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Yahshua, Jesus Or Yahweh

The word Yahshua means God the lord is my salvation. So why do people continue to say Jesus Christ when it is a incorrect translation? And why do people say Jehovah when his name is Yahweh?

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 ---Jacques on 8/15/06
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"Jesus" is the given name of Jesus of Nazareth - son of Mary

"Christ" is the title of the messiah - Properly speaking it is Jesus The Christ
---Bruce5656 on 3/29/08

The reason is simple. They have not been taught the TRUE names of GOD (YAHUVEH). Just as most have not been taught the true Sabbath day. (But, that's another blog) JESUS CHRIST (YAHUSHUA Ha MASHIACH) was Jewish and born of a jewish woman Myriam (Mary) and was named with a jewish Name. The modern Church, by and large, have not been taught the true connection of the Old and New Testaments of The BIBLE and how the modern Church is to relate to them.
---Gordon on 6/2/07

I use Yahweh & Yahushua. I am not a part of any group & I don't believe my salvation depends on which name I use. When I previously used God and Jesus I was speaking of the same Creator & He heard me. I agree with Danie9374: research, study & PRAY for guidance in your learning. Not all of the 'Name' sites are devious, some are very helpful, but beware that bad ones do exist. Remember that the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) will guide you into all truth.
---AlwaysOn on 6/1/07

We have a three letter word starting with Gxx which represents our Father, our Saviour, Satan, idols and man, all addressed in various parts of scripture as the gxx word.
This word came from a pagan religion which predated our Saviour on earth. and we are told in Dan 12:3 to destroy theses names and in Ex23:13 to not let then come out of our mouths, so why do we. cont 2/
---Toby on 6/1/07

2/ If your name is Fred, Sigmund, Thadious or Mary, in every language when your name is spoken it will be understood as your name in your tongue not translated into that countries language. If we are to understand scripture we must know the correct names or we can get it wrong. Read 2Cor4:4 out loud only hear the words and you dont see the upper and lower case, and our Saviour was made in the image of Satan. We say gxx forbid, which gxx are you asking to forbid. 3/
---Toby on 6/1/07

3/ We are to be baptised in his name, will a pagan oriented name do? I dont believe so.
The Israelites made our Fathers name ineffable,"to great to be spoken" and they lost it out of their mouths exactly contrary to Ex23:23 which were to be these pagan names. Satan wants us to honour him and by giving our Father and our Saviour the same name gxx he has some doing that, howbeit unknowingly. Even Moses in Ex13:3 wanted to make sure he had the name right. Why dont we? 4/
---Toby on 6/1/07

4/ Our Father, Yahueh or Yahuweh I believe it is the first one but still checking.
Our Saviour, Yahushua. Notice he came in fathers name "Yahu"
Lxxd, Master or Yahushua
Chxxxt, Messiah.
Some will say it doesnt really matter he knows. Others will say too legalistic. I say it is in scripture for a reason, why not try following scripture and not our own ideas. And by the way danie9374 I am NOT part of any "group"
---Toby on 6/1/07

To you it is a incorrect translation. To me I call him Jesus Christ. Jehovah means "I AM", or the Eteranl Living One. Besides I read the KJV and Yahweh is not in there. So to say everyone is using it incorrectly your wrong, and it is just your opinion.
---Rebecca_D on 5/19/07

((2)) or new Believers of the dangers 'out there' in Net-land. Webpages that appear to be Biblical may have very devious underlying motives! Before putting a lot of effort into understanding such pages, first identify whom their author(s) are and what they actually believe about God; IN DETAIL. READ MORE SCRIPTURE IN CONTEXT (WHOLE BOOKS); it's the only way to really grow in the knowledge of our LORD and Savior!
---danie9374 on 8/24/06

((1)) To be specific, those who usually bring up this particular question, either belong to a group called the 'Sacred Name' movement (or 'Assemblies of Yahweh' etc.), or merely employ it (as some Jewish anti-Christian-missionary groups) as a means to call Christians ignorant or downright dishonest in how they witness about Jesus. One link proclaims: 'Discover the Truth your Church doesn't want you to find out!' So, I'm writing (as the Apostle John did his letters) to warn young... [cont.]
---danie9374 on 8/24/06

