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Genetic Modifed Crops

What do folks think about Genetic Modification of crops? This mixes up elements from different species of plants to produce a "superior" crop. Dangerous? Stupid? useful?

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 ---alan8869_of_UK on 8/14/06
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It is dangerous and goes against God's word in OT. My uncle is a farmer...and he says that they are making seeds to bear lots of "fruit" the year you buy them. But if you make your own seed for the next year...the yield is much less. Seed is also costing more each year. It is dangerous to us. We cannot buy origional seed in USA anymore. I think it is scary.
---Amy9384 on 3/1/08

I know about this. Variations of this have been done for years. They are trying to modify corn with legume DNA to make corn a dry sold crop. The problem is post-modification NATURAL mutations could create a disaster, a transcoded-cascade-effect nature's changes could alter the introduced genetic changes into something uncontrolable.The argument against is not that Gods plan is being interfered with, but that we are playing with Gods initial blueprint, DNA, which, I believe is mentioned in the Bible.
---MikeM on 6/22/07

.jared, I eat unmodified food.
---Eloy on 11/22/06

eloy you do not eat un modified food. none of food is unmodified. there are about 3 spiecies of wheat that are crossed together all the time. Corn is a hybrid. all food is modified in some way. it has been since the dawn of agriculture
---Jared on 11/22/06

What kind of organs is organic food made out of?...the liver, spleen, heart...
---Eloy on 11/22/06

I'm sort of a naturalist and believe that foods in their basic fundamental nature are superior already before man started messing with them. What is that wierd looking pluot fruit, some freaky artificial mix of a apricot and a plum? I like apricots and I like plums, separatly please, they way their suppose to be. They say you are what you eat, so if your eating unnatural freaky man-made stuff, then it could mess you up your natural constitution, perhaps cause metabolism problems and cancer, etc.
---Eloy on 11/22/06

in 20 years all of you will not be talking much about this because you know nothing about agriculture. If you look at what the farmer is facing in the world today you'd sing a different tune. and if you cut out all chemical and genetic modifications then you'll all be complaining big time, becasue the cost of your food will skyrocket. Americans pay the least for their food mainly because we produce so much if we can't use chemicals and gm's (which include all hybrids) we'd be in a world of hurt.
---Jared on 11/21/06

Humans have always been playing God since the Beginning (read Genesis). When Satan possessed a snake, he tempted Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge (he said to her "you will become like God"). Then she and Adam shared the fruit and grew immoral.
---CNoEvil on 9/20/06

I have no problem eating a nectarine, a cross between a plum and a peach but when it comes to crossing something like a strawberry with some kind of shellfish that is worrying. For once I agree with Prince Charles . "I believe that we have now reached a moral and ethical watershed beyond which we venture into realms that belong to God, and to God alone. Apart from certain medical applications, what actual right do we have to experiment, Frankenstein-like, with the very stuff of life?"1998.
---emg on 8/21/06

Remember the great agricultural science fiction movie "The Nematode that ate Ciba-Gige"
Seriously, chemicals make commercial agriculture possible and profitable providing the means to increase plant growth, combat weeds in crops, and pest control. Hybrid seeds more yield per acre in world when many people are starving. Don't knock chemicals and genetically modified crops. It is providing most of the food you consume today.
---notlaw99 on 8/17/06

Bleecchhhhhhhhh chemicals in our food! I only wish I could afford organic food all the time but it's so expensive. And who knows if it's truly organic anyway?
---sue on 8/17/06

I think whenever man gets his hands involved in something God has created, or done on this earth, man messes it up BIG TIME. I say leave the crops alone. Pray over them instead of modifying them, amen?
---Donna9759 on 8/17/06

I believe that man should not fool with natural things. I'm in enough trouble for my Possum recipes. Road kill stew is always a surprise!
---Olie on 8/15/06

mp, you are so right. Wickedness in high places. Another sign of the end times. The tomatoe I bought yesterday is still rotten.
---shira on 8/15/06

I beleive they are suggesting modifying food crops using animal DNA. That seems even more crazy/
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/15/06

Alan I would say dangerous. We should stop meddling with such things. The silly idea of leaving a few feet gap between G.M. and non-G.M. to prevent cross-pollination seems to indicate that certain people in power believe that the wind does not blow, nor do bees carry, pollen more than a few feet. In addition we cannot know for certain what will happen to creatures (besides humans) who feed on these crops. I'd prefer a non-G.M. apple complete with worm hole than a G.M. one.
---M.P. on 8/15/06

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it is dangerous and already, we see a big difference in our food chain. It is no longer the same, man is tampering with nature so much. OUr young girls are developing so 9 year old niece is already into her monthly cruel and selfish of others to tamper with nature and someone else face the consequences..these people who does these things are non believers no doubt and gutlesss..this is the era of greed and lovers of money...
---jana on 8/15/06

they may be called superior, but the ones I know are inferior. The tomatoes rot faster, lettuce rots faster, corn isn't good. It is watery and sweet. The field corn we use to eat is (they say) not fit for people to eat. They feed it to the cows.
---shira on 8/15/06

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