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Have You Read The Koran

I am simply interested if any of you have ever read at least a part of the Quran, how much do you know that book? I have had the chance to talk to Muslem people at the university I attend and those I talked to knew the Bible.

Moderator - Yes, I have read some of it.

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 ---Judit on 8/13/06
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Your God (Allah) is a false God, your prophet Muhammad is a false prophet, and your Quran is not the words of the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Since what you believe is not from God it is from Satan and I don't care how you spin it.
---Kenny on 8/18/08

I have, and found it interesting. It is full of misinformation about the Bible, and tells lies about Jesus.
The key factor here is that what the Muslims believe is not found in the Koran, but in the Hadiths, the later teachings of Mohammed. 1 Thing you will never find, and that is the promise of 70 virgins for those who suicide/coward bomb. That was in fact created by Gibbon in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, as sarcasm.
---mike8384 on 7/22/08

The scriptures are understood through the Holy Spirit. I've known many people who have read the Bible but didn't understand it till they were christians. I've known people who were saved after reading the Bible. Christains should never denigrate another faith. Jesus said if they are not against us they are for us. He is their God too, even if they do not recognize that. He loves them.
We do not compromise our faith by loving our enemies - we fulfill it
---Andrea on 9/20/07

Yes, I have read some. I have some of it in my posession.
---shira on 9/20/07

I would disagree, there 1.5billion muslims in the world. The peaceful muslims are still the vast majority. I don't see that changing anytime soon.
---Khadijah on 3/13/07

We recognize ONE GOD.
Is 44:6 . . . beside me there is no God.
8 . . . Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any.

"Pagan" = a person who does not acknowledge your god

9:005 . . . fight and slay the Pagans (Christians, Jews) wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war);

It is dishonest to say the Qur'an is not referring to those who do not believe Allah is god.
---a_servant on 3/13/07

Khadijah::You are up against some pretty stiff opposition in this CN.I know you want to make a difference but Lady the fact of Truth is missing from the ACTIONS of those who of your faith are renegades & have no respect for life & humanity at every source even women are involved in this creed of Cleansing by Justification. The name of some of your leaders are beyond reproachThe younger generation who are growing up are indoctrinated by those who defile your endeavour.
---Emcee on 3/12/07

And with those who say, We are Christians, We made a covenant, but they neglected a portion of what they were reminded of, therefore We excited among them enmity and hatred to the day of resurrection; and Allah will inform them of what they did.

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends . . . and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.
---a_servant on 3/12/07

For anyone genuinely interested in the muslim interpretaion of Quran - for your own information and for understanding of how muslims REALLY think (sorry, Robert Spencer doesn't have a clue). I recommend 'Sheikh Muhammed Al-Ghazali - Thematic commentary on the Quran'. He was a leading muslim jurist and scholar. Or for lighter reading 'Harun Yahya - The Basic concepts in the Quran'. Both authors are extremely popular among muslims and will give you a better understanding than any comments in this blog.
---Khadijah on 3/12/07

I have read a number of Surahs of the Koran.

If one has read the Bible first, it is not hard to see that this other text does not have the same author. And it does lend itself to all extremes for interpretation.

There are very positive passages concerning how Muslims are to relate to Christians, but this depended on how Mohammed was getting along with them. Other passages are quite frightening, suggesting that it is good to ambush your enemies (non-Muslims) and slaughter them.
---lorra8574 on 3/12/07

I love, that in the koran it says that if muslims have questions they should go to the people of the book (christians and jews)
haha, and i also love how it says that jesus is the messiah...except it doesnt say jesus, b/c jesus isnt the arabic spelling of it
---mark on 3/12/07

To read another Religious book is not incorrect But to be influenced IS because as Human there are many things that are not true & can be misconstrued By our Feeble thinking.Man may think he is very Intelligent But giving your self up to the teaching of what is in scriptureIs Gods way of Guiding Us Hold fast to your Traditions St Paul advocates
---Emcee on 3/12/07

To read another Religious book is not incorrect But to be influenced IS because as Human there are many things that are not true & can be misconstrued By our Feeble thinking.Man may think he is very Intelligent But giving your self up to the teaching of what is in scriptureIs Gods way of Guiding Us Hold fast to your Traditions St Paul advocates
---Emcee on 3/12/07

Some wrong beliefs in this blog - Muslims teaching is NOT to kill Christians or Jews. Surah 5 teaches that they will be rewarded for their faith. The Quran also teaches Allah ('The one God' in arabic) is the God of Abraham (Arab Jews and Christians called God 'Allah' before the Quran came &still do today). The Quran forbids the killing of 'innocents'. The original Quran is arabic and many translations are inaccurate.
---Khadijah on 3/12/07

