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Husband Has A Girl Friend

My husband left because he's not happy anymore and he has another girl. Please help me pray that God will restore his spiritual lie and our marriage. What can I do?

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 ---tricia on 8/12/06
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Ask the Lord to help you look deeply at yourself to see what you can improve to become the woman your husband will again love and want.

In such cases, there is usually fault on both sides. My dad left my mother for another woman, but if she had been the right kind of wife, he would not have been tempted to look elsewhere.
---Jack on 11/27/08

Honey you are going to need much more than prayer. Prayer is a start. Are you working? Are there kids involved in this? You need to begin by changing the locks on the doors and possibly windows. He needs to know he cannot come and go and disrespect you like this. Contact him, if possible, and ask for a decision, as to what he intend to do,because you are making other plans for your life, without him! God's peace to you
---Robyn on 9/14/07

Asking for prayer is a good thing. I will pray for your husband, but also for you that you do not lose your faith but will cling closely to the Lord as he accompanies you through this challenge.
---Linda32708 on 9/7/07

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Read 1 Corinthians 7 especially verses 15 & 16. I pray that the Lord will heal your heart and give you abundant peace and joy and that He will convict your husbands heart of sin. Stay as close as possible to the Lord, dear.
---Yolanda on 3/16/07

First, thank you for being honest about your marriage and husband. Pray for guidance and unstanding of your self, ask God to lead you in your life and for healing. know that your husbands choice was not about's about him, he has to find his own way. I've been there and felt the same pain. I will pray for you and marriage, God's will be done
---phyla_9346 on 3/16/07

His a betrayer of the marriage covenant. Is your husband a spiritual man?, does he read the bible?, does he search for God? If he is not a man of God then it is obvious where the problem lies(no pun intended).
According to the sermon on the mount you have the right to leave your husband due to unfaithfulness, i am catholic and am not allowed to divorce but this is one area i don't agree with the Catholic church in.
It would be wise to leave him. If you do stay then you're compassion is admirable
---johnlovesginalyn on 3/16/07

Tricia, It's not God's fault. Judas betrayed Jesus, as you have been betrayed by your husband. God will never let you down. He is for you. He will give you strength and comfort. I know it's a hard time for you now, but God is with you (Psalm 23).
---James on 3/16/07

Hey, You should read Romans chapter 7. (I think)-- if you don't find what you need there keep reading. Tell your husband to read Proverbs chapters 6 and 7. Maybe you can find something more comforting in God's words instead of ours. Good luck to you in all that you do.
---Tiffany on 8/15/06

Do what the Bible says. Bring a friend from church and the both of you discuss the sinful matter with your husband. If he continues in his sin, bring the matter up with the church elders and have them discuss the matter with him. All the while pray and have everyone at the church pray.
---Steven on 8/14/06

God said every thing is possible when we stand with Him,so why not stand with the Lord and He'll solve your problems."asked and it will be given, knock and it will be open, seek and you shall find."
---Mosese on 8/14/06

I LOVE Michelle's answer, also Mac's is great and Alan of UK's.
I will definitely be praying for you and your marriage, but God won't go against a man's free will, but He can change His heart. My prayers and my heart goes out to you. (((huggs))))
---Donna9759 on 8/14/06

Yuo should leave him. If your going to be clingy then he'll know that he still has you. If he losses you he might feel sad and lonley and realize he loves you and come back to you. If he doesnt, his loss, you should find someone who deserves you
---private on 8/14/06

Tricia::While there may be many Factors as to the reason of marital dispute resulting in a break up. I would venture to say that he broke the Contract before God, he had no business to be searching further a field,his desire for flesh overrided his Vow to God & You.What can You do? Pray & contemplate what his next step could be.His happiness is of his own making & he should have found the solution with you,not another woman.His choice has landed him in direct opposition to Almighty God.
---Emcee on 8/14/06

I don't know what kind of wife the "right kind" is, but how about the fact that the Bible says a husband is supposed to love his wife the way Christ loved His church?
---Michelle on 8/14/06

Jack....what does "the right kind of wife" mean?
---Annie on 8/14/06

There is s certain amount of truth in what Jack says, but he seems to imply that it is more likley to be the wife's fault that her husband has found another girl firend.
That's a bit unfair, he would not have found her, unless he had been looking.
If he was not happy with the way his marriage was going, his effort should have bee in trying to do something about that, not fixing up dates with other women
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/13/06

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Ask the Lord to have your husband look deeply inside himself as to what made him break one of the 10 commandments.
---sue on 8/12/06

Any man who leaves his wife because she 'wasn't the right kind of wife' was not serious when he took his marriage vows. For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health do not include "providing you are the right kind of wife". They are supposed to have worked out that they are right for each other before marriage and if they got that wrong it is still no excuse to go off with someone else.
---Mac on 8/12/06

I am where you are.I have found that to share in God's glory we have to share in his suffering.I have come to realize that God isn't working against me, but for me. Even though I'm back at home at square one things can only get better.You may feel alone, but you are not alone in your suffering.We are constantantly reminded that He(God) wrote our story and HE is a Jealous God.He wants us for himself.Give yourself completely to him, keep praying and I will pray for you too.
---Tiffany on 8/12/06

Hi Tricia - All that seemingly can be done is to pray and pray. I would be praying that the Lord will convict your husband so heavily of his adultery that he won't be able to stand it, and that he will then come to repentance and back to you. Take care.
---Helen_5378 on 8/12/06

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