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Are Most Churches Apostate

The "falling away" is truly upon us. When people think anything and everything is OK for Christians, it's obvious they have spent no time in the Word. What kind of churches are these people coming from?

Moderator - The church today is almost completly apostate, therefore most people that think they are Christians are truly not.

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 ---melissa on 8/13/06
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Jody::The gospel of matt16:17-19 in Jesus's words point to "MY Church".If so the rest are apostate.Hope this ends your nightmare.
---Emcee on 11/5/07

I had a nightmare over Jana's 10/27 reply. This is no joke! The church is close to apostate and there are impostures out there which will take you to HELL! It is very scary and do not go near to them! The Seventh Day Churches dont even believe that Jesus is God! How could they be the Spirit of Prophecy? Be careful of all churches but especially the ones that say that they are the only ones that have the truth!!If you are not sure,ask ALLOT of Christians and check the Bible.
---jody on 11/5/07

We are not an apostate church..we are the true church of God which keeps ALL HIS COMMANDMENTS and has the Spirit of Prophecy which is the Testimony of Jesus Christ Rev 19:10..thats us ...the SDA church..Amen if your unsure which camp you rather belong to, then come join us..we are the church of God
---jana on 10/27/07

John T; You mention gen1.1 Elohim being plural but no bible has it translated as Gods because the verb "created" is singular making the noun subject to the verb,so it is not plural in "number" but rather a plural of majesty! Much like Catherine the Great who signed all her proclamations "we Catherine" The 26 times you say "us" does "us"mean "3"? or God and His only begotten Son? Can someone be "begotten" who already exists?
---1st_cliff on 10/26/07

Lisa, I can see we are on the same wave link. I feel the same way as you and maybe I read your post wrong. If I did, I apologize.
---shira_9639 on 9/7/06

Thank you sister Shira for you question. I didn't want to sound angry or anything like that. It was a good question and may get more questions since there is many Catholics on board. Nothing wrong with that. Thank you again for your question, I am sure you understood all that I wrote already, because you have been a Christian for a long time.
---lisa on 9/7/06

My answer does not need changing. We are baptized into one Spirit, in Christ when we are born again. Water baptism is an act we do acknowleding our commitment to Christ. It is not forced but should be an act coming from ourselves. Water baptism does not save anyone. In the Old Testemant when the priest went into the temple, he had to wash himself before going in, the water did not clean his prior deeds but was an act of obedience. The same with water baptism. Is an act of Obedience for the new believer.
---lisa on 9/7/06

Lisa, the scripture you quoted simply means we are born again, spiritually. That does not refer to water baptism.
---shira_9639 on 9/6/06

Jerry - it is a matter as to where we draw the line.
I would agree with you that there are Christians in every denomination even in cults but many are stifled and rendered sterile by practices & beliefs.
My criteria is Bible alone for doctrine but in some denominations, there are other documents on the same shelf - Book of Mormons, Pearl of Great Price, Desire of the Ages, etc. And then there is leadership that beleives it speaks for God as in the Popes - Mormon & Rome.
---lee on 9/5/06

Lee: It is your own words that betray you. That we don't agree on biblical doctrine is not sufficient cause to to impugn my Christianity. I think you are misguided, but I still consider you a Christian brother.

1Jo 4:20 If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar:
---jerry6593 on 9/5/06

Jerry - I do not believe that I should usurp the Lord in judging His churches, but then I believe that there are some groups out there that hardly met the criteria as to being a church as what they preach is simply heresy.

