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Is God Using Mel Gibson

Do you think that God is refining Mel Gibson so he can cause Mel to make more movies for Him? Did you know The Passion is being shown on laptopss all over the world to preach the gospel?

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 ---Ro on 8/14/06
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M.Gibson used his own money making the Passion of the Christ!That is commendable!He made this movie as a testament of his Faith in Jesus our Lord. He should applauded for witnessing On the movie screen.Many like me were moved to a closer relationship with the Lord, in best depiction of Christ I have ever seen! A truly inspiring Amazing film!Instead of the garbage movies out there, Mel did the right thing for a change. We all should appreciate movies carrying the message of Christ!
---Lisa on 8/2/07

Helen: Of course the Bible doesn't mention movies - because they didn't exist at the time. Does that mean we shouldn't use them? Do you drive a car, or do you walk everywhere because nowhere in the new testament are Christians permitted to use cars?

God can use many different means to get his message across - he even used a talking donkey.
---Mark on 8/2/07

Helen (Nevertheless they still have to hear the preached word of the Cross to become saved.)

And many of these Movies have been during that. Some of these Movies are spreading the Gospel, and hopefully many will get saved. They are still "hearing" the Gospel.

The Internet has been a great tool to spread the Gospel.
---Ramon on 8/1/07

Mel Gibson is very cunning as are all satan's imps. Mel Gibson proclaim to be catholic. So what! I feel he is using the Gospel to make a buck. He outdid himself with the movie. It was a new spin on the same message. Many biblical movies have been made over the years. What's new? God's Word never changes. Its the same yesterday,today and forever more. Imps know this better than the believers. Isn't that sad?
---Robyn on 8/1/07

yes. God worked through Mel and the Passion of the Christ. This movie brought me back to my faith in Jesus. Thank You God! As I was watching this movie of Jesus, I felt as if I was really there. The way mel made this movie is gripping and amazing. it brings you back to the day way Jesus walked the earth! I could feel His presence. James Caveizal was and excellent actor as Jesus too!
---Lisa on 8/1/07

the death of Jesus= stations of the cross is in the Bible.1Jesus is Condemned to Death 2Jesus Carries His Cross3Jesus Falls the First Time 4Jesus Meets His Sorrowful Mother 5Simon Carries The Cross 6Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus7Jesus Falls the Second Time8Jesus Meets the Holy Women9Jesus Falls a Third Time10Jesus is Stripped of His Clothes11Jesus is Nailed to the Cross12Jesus Dies on the Cross13 Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross14Jesus is Laid in the Sepulcher15The Resurrection
---Lisa on 8/1/07

Ramon - I have no doubt that people have been touched by the movie The Passion of Christ. Nevertheless they still have to hear the preached word of the Cross to become saved.
---Helen_5378 on 8/1/07

I have no idea what God is doing with Mel Gibson. But I will say this, Useing the passion movie to preach the Gospel, is an excellent idea.
---catherine on 7/31/07

Helen. You just being silly! Of course they didn't have Movies in Jesus' time, nor were they cars, planes, computers, etc. You just being silly! (lol) But today, we have a lot of stuff to spread the Gospel. Can you tell me a Scripture where it said movies will never be made to save people? The Bible call us to spread the Gospel BY ANY MEANS! The internet has been a great tool to spread the Gospel. Hence, CHRISTIANET! We used Movies to spread the Gospel, and hopefully people will get saved!
---Ramon on 7/31/07

Helen, of course it doesn't mention in the Bible to make movies to spread the Gospel, because they didn't have that technology! Today, we have the technology and the means to spread the Word all over the world. You're right, we need to preach God's word and God gave us the means to do it to reach each person in a different way, be it through movies, books, music, even sitting next to someone on the plane. What great gifts/tools God has given us to use!
---Katie on 7/31/07

God does not and never has used movies to save people. The Holy Spirit moves on the preached word of Jesus Christ and Him crucified and brings conviction to the sinner, who then repents and accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Go preach the gospel is Jesus' command. Can anybody tell me where it says in Scripture that movies shall be made and people will be saved by them??????
---Helen_5378 on 7/27/07

There is a book that was written by those who made this movie. It's called something like " Answering the 100 top questions about Passion of the Christ". It is an eye opener.

