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Is Church Important To You

How would you describe your relationship with your church? Is your church all important to you? Is church acceptance important to you? I am asking these questions because I understand church attendance is going down the tubes quickly.

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 ---mima on 8/11/06
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Well, it should go down the tube. Real church is real believers. Although sometimes the heathens will sneek in. Beware of these people. False preachers, false teachers, too many of them. 99 out of 100 has never been bought by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Some are geeting rich, stealing money from God. Why God puts up with this I'll never know. I guess because He knows their day is coming. warning: I do know He hates false preachers and teachers.
---catherine on 3/12/08

Finding a church is like finding an adoptive family. I am not just there to show up and enjoy the music and the sermon. I am there to be gathered into a family that really wants to appreciate their Father together. I sing songs to my Lord, and I get involved to help, support and love the rest of his family.
---Cheryl on 3/10/08

I think the local church should be supported. However, you should be ready to move on to another church should things look beyond salvage at your local church. Don't forget you can start your own church in many countries (not so easy in this country I am religion is equated to cults and sarin gas attacks and all other mind control groups.)
---frances008 on 3/10/08

I attend mass every day and I love it.
---John1944 on 3/10/08

So many churches are into big business. Didn't Jesus say to his disciples that when they followed Him they were not to take anything with them, but rely on the generosity of the people they came in contact with.It is non-denominational, God is the head of the church as well as Jesus. We are self-supporting through our tithes and offerings. We are governed by the New Testament and Jesus teachings , but do much studying from the Old Testament. Yes, my church is very imporant to me.
---Norma7374 on 3/10/08

I thank God for the church.God wants us to be among other like minded people.God instituted the church, so therefore, I go. The church belongs to God. Not man. Christ is the head of the church. Several scriptures in the bible advises we go to church. Hebrews ch 10 is one place. We get our strength from hearing and listening to our pastors and others in the church. Praying with and fellowshipping with others strengthen us in our walk,also. There are many benefits to going to church.
---Robyn on 3/10/08

The assembly is a place of corporate prayer, praise, worship, and encouragement. And a place were spiritual gifts are ordained to build one another. Attendance seems to have seasons of high and low. The assembly will always be around. We are told not to forsake it as the manner of some is.
---john on 2/11/08

I'm sorry but I have a bad outlook on churches. I believe they have commercialized and are businesses. The teachings are of man which filtered down through the centries from false prophets,and teachers. Pauls churches did not have Study Bibles, books on prosperity,Bible Study curriculum. The churches did not sell books,T-shirts,nor did they have neon signs out front. They did not have dozens of doctrines .They did not fall in line with TV ministers. They had LOVE.
---jody on 5/24/07

That depends on where you are. I belonged to a number of different Catholic parishes, and all of them to were vibrant and bursting at the seems. Many Catholic churches require several mass times over the weekend to accommodate the many attendees. The more popular masses often have the late arrivals standing at the back.

During special occassions such as Christmas and Easter, the Church hall is also opened up for addtional Masses and even then the crowds are pressing against the back doors.
---lorra8574 on 5/24/07

Mima, while church attendance is going down the tube, the mega churches are intertaining thousands. Anything wrong with this picture????
---shira on 5/24/07

church fellowship is important because Jesus said NOT to forsake the gathering of fellowship,I do not judge people based on their social economics,rich,poor,middle long as you have a heart for God new or old & do not disrespect him then you're ok to me, but over all I am glad for my church family, I even started working there during the week to help out & I never did that in other churches I attended.
---candice on 9/1/06

Barbara - I am sure that Jesus would pull no punches with them and tell them straight to their face just what He thought. Maybe something like "whitewashed tombs full of dead men's bones"!!
---Helen_5378 on 8/12/06

If Jesus would physically come and sit in some of the church services of today, what do you honestly think He would do and say about the way some of the worship, preaching, and church services are carried out today? encluding, the way the tithes and offerings are being handled. Do you think He would turn over some tables? What's your opinion?
---Barbara on 8/12/06

I've been out from a church since 1980. A year ago I started looking for and attending some church services but I did not find the holiness that I am looking for in those churches. This is to say that I am one of those who can function well even without a church affiliation. This means also that we can function without acceptance from a church. Society these days is no longer church-based.
---Linda6546 on 8/12/06

Yes, church is important to me, but the word of God and loving people is more important to me. the Bible tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together but not to do so just for the sure sake of doing so, but I believe it means for us to come together with the right motives, to praise God, uplift one another, and to study His word in order to be doers of the word, and not hearers only. For the scriptures tells us that if we are just hearers and not doers, we decieve our own selves.
---Barbara on 8/11/06

a building is nothing too me, and denomination is nothing to me. saved people are number 1. and the unsaved are my first priority.everthing else is just conversation.
---tom2 on 8/11/06

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