2 John 1:10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting,
---lee on 9/4/06

Shira, 1 Corinthians 12:13, "For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body-whether Jews are Gentles, whether slaves or free-and have all been made to drink into one Spirit." This passages are talking about when a person is regenerated, they become one Body, "the church of Christ" with one head, Jesus Christ. We are all members of that body.
---lisa on 9/3/06

Lee: "I do not believe it is our right to judge the church." Then why do you make a career of judging the SDA Church?
---jerry6593 on 9/3/06

tiber, don't be a fibber.
The RCC did not give the Bible no more than Peter was the first Pope or Mary was without original sin, or that a Priest can forgive sin or that Holy Water is actually Holy.
I watered a plant one time with holy water and it didn't grow. It did when I used Miracle Grow. So is Miracle Grow more Holy than holy water?
I think if Jack had used Miracle Grow and Holy Water he could have really grew that bean stalk.
---Elder on 9/3/06

Cliff people die and are dead physically. The body ceases to function and is no longer of use.
We bury dead bodies. The body without the spirit/soul is dead but not so of the spirit/soul without a body.
Yes, the physical body dies and is discarded but the spirit/soul lives on. If not, then when Jesus said, "I give them eternal life and they shall not taste death," He was not telling the truth.
You do not separate the physical from the spiritual which you must do in order to understand.
---Elder on 9/3/06

The catholic church isn't apostate.
It's the church that gave us the bible so it can't be, otherwise the bible would be suspect.
---tiber on 9/2/06

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Elder;Take this blog for instance, Are most churches apostate? My answer is a "positive" yes. Giving my reasons for sayimg this will be "negative" to those in question.Is this why you think all my answers are negative? I believe that when you die you're "positively" dead (Physically) to you this is "negative" because you don't believe people actually cease to be alive!True?
---1st_cliff on 8/21/06

Rev. Ben: you said "no one who is born again or baptized into the body of Christ can fall away." I have a question. Do you believe one can be baptized into the body of Christ?
---shira on 8/21/06

The Church is the "Body of Christ". No one who is Born Again or baptized into the Body of Christ can fall away.
The falling away then has to do with what is being preached in the world. A message that all can enjoy. The Gospel to save sinners has been replaced.
The Gospel today is a Gospel of conforming all to a one world Religion. This one world religion is where the anti-christ will come into play. Everyone who is not saved will worship him, thinking he is God. Read Thess.
---Rev_Ben on 8/20/06

Cliff if I understand you right you are saying that Campbell is NOT creditable.
Now what we would like to see is you dealing with Scripture in a positive manner instead of the negative.
You have a lot to offer but as yet have not.
Share some things in Scripture that you would like people to know.
---Elder on 8/20/06

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Sally - *She stopped me and proceeded to tell me that the teacher and her were dating and I shouldn't get any ideas. Those claws were out.*
I would have left also, but she really paid you a complement as apparently you have something to offer the man that she did not have.
---lee on 8/20/06

If a christian cannot use righteous judgement, how would be ever know what church in which we would fit. I do not judge anyone, but I use my judgement in choosing friends, churches and so on.
---shira on 8/20/06

kathr4453--Yes, the U.S. church is a lot like the Laodicean church. But I disagree that MOST churches are like your example. I might have said SOME or even "a few", but not MOST. I've seen what you describe,esp. in larger churches, but wouldn't say they are "typical" of the whole (except,perhaps, Mainline liberal churches).Being "lukewarm" and knowing not that we are "wretched and miserable and blind and naked" shows up in many ways on many levels.
---Donna2277 on 8/19/06

I do not believe it is our right to judge the church. If what we see is what we think is a "falling away", then we need to spend more time in prayer for the Lord to move upon his church and bring a revival. If we study history, we see a deadness often followed by a mighty movement of the Spirit and people begin to have a deeper interest in spiritual things. The church is a living organism and nothing is ever static for too long.
---lee on 8/19/06

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I had a strange experience in a singles class once. The Sunday school teacher was a man in a co-ed class. As I was getting to know everyone on the first day, and the SS teacher making me feel welcomed, I was getting some strange looks from one of the ladies. I didn't understand her attitude towards me, until I saw her at a department store. She stopped me and proceeded to tell me that the teacher and her were dating and I shouldn't get any ideas. Those claws were out.
I never went back.
---Sally_Potts on 8/19/06

kathr4453. Loved your post. I went to a singles class once. We planned a trip out of town, co-ed, for the weekend. When Jerry decided to run through the lodge we rented in his boxer shorts, I knew that wasn't for me. I now go to a church where Sunday school classes are divided into subjects, or different books of the Bible. It doesn't matter if your single, married, or divorced.
I know exactly where you are coming from! Thanks for the laugh!!
---Rhonda on 8/19/06