The Passion is based on the Stations of the Cross. Many of those stations have nothing to do with the Gospel, and are not even in the Gospel.
The CC places the emphasis on the sufferings of Jesus. The Protestants place the emphasis on the sacrifice of Jesus, who died for our sin and rose from the dead.
---kathr4453 on 11/19/06

the god of this world is using the movie to deceive
---r.w. on 11/18/06

Thanks for the post, Lisa :o)
---RJ on 9/28/06

Rj, I didn't know Mel's motives, I said, "it could have been for money or something else," but that does not matter in the least because God was going to get glory no matter his motives. Since you made sure I knew what his motives were, that is great to know. My point was that God has a purpose, God turns it for good no matter the motive.
---lisa on 9/27/06

Lisa, Just a note to inform you that Mel really didn't do the PASSION for making $$. It had been on his heart & mind for 12 years because of his own spiritual journey, result from fame's emptiness. After doing WHEN WE WERE SOLDIERS, he Knew the PASSION had to be made. He even told Jim Cavaziel that his JC role could be a career ender.
---RJ on 9/26/06

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The bible is inspired by God himself. The other books, movies, the video games are written and produced by one author's or producer's interpretative imaginations. They are the fables warned about during the end times. So when a new convert sees Jesus with long hair and he reads in the Bible that men shall not have long hair, isnt that placing a stumbling stone in the way of the new convert? This is just one example, all Christian movies fail the truth 100%.
---Steveng on 9/26/06

3. Mel Gibson's movie is only the result of what God wanted for others to see. Mel might have had other intentions in mind, like making money, or making a statement of some kind, but God has other business to complete and He will use any means to finish He purpose and Mel will not even know what impact it has had on others. He did it for one reason, and God used it for His reason.
---lisa on 9/26/06

2. When God begins to work in an unbeliever, He will guide him/her to Himself, in many ways. We as Christians should recognize where God is working at so that we can come and join Him and give the person God's Word. God prepares them and we join in with Him. And then we move on, and the person will begin to want to know about this God we so much love. No one lost seeks God, God has to bring them to Himself through the Holy Spirit. It could very well be a movie.
---lisa on 9/26/06

Lets say it this way, God can use anyone or anything to lead you to His word which in turn brings you to Christ. God uses Satan for His purpose and will use anyone to influence or put a thought in your heart to lead you to the Lord. Many begin to ask questions, many are touched by the films, that is why many evil movies can feed bad things into someone.
---lisa on 9/26/06

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RJ: I was speaking with a missionary with Campus Crusade last week, and we were discussing how many countries have been reached with the Jesus video. It is as close to the Gospel as it can be. It's script is from one of the Gospels, and I can't remember which one. But, praise God that many illiterate unsaved ones in so many countries can hear the Gospel in their language and see the video and learn of Jesus death on the cross for them.
---Madison1101 on 9/26/06

Helen, if you want to be so stubborn in your belief, then go doesn't change the FACT, that lives have not just been "touched" but radically saved through movies that preach the Gospel message in the 20th & 21st century. God has truly given man the intellect, ability to develop the film medium, which obviously didn't exist in JC's time, to reach the planet for His Glory to fulfill his final commission to GO & PREACH the Gospel! END OF DISCUSSION.
---RJ on 9/26/06

The Gospel can be preached by a HUMAN BEING whether on film or in person to the lost. The benefit of a movie is that it reaches far more souls. Haven't you read the previous posts, Helen, about Madison involved with Campus Crusade in distributing and showing the JESUS movie to those in Morocco who are mostly illiterate and have gotten saved or MP's posting about those who've gotten saved from movies "Cross & the Switchblade" and a "Man Called Peter". C'mon, Helen dear, wake up!!
---RJ on 9/26/06