I was criticised some years ago for having books about Mormons, J.W.s, etc. I was told that I should only read the bible and Christian books. What I would say now to anyone who tells me that is that it is much easier having a discussion with J.W.s (as one example) now that I know what they believe, why they believe it and how their version of the bible differs from mine. We are not accepting a false belief by gaining knowledge of other people's beliefs.
---emg on 8/19/06

When I was working on my Ph.D., I had a few dates with a muslim man. I am a Christian. I had a copy of the Koran, which I'd never read, and I showed it to him. He said it was not really the Koran. What I had was like a literary book. I think it is okay to study other world religions and their sacred texts for the purpose of just gaining knowledge, if you are curious, and are secure enough in your Christian faith.
---Anna on 8/18/06

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Sue, christians who are born again DO BELIEVE anyone who is not born again will send themselves to hell. Every person has a chance to be saved. The Holy Word of God says so. The Holy Word of God was written by God using man to pen. The koran was written by who??? Their God has no power and he is still dead. I can understand how they believe since they don't know anything else or won't listen to anything else.
---shira on 8/18/06

Dottie ,no I know,didn't mean to imply you did. I just know from reading about their beliefs,it said they believe Jesus was merely a prophet,and that they accept all the prophets of the old Testament as such. It stated they believe in the same God we do and that is what prompted what I wrote. The writings of some of their leaders are plain perverted (which means to corrupt, cause to turn away from what is good,true or morally right).
---Darlene_1 on 8/16/06

Sorry Mike, I was talking about my ex boyfriend Mohammad, not the so called prophet mohammad. I can see where you could make that mistake.
---Dottie on 8/16/06

Sue, one of the Biggest differences according to your statement is that Muslims believe that their duty is to KILL those who do not believe in their god, don't use the word DIE, when KILL is the proper term. Christians believe that God is the one who carries out their punishment, or judgement, BIG DIFFERENCE.
---Dottie on 8/16/06

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Darlene 1, I never said they would be going to heaven I said they believe that (their god) will reward them with those things. I think they are a sick religion, and will be punished unless they see the light of the ONLY one true GOD. They worship a false god.
---Dottie on 8/16/06

It seems one of the worst beleifs about Muslims is that anybody who is NOT a muslim will DIE, how is that beleif differant from Christian? Anybody who is NOT a Christian will DIE in hell? It's like, if you dont beleive MY religion you will DIE.
---sue on 8/15/06

Dottie, you are correct. They do teach eradication of christians and anyone who does not convert to their god. Their god is dead, dead, dead. Mine is alive and sitting in heaven.
---shira on 8/15/06

Dottie, a little more on the 70 virgins,it says they can be either female or boys. We all know there will be no sin in heaven,also we will not marry there,that would make all those virgins and the men who used them commiting fornication and/or homosexuality which is forbidden on earth and sure won't be in Heaven. Saying all that to say this,Muslims won't go to God's heaven,not the God we know.
---Darlene_1 on 8/15/06

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Dottie, I don't know where you got your information from, but it isn't in the official Islamic sights.
Mohammed was illiterate, he dictated the visions.
I`m aware of the teaching on killing the People of the Book.
---mike8384 on 8/15/06

John, you are correct. We don't understand their way of life and we always tell ourselves that a religious group can't be taught hate, because we know Jesus and He teaches Love. Some of these sleeper cells are your next door neighbor and tell you what you want you hear. I believe that my ex boyfriend was trying to convert me to Islam, I remember the first thing he asked me (are you Jewish?). Thank God He wanted me in His Kingdom and spoke to my heart. I am not saying judge, but I am saying BEWARE!
---Dottie on 8/15/06

A pastor friend of mine had read the entire thing. He is confident that most Muslims have not read it and just believe what they are told. He says the book doesn't depict a peacful religion but exactly oposite. It demands the total destruction of Christians and Jews and the death to any Muslim that converts to another religion.
---john on 8/14/06

I work with a girl that is a Muslim. I am a Christian and now attend church with a former Muslim and now Christian. They do not believe that Jesus was a Jew. They also believe that the Muslim people have to take back (their) land of Israel fulfilling one of their prophecies.
---Kathy on 8/14/06

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Mike, you are wrong. I dated a Muslim before I became a Christian. If you are reading this in English, it was not translated fully. Mohammad was from Arabia , moved to Beirut as a teen. He spoke and read Arabic,your ideas about the Koran is incorrect. It say's they will get (seventy palaces, seventy beds, and seventy virgins.) And the most important part is that if the infidels are not converted to Islam then they are to be eliminated, eradicated, disposed of. Can I make that any clearer?
---Dottie on 8/14/06

mike8383, could you provide me with more detailes on this statement of yours'1 thing you will never find, and that is the promise of 70 virgins for those, who suicide/coward bomb', please.I am judit6739 in Christianet.Thanks. God bless you.
---Judit on 8/13/06

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