Melissa, you're right. When Jesus nailed the Law with all its rules and regulations to the cross, which of a truth had all of us bound and cursed to death, he did not do this in order to free us to live our lives carelessly in sin. When he broke the shackles off of our souls it was to free us in order to completely serve him without any further encumbrance from the Law or any condemnations of sin from the Laws. Sin is still sin, and the Laws or Commandments of Christ are still in force for us to obey.
---Eloy on 8/19/06

Elder;Let's put this to rest then and say "NO"
---1st_cliff on 8/19/06

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1st Cliff.What you said does not match what you said before . You said that you only read 1 book, however you have said that you "like campbell books (Pluarl)"11-18-05. 1st Cliff you still have not answer my questions. If you cant anwser them please state so. Also Im still waiting for you to disprove the pluarity of the name God.Starting in Gen 1:1 God is refer to as "elohim"("m" makes it Pluarl
---Ramon on 8/19/06

John T. Yes I remember. He claim that he is a Arian. The Arian teachings, as you know, has been condemned as heresy at nycea in 325. 1st Cliff has try to defend Arian in this blog as well. He accept heresy teachings but he reject Paul's writings.
---Ramon on 8/19/06

Shira thank you for your kind words. You are such a kind loving Christian lady. I thank you for ministering to us so many times. It is with open arms that my wife and I welcome you as a sister and friend in Christ. God bless you, your husband and the team.
---Elder on 8/18/06

Cliff your statement about just seeing Campbell on "TV" and reading only one book doesn't match what you said over a year ago. No matter though. Now is what we are dealing with so let me ask you plainly again. Do you accept his views/teaching and cult influence as creditable or not. No fence sitting on this one. The answer is yes or no.
Which do you choose?
---Elder on 8/18/06

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Ramon: "1st Cliff.You have proven very well in the past that you really are a Campbellite."

With all due respect, in a previous blog, he described himself as Arian, nor did he deny it when I pressed the issue with him.

While you may have picked up some Campbelite things from Cliff, I believe it is more accurate to first call him Arian
---John_T on 8/18/06

Apostacy. Yes. Christ is Greek for messiah, which in English means "the anointed one' therefore anyone who is christian is also saying they are anointed, without actually having been.In Most churches where anointing occurs it is done with an alternative 'instead of' what God commanded us to use on Mt. Sinai. This in itself is a deception of the truth and the apostacy is believing you don't have to be anointed for the fire to consume the chaff.
---LostProphet on 8/18/06

The problem with the Western Church of today is false doctrines running amiss. You rarely hear a message of repentance. The majority of preaching today is prosperity doctrine and "fly away" rapture doctrines which are false. People have forgot about true repentance. Read the beautitudes in Matthew chapter 5.
---Kevin on 8/18/06

Alan, I do believe Katr was giving "a general discription" of how churches have become so worldly with all their programs, hip hop music, crowd pleaser preachers and etc.
---shira on 8/18/06

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alan8869 of uk. I guess you could say this has been going on since the beginning 2000 years ago. Just reading those letters in Rev. to the churches, one could say even then they were saying "Houston we have a problem". Laodicea is here. We're in it. Christianity with few eyes or few ears, few tried by fire saints. Yet in other countries, we see how so many are killed for their faith. It's hard to see those who think we're above it all.
---kathr4453 on 8/18/06

Refering to Constantine,Eusbius Pamphilus was his first 'Christian' teacher. He represented one of many divisions withen Christianity. The nicea was indeed a political affair. 1800 Bishops of the empire were not even invited. VOTING was how orthodox theology was hammered out. The division between heretical and othodox was a political division. Constantius, his son was a Arien.
---MikeM on 8/18/06

Katrryn ... I'm pleased to say that I have never come across a church like that!
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/18/06