Helen: The Bible says nothing about airplanes, computers, the internet either. Does that mean we are not to use them either?
The gospel message is sent to people via radio, television, books, the internet, why not movies? It is just another form of media.
---Madison1101 on 9/26/06

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Madison 1101 - Jesus did not die on the Cross for some men to turn around and make movies about Him and think that people can get saved that way. If that were God's plan, then it definitely would be in God's Word. Guess what -- silence! It is very well said that "if it is new it is probably not true".
---Helen_5378 on 9/25/06

Helen: You don't get it. The Gospel is preached either during the movie, or by the friends who took the person to the movie. Why is this so difficult for you to see?
---Madison1101 on 9/25/06

RJ - If that is the case, then why does Jesus command us to "go, preach the gospel"? The gospel has to be preached so that the lost sinner will come under conviction and be drawn to the Cross of Christ. God can no doubt use a movie to touch a person, but not to save them -- they must go on and hear the gospel being preached.
---Helen_5378 on 9/24/06

God can certainly use a movie as a tool that preaches the Word of God to bring people unto salvation. It's happened and will continue to. Who are we to say He can't?

Sorry, Helen, I don't buy your viewpoint no matter how many times you post it here. It just isn't true.
---RJ on 9/24/06

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Lee, what happened to Jimmy Swaggert was a lack of accountability in his life w/other men of God. Yes, it looks hypocritical, but he's repented & moved on. God forgives and forgets. Too bad humans don't, especially Christians, I guess like yourself.
---RJ on 9/24/06

I have no doubt that many people have been touched by the movie "The Passion Of The Christ". However, people are not saved through a film. People get saved by the preaching of the Cross.
---Helen_5378 on 9/24/06

RJ - agree that God can use Mel Gibson's movie to move people to himself. And I would agree that God uses the imperfects like you to do His will. But like Jimmy Swaggart, such weaknesses do mar ones personal testimony and create a sense of hypocrisy - and that is something that people have little use for.
---lee on 9/23/06

Part 2 of my previous post re: Lee's comment:Mr. Gibson is seeking treatment. His dear wife of 26 years, Robin, is standing by her man during this difficult time so please don't be so quick to point a finger at him that God can't use him in some way from here on out. He needs to be restored. I don't point fingers anymore because FIVE OR TEN will come back and point me in the eyeballs. So be careful, Lee.Be glad our pitfalls aren't in the glare of the spotlight for all the world to see.
---RJ on 9/23/06

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Lee sez "I think the guy is really down the tubes when it come to anything God would use him for." Mel admits he's always had an alcohol what's your weakness, Lee? I have weaknesses (who doesn't in this fallen world) that I repent of.. move on..does that mean God can't use me or heaven forbid you???
---RJ on 9/23/06

Thank you MP & Madison for your posts on movies that have changed lives. That's encouraging news. I get alot of cable movie channels and on SHOWTIME the PASSION is available 24/7 for viewing. Talk about being the salt & light in this dark world.
---RJ on 9/23/06

**It doesnt me the Lord is using him if the Lord would be doing any thing he would be convicting him of his sins**
Betty, it must be a terrible burden to know just WHAT exactly the Lord is doing with and to other particular people. How do you bear it?
I guess you've attained spiritual levels we should not think on.
---Jack on 9/23/06

I know people who were saved through watching films. The Cross and the Switchblade and A Man called Peter are two examples. God can use many ways to reach people.
---M.P. on 9/23/06

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RJ2: I then heard that Moroccans were crossing over to Spain in following summers to get the free videos to take back over to Morocco to sell them. People wanted them and were willing to pay for them. We gave them away free, but the people in country were willing to pay for them.
---Madison1101 on 9/22/06

