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What Is Repentance

A person said that repentance means to turn from a sin and never commit that sin again. I then asked her if she had lied since she became a Christian? Yes she said I have, at which time I pointed to her that she had not repented by her own definition of repentance. Do you agree with her definition?

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 ---mima on 8/14/06
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Its the works of faith that counts, NOT the works of the flesh. If you have good works, its of (faith only)...anything not of faith is sin. So therefore, all man needs is faith alone. Let the Spirit guide u.
---duane on 4/22/08

.mima, faith without works is 100% dead, but you will believe whatever you desire.
---Eloy on 4/22/08

This statement is very correct. "God commands or requires a holy life.
---Eloy on 8/18/06" that is why God the Father seen his son the Lord Jesus Christ, to live the perfect life for you and through his life your sins can be forgiven. You of course cannot live the perfect life. To insist that you can to fall into the deep pit of works.
---Mima on 4/21/08

Tom ... the reason you blog started with the word "y" and not "by" is that you typed a lower case "b"
It's a peculiarity of the system that a lower case "b" at the beginning of a blog is taken as a command to omit that letter!!
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/21/08

Repentance in this context must mean the intention to avoid that sin in the future. Sadly we are not capable of being sinless, so we will need to continue to repent
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/24/07

Repentance is a word...why put sin in it.
Repentance is a change of heart.
---calhoon on 3/29/07

by definition repentence is when you have done something that you wish you hadn,t done, or know was a mistake,or was the wrong thing to do, or bad in terms of sin against Gods word its a heartfelt sorrow to God for having done the deed and your act of asking God for forgivness of the sin.
---tom2 on 3/29/07

She is right. If you are truly repented, then you will not commit the same offense again. That is how you know whether or not a person is really repented, by the fruits that they bear, whether good or bad. If one apologizes and says "I'm sorry", but they do the same wrong again, then they were not "really" sorry. God commands or requires a holy life.
---Eloy on 8/18/06

The Greek is very active usage.
metanoia, Greek 3341, Strongs
metanoia, met-an'-oy-ah; from Greek 3340 (metanoeo); (subject) compunction (for guilt, including reformation); by implication reversal (of [another's] decision) :- repentance.

It is a critical linguistic error to apply the New Testament defination to any Hebrew Text usage.
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/15/06

The Hebrew usage is very passive act.
nocham, Hebrew 5164, Strongs
nocham, no'-kham; from Hebrew 5162 (nacham); ruefulness, i.e. desistance :- repentance.
nacham, Hebrew 5162, Strongs
nacham, naw-kham'; a primitive root; prop. to sigh, i.e. breathe strongly; by implication to be sorry, i.e. (in a favorable sense) to pity, console or (reflex.) rue; or (unfavorably) to avenge (oneself) :- comfort (self), ease [one's self], repent (-er, -ing, self).
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/15/06

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