just that. Our Savior will come. I guess you don't have one huh? That's really quite a shame.

You sound like your last name might be uuhh, well, we all can figure that one out.
---Mike on 8/12/06

** The Savior Will Cometh**

What on earth does "will cometh" mean? Is this a helpless attempt to use hifalutin' Kingeth Jameseth-sounding diction?
---Jack on 8/12/06

Let me first clear the water for you a bit. Alqaida are Sunni muslim and Iran is not. Iran is not a terrorit nation. The administration likes to paint that picture. Iran might terrorise their enemy in the battle field but they won't blow up thousnads of inisent civilans at random like Alqaida. Unfortunately our government likes to mix everything up for their agenda. Don't be fooled. I am not siding with the regim in Tehran but I have to tell you the truth.
---Alex on 8/12/06

The only countries actually waging war and murder is the US and Israel. Everything else is speculation.
---jon on 8/12/06

The Savior Will Cometh from the ashes. And thus a new world order will begin. World War 3 will begin with Iran and everybody knows this. Thanks to the Iranian Fanatical Revolution in 79' which the West (especially United Kingdom) brought about the once Democratic Iran.
---Warmonga on 8/12/06

first think there are other people in the world that they wanna progress and be one of the developed countries i am an iranian we need this energy for our development process not like usa and israil for war be sure that we are not like you who always think for finding a new way to kill people
---mohammad on 8/12/06

Aug 22 is merely the end of the Iranian month of Mordad.
---hass on 8/11/06

He has stated openly that he intends to cause trouble in the world to hasten the return of the Islamic Messiah who will come back. He's not stopping.
---Linda3 on 8/11/06

He is a nutcase. He believes that if he starts a war, it ll hasten the return of an Islamic savior called Mehdi, to whom even Jesus ll bow....
---pkay on 8/11/06

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