RJ: I participated in a Campus Crusade missions project distributing the Jesus video to Moroccans. When a nation has more than 50% of its people illiterate, then it makes sense to reach out to them with other media, like film or video. Film can and is being used to reach the lost.
---Madison1101 on 9/22/06

As far as for Mr. Gibson's recent indescretion, he is flesh and blood like the rest of us, so there but for the grace of God go you and I. Pray for him! Don't "shoot" an already wounded soldier.
Do any of you remember the 70's movie, JESUS? It been used worldwide for evangelization, including former communist countries. So how can any of you say God won't use movies to preach the Gospel? That's ludicrous.
---RJ on 9/22/06

In my previous posting I shared how the PASSION opened doors for missionaries to preach the Gospel in Qatar. Islamic countries are the last stronghold to be penetrated with the Gospel so what better way to open doors than with Mel Gibson's movie?? I hope he makes TONS of future Christian-themed movies from the $600 million world wide sales from the PASSION. How much $$$ it made just goes to show the spiritual hunger there is in this world.
---RJ on 9/22/06

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I disagree with postings that God cannot use movies for spreading the Gospel, like the PASSION. I DO believe these movies are being used in these end times reaching the world w/the Gospel. In Qatar (country on Arabian peninsula) the PASSION was shown. Many Muslims came because they thought it would be Anti-Semetic, however, they were horrified by the crucifixion. Missionaries who lived there for 15 years said, THE PASSION opened more doors for them to share the Gospel w/Muslims.
---RJ on 9/22/06

There is a large billboard by the Interstate here in Albuquerque that has Mel Gibsons picture on it with the caption "One Scotch, One Bourbon, and one Beer". It is sponsored by a local radio station.

I think the guy is really down the tubes when it comes to anything God would use him for.
---lee on 9/12/06

Amen NVBarb, maybe its time to stop kicking this man while he's down. Pray for him, that he will see God's hand waiting to pick him up. The Passion was a movie that really showed me what Jesus went through, and He went through it for me. I can say God used this movie to draw me closer and more thankful. He is God, he can use a spider web to show himself, a stop sign, a sunset, a snowflake...Mr. Gibson is one of his creations, I'm sure God can use him too.
---bethie on 8/17/06

I do not think so Mel may make all the movies he wont's
It doesnt me the Lord is using him if the Lord would be doing any thing he would be convicting him of his sins
---Betty on 8/17/06

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Just my humble opinion, but I think the devil has attacked Mr. Gibson and he 'fell off the wagon' BECAUSE he was promoting a love and compassion that only comes from God by the making of the 'Passion.' He needs to be in our prayers, not a subject of ridecule.
---NV_Barbara on 8/16/06

Rev_Herb , what your talking about rolling around showing everything, that would not be the Real Holy Ghost, because the True Holy Ghost is Disciplined and orderly. He speaks , in a clear dialect, and no He doesn't have folks rolling around on the ground showing their business.--Mrs. Morgan.
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/16/06

GOD may be using Mel..Why do people think that GOD can't or won't take anything Satan has perverted and use it against Satan. While it may have errors in it - as do all human endeavors - the movie was to show the "passion" Jesus has for each of us - so much so he went through unimaginable hell and suffering to save us. That is the Passion of the Christ - what the did for us.
---Terry on 8/16/06

Well, it's like this.

Rev. Herb thinks God uses him, and he expects us to agree.

We KNOW God used Balaam's ass.

I guess between the two it doesn't stretch faith too much to say that God could use Mel Gibson.
---Jack on 8/16/06

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Rev Herb, tell us EVERYTHING you actually KNOW about Mel Gibson's spiritual life and practices.

Not what you THINK you know.

