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God Only Near At Times

Why does God only seem to draw near enough that I can feel HIs presence when times are hard. Why can I not bask in His glory when im happy?

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 ---natasha on 8/13/06
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Maybe it is because when we are happy, we don't feel we need God? But when times are hard, we seek Him out, to carry our woes?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/1/07

Hello friend, the answer is simple, do you remember when Jesus was questioned about fasting, the only time He draws near is when you are mourning, then He fills your heart with joy and you carry on again, the secret is to learn how to moan and groan in The Spirit always.
---Stephen on 3/12/07

did you just answer your own question?a true
father always lets us know of his presence when we have pain.i do not know why you can't bask when you are happy?but are you saying true happiness is not?
---earl on 8/21/06

People tend to seek God less when things are going well, and beg for His help when things are not going well. God is there in both cases, the problem is that we are not making the contact. He is always available to us. Try taking quiet time with God when you are celebrating something and include Him and you will feel His presents. He wants to celebrate with you, set time aside for Him and let Him.
---Dottie on 8/16/06

Often times when we are in our low times in life, it is hard to just know of his love, we need that extra tender loving care. When we are whole and "happy" chances are we are standing on his Word, and focused on Jesus, not allowing our emotions or circumstances to get the best of us.
---Katie on 8/14/06

The third woman was hurt by this and later approached Jesus asking him why he did not show the same affection towards her as he did the others. His reply was that she knew of his love for her and did not need physical affirmation, whereas the others did. Sometimes we need to feel him, sometimes it's enough to stand on what the Bible says, and know that we are loved.
---Katie on 8/14/06

If you don't feel his presence it is not necessarily because you are far from him. Yes, that is one reason, but not the ONLY one. We don't want you to live in constant fear! I heard an illustration once that really helped me to understand this concept. Jesus greeted three women. The first one he hugged and kissed. The second he shook hands with, and the third he simply said hello.
---Katie on 8/14/06

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you, whether the times are hard or not. Too often I have not sought after Him with all my heart and waited upon the Lord, especially when "content" with circumstances
---christina on 8/14/06

natasha, God is always near, dear its you who chooses to draw away from him.think God always,think spiritual thoughts walk spiritual walk, talk spiritual truth every minute of the day. Tell yourself I,am sealed and owned by God.
---tom2 on 8/13/06

James 4:7-10
---Leon on 8/13/06

God's presence is always with you.(I will never leave you nor forsake you) the reason you only feel his presence at certain times is because by circumstances or willpower you have removed self out of the picture thereby making it much easier for you to recognize what is always with you namely GOD.
---mima on 8/13/06

Maybe God knows what's best for you at this time in your spiritual journey. You are very blessed that at times of trouble, He gives you such consolations.

Some people go through long dry spells with NO sign of God during troubles, so don't fuss too much.
---Jack on 8/13/06

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