Yes they are. Most Churches today want to enlist you in a program, give you a personality test to see where your spiritual gifts are, sign you up for the Halloween party, asking if you would like to be the witch that scares people or just the one who reads from the crystal ball. Singles classes are more designed as a meat market for the singularly disabled. The list goes on and on. Sorry John T it that offends you too!!
---kathr4453 on 8/18/06

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Bro. Elder, You said that so well and I want you to know I appreciate you and what you stand for. There are a few who still stand for what the Word of God teaches and I especially appreciate your stand against false teachings. Thank you, Shira
---shira on 8/18/06

Elder;As far as this "Campbell" thing is concerned,I watched him in interview with Bill Moyers on PBS and thought it was interesting and never heard anything blasphemous.The only book I read excerpts from was myth and legend and saw nothing blasphemous there,whether he did so in other books I have no knowledge of!
---1st_cliff on 8/18/06

Starting in Gen 1:1 God is refer to as "elohim". The "m" makes it plural. This continues to Gen 1:26.
---Ramon on 8/18/06

1st Cliff.You have proven very well in the past that you really are a Campbellite.
Like Elder said "now it's time to make your stand...again." Will you now denounce his teachings?Will you step off the dirty car that you on and enter a nice fresh clean car? Will you denounce him?Will you now accept the NT fully(including Paul's writings)?
You have a chance again to change and explain yourself fully.They is a difference between accepting and rejecting.
---Ramon on 8/17/06

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Karan; Please tell me what the 'Garbage is' that I am reading. I am eclectic in what I read.I read the Bible the Dead Sea Scrolls, lost books of the Bible and many other books. I would like to know what my far out answers are.
---MikeM on 8/17/06

Cliff thanks, all the time I thought you were in Eze 28.
Shira said, "I read the (Joseph Campbell) garbage. I have never read such nonsense and down right blasphemy of a Holy God."
She called it Garbage, nonsense and blasphemy.
If you did the same you wouldn't be called his disciple. Are you willing now to denounce his teachings? I have asked you this before. You never have, but you have no reservation in condemning God's Word.
So Cliff now it's time to make your stand...again.
---Elder on 8/17/06

Mike, I think you read too much garbage and it has given you so many perspectives that you are looking at all things through the believes of so many. Why not use books that are commentaries, hermeneutics and history of Scripture so that you can only follow Christ, and the word? Yes, we should read and study but study things of God, not of men. You are smart but your answers are too far out sometimes. You have truth and so many ideas mixed up together. Just my opinion.
---karen on 8/17/06

1st Cliff.#3."Gen 1.26 is explained in Jn.1.2. God and Jesus together "created" How does that make "3?"
Looks like someone doesn't know who is the Holy Spirit.While Jesus often refers to himself, and is referred to by God, as the Son, this is an indication of Jesus' position in the Trinity.
---Ramon on 8/17/06

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1st Cliff.#2.You have not given any valid agrument to disprove Gen 1:26 and the pluarity of God
Why will Shira be a "Campbellite"? If you read her post she doesn't embrace his teachings!.You, on other hand, embrace and accept his writings. You not only read his writings but you "like Joseph Campbell's books".Dated 11/18/05.
You have said many times you embrace Campbell teachings. To bad many of his teachings hasn't rubbed off. They still there!
---Ramon on 8/17/06

1st Cliff.Do you know what the Trinity teaches? Do you know the difference between Essenceand personhood?.
There is a plurality in the name God. Gen 1:26 explains this. You try to explain it away by saying it "Pluarl of Majesty". As we have seen this wrong and make no sense. You have not given any valid agrument to disprove Gen 1:26 and the pluarity of God.
You have still have not anwser my Questions.
---Ramon on 8/17/06

Shira; Too bad you mentioned you read anything of Joseph Campbell because you too will be branded as a Campbellite! I mentioned I read it and you see the results! Ramon Gen 1.26 is explained in Jn.1.2. God and Jesus together "created" How does that make "3?"
---1st_cliff on 8/17/06

Joseph Cambell saw religion as metaphor. On of his mentors was Carl Jung. I read his book, hero with a thousand faces.' While it is true that cultural myths and an religion are metaphors, the argument from a Judeo-Christian perspective is that the Judeo-Christian God iS TRANSENDENT. That is the defining factor.
---MikeM on 8/17/06