Now that we've discussed whether or not using a particular name is Biblically important to our salvation or how God feels about our worship of Him or Jesus, I'd like to point out: The reason you'll find lots of links about this on the Net is because topics like this one allow FALSE TEACHERS to fool those who aren't truly grounded in "the Faith which was once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 1:3), most often to quickly 'make some money' off them!
---danie9374 on 8/24/06

jesus' mom and dad gave him the name joshua.
---earl on 8/23/06

Jesus said "Blessed rather are those that hear the word of God (Yahweh) and Obey it.." The word comes from the Father.. I believe some have forgotten the Father is the one who saves. Yahushua means Yahweh saves... Our bible translations have taken the name completely out of the bible and substituted it with a Title. And yet He wants us to know His name.
---tony on 8/23/06

The sabbath is to be observed for all generations, and yet we were changed to sunday. By a man made tradition. Not one letter will pass away from the law until the end of days. A woman called from the crowd "Blessed is she that bore you and nursed! You" cont-
---tony on 8/23/06

The name Yahweh is for the Father, Yahoshua for the son. Pagan influences abound as the result of Rome's influence on the early church. Christmas, Easter, Lent, Good Friday. Sunday worship...cont
---tony on 8/23/06

I don't think God has a native tongue, in the way that we do.
God speaks Hebrew, or Greek, or Latin, or English, or whatever, dependant on His audience. Similarly for words written down for Him.
Many societies would not even be able to get their tongues round the word Yahshua, or even Jesus.
There is no virtue in using a particular version of a name: what is important is the understanding of Who that person is & what He did.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/18/06

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==2== His name at that time in 1st century Israel was to be an indication (albeit somewhat veiled) to all those who met Him that He was to be their Savior from sin! It certainly would have reminded them of Joshua at least (in Greek, there's no difference between 'Jesus' and 'Joshua'). But, we can EXPLAIN all that plus the fact that Jesus' death and resurrection can save you from sin and give you eternal life! So, knowing about Him and believing in Him is much more important than whatever name we call Him.
---danie9374 on 8/18/06

==1== Jacques, IF we were to really follow what the angel said to Joseph in a way that would carry over the meaning from Hebrew and Greek into English, it seems all the translators should have used 'Salvation' or 'Savior' instead of 'Jesus,' since most English speakers simply treat the name 'Jesus' as they do their own names (as having no significant meaning)! HOWEVER, you're assuming the meaning of His Jewish name should have the same relevance for everyone for all time. I don't think that was the point.
---danie9374 on 8/18/06

Pt 1: Jehovah was nonexistent in the original Hebrew scriptures, but later introduced in about 1270 A.D. by a Roman Catholic Spanish Monk, named Raymundus Martini, in his book Pugeo Fidei (Dagger of Faith). It is a latinized or anglicized transliteration, for there is no J nor V in the Hebrew alphabet, and in the Greek alphabet there is no letter J. The name Jesus literally means Salvation. Jesus is Yeshuah in Hebrew (similar to Yehoshua, which is Joshua in English), and correctly it is Iesous in Greek.
---Eloy on 8/18/06

Pt 2: Hebrew has no vowels, the ancient Hebrews had YHWH for the sacred name of God. In public dissertation or discourse, the Hebrew word for Lord (Adonai) or God (Elohim, plural of Eloah) was used to prevent taking Gods name in vain. [ref: El-Elohe (God)- Genesis 33:20; Matthew 27:46; Mark 15:34. Emmanuel (God with us)- Isaiah 7:14; 8:10; Matthew 1:23. Yah (Lord)- Psalm 68:4. Hallelujah (Hall elu-yah; Hail God; Praise you the Lord. Greek: Alleluia)- Psalm 106:1; Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 19:1].
---Eloy on 8/18/06

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Pt 3: Martini substituted the sacred term for God with the consonants JHVH (possibly deriving this from the common latin term Jove), he then inserted the vowel points of Adonai or Elohim to contrive the first use of the term Jehovah. The Scripture reads, Blessed is he who comes in THE NAME OF THE LORD. Now the Lord is God, and the Lord is one, and the Lord is Jesus, and there is no other Lord God but he.
---Eloy on 8/18/06