Sentences of the "Well, if Mel does ____" are not acceptable, as they simply prove you don't know whereof you speak.
---Jack on 8/16/06

Helen: You show great ignorance when you say things about films that are evangelistic. I was part of the Jesus film project in southern Europe. We were giving the VHS cassette away to North Africans where there is a 56% illiteracy rate. That means that most of the people cannot read God's Word, but they can see the Gospel on film and hear the Good News of salvation.
---Madison1101 on 8/16/06

John, ye shall know them by there fruits. If one worships or prays to Mary and the bible says to worship and pray to Jesus then there fruits bare them out. If a woman is speaking in tongues and rolling aroung in the floor showing everything she has in church, is that godly?
---Rev_Herb on 8/16/06

ok i think Mel GIBSON did awonderful thing, i watch aliitle bit of it, from what i saw it was so sad and heartbreaking i want to watch th whole thing with my husband.
---amy on 8/16/06

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(2.)....that's-what every Christian/Catholic-should let God do, and yes we have to "let" God do this, and surrender "all" to Him.--Mrs.Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/16/06

(1.)Mel Gibson did a wonderful thing by producing a movie that was so descriptive of the life of our Lord,&I-know that many-souls were won for Christ.Folks-should let him alone,if you don't have anything truly edifying to give him, like prayer, and testimony,etc., his issues are between him and God, just like all the rest of us, I pray that he lets God pull Him up and set him on that (straight-narrow holy plain-path that is God's only path for His children)...
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/16/06

why are we to judge no men?only God knows the hearts of men.anything that causes people to think,talk,or accept jesus is great.master they cast out demons in your name,leave them alone said jesus.
---tom2 on 8/16/06

Interesting metaphor, Robert.

It seems that many heroes, even from the Bible, have some good things and some bad things about them, same as the rest of us.
---Jack on 8/15/06

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He's the Samson of our age and many of you just like back then reject God's imperfect prophets. Who of you judging him have "loved" him and prayed for him as a brother? Who of you would lay your life down for him? Will you stop your vain religion and follow Jesus - do what He told you to do.
---robert on 8/15/06

Mel Gibson has more christian "guts" and child like faith than most any of us "pure" born-again believers. He took what he had and used it to speak Christ to the world. He could have walked away from it. There was no guarantee of money and he made it clear he never did it for that. He knew he probably was throwing his career away and embracing rejection, judgement and grief for identifying with Jesus Christ. contd
---robert on 8/15/06

** Jack...I love the way you can't see into people's lifestyle and know their is no spiritual fruit that stands before all the world.**

Father Thomas, once upon a time, someone wiser than I said, "You have seen him sin openly--but have you seen his repentance in secret?"

God has not given me the gift of judging others as you seem to think He has given you.

I pray I may be spared such a burden, as I'm nowhere near the appropriate spiritual level.
---Jack on 8/15/06

Why can't God use Mel Gibson? God uses sinners to the job done. and the sinner doesn't realize it. God can use anyone he choses to. Mel is no different that any of us. No wonder people don't see God in you people sometimes, (Herb) It is hard to bring the lost in when your so quick to judge them on their past. Let it go and let God deal wiht him.
---Rebecca_D on 8/15/06

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Jack...I love the way you can't see into people's lifestyle and know their is no spiritual fruit that stands before all the world. It's called blasphemy!
---Father_Thomas on 8/15/06

**Why would God want to use someone like Mel when he is not one of God children?**

Rev. Herb, I love the way you can see into people's hearts and know their spiritual standing with God.
---Jack on 8/15/06

Rev. Herb. Who are you to judge that a person is not born again? Is that your job? Did that come with your ordination? You may find it unbelieveable that a sinner could be used by God to win people to Jesus but it's happening before your very eyes. And you're one of them. Despite your narrow minded, judgemental, unforgiving spirit, God uses you to. Praise God for using any of us.
---john on 8/15/06

Robert - I do open my heart to the Lord, but my always prayer is that I will see only the truth of His Word. For all of those who ever have been and all of those who will ever be born-again, we all must believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our sins and that He rose from the dead. It is Jesus' finished work on the Cross that saves.
---Helen_5378 on 8/15/06