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I did a google search on joseph campbell and read the garbage. I have never read such nonsense and down right blasphemy of a Holy God.
---shira on 8/17/06

Elder; You're wrong again,you said Cliff is not in the bible so mabe he dosen't exist Guess what? See 2Chron. 20 16.(KJV) I'm there large as life!!!
---1st_cliff on 8/17/06

II. The day you change your mind and give the glory to God, you too will be a Christian. It will take you time because you are a subburn lady, but there is always hope, and that hope is in Christ and not in you. One day you will get it.
---karen on 8/17/06

Ramon, you are speaking to someone that doesn't believe Scripture. How can he ever understand the word of God if he doesn't believe most of it? Only God can make him see those things which are spiritual. Wisdom doesn't get anyone anywhere with God.
---lee_1 on 8/17/06

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Morgan, there is many denominations but most of them follow the essentials of the Christian faith, if they don't they are not considered Christian. Sure there is many that differ in many ways that are none essentials, but for the most part they follow the true essentials of the faith. You on the other hand follow what Jehovah Witnessess follow. They believe in earning their salvation as you do. That is not a part of the essentials. So you are not part of it. Simple as that.
---karen on 8/17/06

Ramon;So now you say "God the Father and Jesus Christ are not the same person" You're beginning to see the light, this is what I've been saying all along!
---1st_cliff on 8/17/06

1st Cliff.#5.
Its amasing that you embrace Joseph Campbell and Arian teachings but not the NT.You accept them but reject Paul's writings.
"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine....." 2Tim 4:3-4.
Believing them will never get you to the truth.Personhood and essence are two different things.Essence is a "what" and personhood is a "who".
---Ramon on 8/17/06

1st Cliff.#4
Genesis chapters 18-19 is a powerful proof text for Trinitarians.
For Unitarians, Gen 19:24 + Amos 4:11 is a like getting struck by lightening twice in the same place!.
We are made in the likeness of God. Jesus is God.While Jesus often refers to himself, and is referred to by God, as the Son, this is an indication of Jesus' position in the Trinity. Therefore Gen 1:26 without a doubt, holds plurality in the name God.
---Ramon on 8/17/06

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1st Cliff.#3
Since you have not provided any valid argument concerding Gen 1:26 then they is no other conclusion then the fact that God is a plurality of persons, just as the Biblical trinity teaches.
I have found no proof on your scam of Constantine! Please provide valid information.
Sound like another "1st Cliff Conspiracy"
You claim to believe what Arians believes, thats why many of your agruments are invalid.
---Ramon on 8/17/06

1st Cliff.#2.Gen 19:24 Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven ;
As we have seen,the Anti-Trinitarian argument concerding "Pluarl of Majesty" in Gen 1:26 are invalid
You are still yet to prove why Gen 1:26 does not refer to the Trinity!
You have not given any Valid agrument to disprove Gen 1:26 and the pluarity of God.
---Ramon on 8/17/06

Cliff: "I can't believe a man of your intellect can't see this scam of Constantine!"

I can not believe that you would believe something for which there is no proof.

Please read Schaff, or the ante-Nicene Fathers. I have.
---John_T on 8/16/06

1st Cliff. Did I say "gods"?. You seem to be reading it wrong or trying to twist my posts. Read Gen 19:24. Also God the Father and Jesus Christ are not same person. And the bible said Jesus is God. Since you were wrong about "Plural of majesty" concerding Gen 1:26 how can you be right ? Can you not see that? You still have not answer my questions. But if you claim to believe what Arian believe, how can you believe the NT?
---Ramon on 8/16/06

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Nice work Ramon?:You state #10 "we have God on earth Jesus and God in heaven Father" Now I count at least two Gods here, how many do you count? Not one of your examples indicate "three" do they? Honestly! At best they may indicate more than one but we all know God and His Son worked together on everything! Jn.1.2.
---1st_cliff on 8/16/06

John T; I can't believe a man of your intellect can't see this scam of Constantine!(325AD)Of the 318 (or so) bishops that were there not one was Jewish (talk about stacking the deck) Nice guy who murdered his son and wife and son-in -law Was overtly anti-semetic,and priest of the sun god "sol" He forced the Nicene Creed on the church (some of the dissenters were murdered) You take this person's word that Arius was a heretic?
---1st_cliff on 8/16/06

1st_cliff The KJV is a great translation but it is NOT as accurate as the Hebrew, thus my previous post.