**I am asking does the word Jesus Christ means the same as Yahsua? **

It has been established for at least since the time of Chaucer that "Jesus" is the English rendering of the Hebrew name "Yehoshua" ("Yeshua" is incorrect; there's no such name in Hebrew.)
---Jack on 8/17/06

Danie9374 I do understand your point about the biblical scholars. I am asking does the word Jesus Christ means the same as Yahsua? Because I have asked many literary scholars, like people who translate Hebrew to English and I was told the word Jesus was translated incorrectly. Since Yahweh instructed the angel to name him Yahshua, shouldn't we use it? It has a very powerful meaning which is SALVATION. And what a beautiful word it is. It IS our only goal in life.
---Jacques on 8/17/06

Jacques: See below, where I mention IhsouV ('Iesous') occurs 172 times (and another 100+ times in similar spellings) in the Greek translation of the Old Testament. In fact, Jesus Himself used Greek on many occasions to speak of God (e.g., 'kurios'; Lord) rather than telling us we must use 'Yahweh' or 'Yahshua' (as you've concluded)! So, we shouldn't complain about words that Jesus Himself (God incarnate) used, and never commented on addressing Him differently.
---danie9374 on 8/17/06

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A rose by any other name is still a rose. Humans could never say the true name of God or Jesus. Besides, God doesn't listen to what you say from you mouth, he listens to what you are saying from your heart. The old testament says he had several names including Emmanual and when Jesus returns He, and we, will have different names.
---Steven on 8/16/06

Jesus means Savior or Deliverer. In Luke the angel said to name Jesus, Jesus, for he shall be called the Son of God. In my bible it says Jesus. I have a bible with Hebrew language and the Hebrew English, and neither one of them say Yahshua. this is your problem Jacques, you worry more about what the internet and the history channels say about the correct name for Jesus instead of reading the bible yourself. Just because one has some type of a degree, that doesn't mean he/she is correct.
---Rebecca_D on 8/16/06

Tbabe: I'd like to exchange a few messages with you here (about this and other subjects), please send me a 'hello' at danie9374. I see you 'got into it' with some over the creation vs. evolution debate elsewhere and have some info/links I'd love to share with you.
---danie9374 on 8/16/06

=[3]= the linguistic problems encountered when one simply assumes that 'Yahweh' is how YHWH should be pronounced (which is of course only a poor English representation of what they're guessing to be the actual Hebrew pronunciation). I'm sure other views could also be found. As to how we should represent 'Joshua,' 'Salvation' and 'Jesus' from Hebrew into English: If you really want the 'correct' way, then learn HEBREW and pronounce His name in Hebrew rather than settling for poor English transliterations!
---danie9374 on 8/16/06

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Correction ~Daniel,~ I meant danie9374
Im very sorry.
---Tbabe on 8/16/06

=[2]= centering on the nuances of various Hebrew words? But let's be more specific about just YHWH: Yes, we do know for certain what the Hebrew consonants are (Yodh, Hay, Vav, Hay; as I've represented by the English letters YHWH). However, the vowels (and how to pronounce this word exactly!) are def. not something we can be 100% certain about. R. Laird Harris, for example, in the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (Moody Press, 1980), Vol.1, entry #484, brings up some of... [cont.]
---danie9374 on 8/16/06

=[1]= Jacques, Do you really think you can trust ALL of the supposed 'Biblical scholars' you find on the Net or may see on PBS, History Channel, or elsewhere? Many of them do not even believe in the God of Scripture, and some are outright atheists who are more interested in getting their name in the media than the truth! Do you know Hebrew well enough to be able to distinguish between their theories (which are often presented as fact) and what we can really know in all discussions... [cont.]
---danie9374 on 8/16/06

I think that there has been a time in my life when each of His names has ministered to me in one way or another. I've been saved for 30+ years, and He is always doing "a new thing." What an awesome God we serve, and He is worthy of ALL His names.
---Crystal on 8/16/06