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I have shown the Passion film many times in evangelistic crusades and have won hundreds of people to the Lord. When it showed in our local theater a bunch of us waited outside and led several to Jesus and gave out Bibles right at the theater door. How silly it is to hear people say that this is the devil. And why would God not be refining Mel? I hope he does make more movies. Maybe we should all take advantage of them.
---john on 8/15/06

What kind of reverend would say Mel Gibson is not one of God's children. You bring shame to yourself when you talk like that. We are all Yahweh's children. Good and bad. No one has the right to tell anyone their going to hell. Why? Because you don't speak for God. No one does. You don't have the ability to see whats in someone's heart. People sound silly when the are quick to pass judgement. What we need to be doing is praying for salvation for EVERYONE.
---Jacques on 8/15/06

NO! But the devil sure is. Why would God want to use someone like Mel when he is not one of God children? LOOK! He is not born again and on his way to hell if he doesn't change. Besides, why would God want to ues movies instead of people for his purpose? God tells us how it is done, and movies ain't it. So put that in your smoke and pipe it.
---Rev_Herb on 8/15/06

Melissa, I believe with this movie, so many have had what is called an emotional salvation. Sobbing histerically can not save anyone. I hope you took the information, since you saw the movie, and know that Jesus died for our sins. Only those who have received a New Life, through Jesus death and resurrection life are saved. Love
---kathr4453 on 8/15/06

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"For almost 2,000 years in Western civilization, four words legitimized, rationalized, and fueled anti-Semitism: "The Jews killed Christ" For hundreds of years those four words acted out, spoken out, sermonized outinspired and legitimized pogroms, inquisitions and expulsions".

*Creating what is now called "Gentile Arrogance"!
---kathr4453 on 8/15/06

God is refining all of us. As far as Mel Gibson's movies spreading the gospel, that is pure nonsense. The Bible is all over the world and it is spreading the gospel. Mel's movies are for profits. That's it!
---Susie on 8/15/06

Neither does it mention airplanes, cars, trucks, computers like we are now using to communicate or printing presses. But we all use them and so does the Holy Spirit. The Jesus movie/video project has been one of the most successful evangelistic tools in the history of the gospel. I personally was fundamentally convicted and brought to the Lord through printed literature. God is bigger than you can see right now. - open your heart to Him.
---robert on 8/14/06

I waited until "The Passion" was out on video so I could see it in the privacy of my own home. Good decision, because I did not just cry - I sobbed hysterically. For the first time ever in my life, I felt like I had personally crucified Jesus Christ. It was a life-changing experience. I firmly believe that this and other movies can be used by God to bring salvation to those who need it. God is not limited by our creativity, but He sure did give it to us. What does that tell you?
---melissa on 8/14/06

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Unless the Passion of the Christ is dubbed with a target language sound track it is a useless tool for foreign evangelism. I din't work for that purpose in the US, why would you think it would work any where else. The dialog is in is in Greek, Aramaic and Latin unless you are fluent in them you can't follow the movie. The movie made a lot money for Mel Gibson. But as a Christian tool is is a dismal failure. The quality of the subtitles are unreadable on TV screens and and computer monitors.
---notlaw99 on 8/14/06

The question should be what is Mel doing with God? Is he tossing him aside and only needing him when in trouble or is he really abiding in him like he says? true this movie has brought people to Christ, but where are they now? Back into the world. Everybody makes mistakes, including Mel Gibson. I like the man, he is a good actor and a good director. How he lives his life is between him and God and no one else.
---Rebecca_D on 8/14/06

I don't know what God is doing with Mel Gibson. I have a hard enough time discerning His will for my own life. I personally felt THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST was inspired, and the best recounting of the story on film.

Anything that happens to us can be for our ultimate purification and sanctification--or we can let it become another stumbling block.

Don't judge Mel Gibson. Instead, look at your own life and the surprises you saw when the curtain was pulled back and the light shone on it.
---Jack on 8/14/06

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