However, I believe that we will come to no common ground on this as you admit you are Arian, and that was condemned as a heresy at Nycea in 325.

Notice that I do not condemn you to hell for that false belief. Surely I disagree, and I state my case as does Ramon.

BTW Bueno trabajo, Ramon!
---John_T on 8/16/06

1st Cliff: The blog is calle CHRISTIANET. it is not about Judiasm

Keil & Delitzsch says. " The plural WE was regarded by the Fathers and early theologians almost unamiously as indicative of the Trinity... and it stands out as not being addressed to earth by God, but as a DECREE from the godhead, placing man in pre-eminence to other creatures" (pg 61-62)

Do you have any sources superior to K&D?
---John_T on 8/16/06

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1st Cliff.#10 The Jews never accepted Jesus as their messiah. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."(John 1:1). John use "word" to describe Jesus. Jesus is said to do things which can only be done by God.
1 Timothy 3:16. "GOD was revealed in the flesh." Genesis 19:24.Here we have God on the earth (Jesus) and God in heaven (father) sending down fire from heaven.
---Ramon on 8/16/06

Cliff.#9. Plural of Majesty is not the correct explanation as to why plural, nouns, verbs and adjectives are applied to God, because we find similar examples in the Hebrew language of the Old Testament that apply plurality to common creatures and things.
Such occasional usage's of plural, nouns, verbs and adjectives of God, man and material objects, are best explained as typical and normal for the Hebrew language. Its just they way they expressed things at times.
---Ramon on 8/16/06

1st Cliff. #7. They are many examples of Plural nouns and pronouns with singular verbs:Genesis 46:7 is one example.They are many examples of Plural nouns for "lord/master" (adonai) that refer to single individuals like Genesis 24:9,10,51.They are many examples of Single verses that contain both singular and plural references to the same being like Isaiah 6:8.

The evidence Gen 1:26 refers to the Trinity is irrefutable. And it wasn't the angels he was talking to!.
---Ramon on 8/16/06

1st cliff.#6"The plural "We" was regarded by the fathers and earlier theologians almost unanimously as indicative of the Trinity.
It does not make sense to take modern day poetic devices and read them back into a period of history when they did not exist!!.
The "plural of Majesty" (royal we) is never used in the Bible. Not even the NT!!. 1st Cliff you cant find any thing like that in the NT. Deal with it!!.
---Ramon on 8/16/06

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1st cliff.#5.
3.If the Holy Spirit intended to use these plural references of God as "singular of intensity", then why does He intensify both creator and creation alike?

It is clear that these plural references to God in the Old Testament we hidden until fully revealed by Christ and his apostles with the proclamation of the deity of Jesus. Jews could look back and see Jesus there in Genesis!
---Ramon on 8/16/06

1st Cliff.#4.
1.The easiest way to dismiss the argument that the plural pronouns applied to God can be explained as "Plural of Majesty" is to observe that the Hebrew has many examples of plural pronouns also being applied to single human individuals.
2.Plural of Majesty fails because we find plural references to both God and individual men.
---Ramon on 8/16/06

1st Cliff.#3.
Queen Elizabeth 1st would not be happy on how Anti-Trinitarians twist every plural reference to God as a mere "Royal We". After all, Elizabeth was a Trinitarian, and would not be one bit amused that her own words were being used to trash the very trinity she believed in! "Let US make man in OUR image" (Gen 1:26) cannot be "Plural of Majesty" because this poetic device did not even exist in scripture until after the Old Testament was completed!!.Look it up!
---Ramon on 8/16/06

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