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I love that!
Theres a poster (Im sure youre aware of) with all His names listed, and the scripture references for the names; its been out for many years and is one of my absolute favorites.
---Tbabe on 8/16/06

Thank-you for the info.
---Tbabe on 8/16/06

2) I do not want to become divisive whatsoever on this issue, and don't intend to discredit or offend any of my brothers or sisters here. Im, just interested in learning more about Gods name(s). I am glad that Jacques brought this up, and Im looking forward to everyones input. I am especially interested in hearing from those who have a keen knowledge of the history of the Roman Emperor Constantine and that time period (mid-3rd century), without RCC bias.
---Tbabe on 8/16/06

To Everyone,
1) Please understand, I have a very analytical mind (can't help it), and an insatiable hunger for Scriptural knowledge and discernment. I also realize that many wonderful people are not as obsessed with the details as I am, and are gifted-in and called-to other areas. For me, being a "hearer" of the Word comes a lot easier than being a "doer." I truly admire those who seem to be natural-born "doers."
---Tbabe on 8/16/06

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I appreciate your knowledge of the languages.
Prior to reading the article that I had mentioned, I had heard Jesus referred to as Yahshua Ha'Mashiach (I think it was in a worship song) and I understood it to mean "The Image of I AM:" I have been drawn to this name since. I had looked for it in the Bible and couldn't find it; and had wondered for years where the name came from.
---Tbabe on 8/16/06

Yes, I agree with what you are saying. God looks upon the heart and knows that we are praying to Him irregardless.
When I witness to people I use the name Jesus because this is the name He's predominately known by. However, when I pray to Him I use the name Yahshua.
---Tbabe on 8/16/06

Actually, if you're going to get persnicketty, the transliteration of the Hebrew name is Yehoshua, not Yeshua. "Jesus" comes to us from the Greek IHCOYC through the Latin.
We don't really know the pronunciation, or transliteration of YHVH because the proper vowel points have never been written down.
Jesus (no matter how you spell it) came to deliver us from such silly, petty legalism.
---Jack on 8/16/06

Dottie, thank you for the complement. Living in a Veterans Home in New Hampshire with out my own transportation gives me a lot of spare time. Biblical language linguistics have been my hobby for many years. I served has Resident Chaplain here for four years and have taught a few Bible related courses here and in the past. I am an Elder in Presbyterian Church (PCUSA).
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/16/06

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Old Testament Jews did not utter the word GOD. But they also fail to recognize the Messiah when he came. A certain amount of propriety is expected. And part of that propriety is the having faith in God's Word. And God word says that He watches over his word to perform it.-- do you believe God knows the English language?
---mima on 8/16/06

My understanding is Yahshua, Joshua,
all can be seen as a Type of Christ, who went before us. Look atthe book of Joshua, didn't he go first to cross the Jordan. The Jordan represents the cross, it took them to the Promise land, and Jesus in a sense our (Joshua,Yahshua)went before us at the Cross, went first before us. We FOLLOW HIM. He led the way. He was the First born from the dead. We follow Him into death and resurrection life.
---kathr4453 on 8/16/06

I don't think anyone is arguing with you that Yahshua or Yahweh are correct, but that doesn't make His other names incorrect. He has many names in the Bible:
He is:
1)The Good Sheperd
2)The Son of God
3)The Son of Man
4)The Messiah
5)The Bright Morning Star
6)The Lion of the Tirbe of Judah
7)The Lamb
8)The Rose of Sharon
9)The Christ
10)The Alpha and the Omega
11)The Great "I Am!"
And that's just a few names I can think of off the top of my head...
---Crystal on 8/16/06

It's Yahushua Hamashiac. Yeshua which some people prefer and I have sometimes used incorrectly is actually a translation from rcc jesuit priests and means "to blot out His name" A good book to read up on is "Fossilized Customs"
---eve on 8/16/06

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Phil the elder, you are so accurate in your response. You do know what you are talking about in a world of so many misinformed Christians. My hat is off to you. God Bless
---Dottie on 8/16/06

I don't get it. I cannot not think of one person that I know that does not want to be called by their correct name. If you walked up to a man and called him Mark when his name is Mike, you would be quickly corrected. And he's not even God. For all they have done for us, the least we can do is call them by their correct name.
---Jacques on 8/16/06

Danie9374, It is a good idea for everyone to google search them, for I have been doing so for about 6 months. Also, the History Channel has a special called the History of God and all the biblical scholars said Yahshua and Yahweh were correct.
---Jacques on 8/16/06

Rebecca D if I am wrong, what does Jesus mean? An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and instructed him to call him Yahshua because he will save his people from sin. Now why would God send an angel to Joseph if he did not want us to use the correct name? Hebrew names are not supposed to be translated, because they lose their meaning. Tbabe, many peolpe do not realize that for the 1000 years the bible was being translated many words went unrivaled. Plus, some Jews thought Yahweh was to sacred to be said.
---Jacques on 8/16/06

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from the bible I have read most of my life God seems to fonder of the name I AM than most others.ALSO the number one name is GOD.TO ME AS LONG AS YOU KNOW YOU ARE WORSHIPPING THE ONE TRUE GOD, AND FOLOWING HIS SON, AND LISTENING TO THE HOLY SPIRIT, translations mean not.
---tom2 on 8/16/06

You won't find the names Matthew, John, Paul, Timothy etc. in the original manuscripts either. We do not speak the language in which the bible was written. Names are changed to the nearest equivalent of our language whether it be Spanish, French, English or any other. God has many names in the bible but we (and HE) all know to whom we are referring when we say God or Jesus or any other variation so I'm not as sure as you are that it actually matters if we don't all use exactly the same word.
---M.P. on 8/16/06

Yahshua, Jehovah and Yahweh are all Hebrew are they not, and are not English so therefore not in the English translations. Jesus means "Savior" and Christ means "annointed".
---Helen_5378 on 8/16/06

The whole name is not revealed in the Bible, considered too sacred. 'I AM THAT I Am- YAHWAH, as some call it. Scripture reveals it was too sacred to utter. The priest with ropes tied to their feet and all. Jots and tittles show the proper vowel pronunceation in Hebrew. (as no vowels exist in Hebrew) We don't have the full name.
---MikeM on 8/16/06

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Jesus Christ because In His earthly Ministry demonstrated Himself as the annointed one or the messiah that was promised. He also did what was promised in Gen 3:15 'the Seed of the Woman'In Habakkuk 3:13, I believe we have the greatest demonstration of The Name of JESUS (Y'SHUA) (The Old Testament "Thou wentest forth for the salvation [ Y'shua-Jesus] of thy people, even for salvation [Y'SHUA] with thine anointed [MESSIAH]..."The term MESSIAH is equal to the English CHRIST or ANOINTED ONE!
---Eric on 8/16/06

I've been praying in the name of "Jesus" for years. I don't think HE has held it against me. In fact, He's answered many prayers! I normally call God, "God" or "Father". Rom. 8:15 (KJV) says ".. ye have not received the spirit of bondage...but the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry Abba, Father." Unsaved in this culture know who I mean when I say "Jesus". They may not be sure about "God", but I doubt the term "Yahweh" would be a help.
---Donna2277 on 8/15/06

\4\ Furthermore, even if they were somehow related, words really mean whatever we want and make them to be; it's only by usage (and the more often, by many different people using them the same way, all the better!) that we truly know anything about what words most likely meant to those who used them! So, 'Jesus' def. means (and has meant for 100's of years) 'Yeshua ha Mashiach' (the Messiah) to most people whom have ever spoke/read English.
---danie9374 on 8/15/06

\3\ often transliterated (represented) by the letter 'E' in English. Compare that with ZeuV (Zeus) which sounds like 'ZOOS'. Honestly, does anyone think a Jew about 250BC would use the name of a pagan deity for the LORD!? IhsouV (spelled exactly as the NT uses it of Jesus) is found 172 times in the Greek Septuagint! And variations of 'Iesou-' over another 100 times as well. No; has nothing to do with a Greek god. [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 8/15/06

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\2\ (a rough breathing mark) in Greek as you said (HAY-S[e]US; which is actually a Spanish pronunciation of Jesus), but rather a 'smooth breathing mark' and an Iota; which can have a sort of 'Y-sound' when 'I' is the first letter of a word. [PLEASE EXCUSE ME: I MIS-SPELLED His Greek name above! It should be: IhsouV (I-AY-sous); I forgot the 'o'.] The 2nd Grk. letter (which looks like an 'h') is an 'Eta' and has an 'A-sound' though... [cont.]
---danie9374 on 8/15/06

\1\ Tbabe: The idea that 'Jesus' is from 'Zeus' really comes from modern-day false prophets, so be very careful who you listen to about this! First of all, 'Jesus' in Greek is: IhsuV and is there because the Jewish translators of the Septuagint (Hebrew into Greek) had to come up with a Greek name for Joshua (which as all names in the English Bible that begin with 'J,' really should have a 'Y-sound' as in Hebrew)! 'Jesus' does not begin with an 'h' sound... [cont.]
---danie9374 on 8/15/06

[3] what the word 'Jesus' means in their cultures, and couldn't learn some other name for Him as being the same thing! And He's been called by that name for what, at least 500 years now about, right?! As to the word 'Jehovah' (which I don't like myself), it's not necessarily true that it should be 'Yahweh' either! There are a few blogs here about just that problem; GOOGLE for them.
---danie9374 on 8/15/06

[2] to the Hebrew word 'Messiah' (which is of course, only a poor 'English format' of the actual Hebrew word itself). As to what you said about various names: It's mostly a language problem. Why are Germans called 'Yohann' but English use 'John' (with various pronunciations) instead? Examine the differences between English, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, etc. and the history of word pronunciations (especially for words common to more than one language). Most English speakers are too used to... [cont.]
---danie9374 on 8/15/06

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[1] Jacques, PROPER NAMES are not usually a matter of translation (attempting to give a meaning in another language for the original words) but rather transliteration (and pronunciation), but I think I get what you're saying. Note however, that 'Christ' is not a name, but rather a title, being a transliteration of the Greek word 'christos' (cristoV): It means _the Anointed One_ (from the Greek verb 'chriO'; to anoint). This is to be understood as the equivalent... [cont.]
---danie9374 on 8/15/06

3) I have been quoting mainly the KJV in my responses on these blogs, in order to avoid confusion and even an all-out war, because many hold the KJV dear and I lack the access to a translation of The Bible that uses the correct names. Do you know of one?
In light of your question, and because of the importance of the Lord's name, I'm going to re-kindle my study of this, I am very interested in learning more.
---Tbabe on 8/15/06

2) I, myself, was oblivious to this until I was browsing a web-site a couple of years ago and discovered an article that discussed the history of the RCC, The Roman Emperor Constantine, and the pagan Roman influence on the church. The author explained that the name Jesus was translated from the Greek word He-seus which is at least a partial reference to the Greek god Zeus. The translation of Christ from christos was disputed as well.
---Tbabe on 8/15/06

I'm so glad you brought this up, as I have been wrestling with this question myself for sometime now. I think people are basically unaware of this matter, because of the wide use of the KJV translation which does not use these translations of His name. I've managed to find some reference in the "Strong's Concordance" but nothing substantial. I've also looked in other common translations and have been unsuccessful.
---Tbabe on 8/15/06

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I guess people like the "zues" translation better or don't care enough to study up on these things. I've read so many blogs on here and people are more worried about what theologins say than what the bible itself says.
---eve on 8/15/06

Yahweh is the English transliteration of the Hebrew, Tetragrammaton the literal name of God that devote Jews refuse to say or write you are adding two vowels to YHWH to get Yahweh. The dominant historical linguistic Bible scholarship was German and Jehovah is a Transliteration of YHWH into High German it was moved into English prior to 1611 and was used to the KJV editors. Yashua is a relatively common Aramaic name from Joshua and Jesus is it Greek rendering. There is more to it, but not in 85 words.
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/15/06

Christ is greek for the Hebrew Messias anointed one, as prefigurs in Psalms. Tis is well covered in Hebrews 5,6,7,8,
---MikeM on 8/15/06

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