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Want More Of God In My Life

I am a woman with a desire to learn about God through His word, from others, @ church & from just experiencing Him. Yet I offend people. I don't try to. I feel like a fly in the ointment everywhere I go. People seem to like me but they don't talk to me, avoid me and I am lonely a lot. HELP!

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 ---Amy9384 on 8/15/06
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Amy - Its been 3 weeks since you first posted. Are you still with us? Have you tried any of the suggestions? what were the result? You might:
1. Observe how others interact and compare it with your own behaviors.
2. Be direct and explain your issue to a kind person and ask them to help you out by including you in their circle for awhile
3. Join group activities - church activities have been mentioned, take a class, opportunities at work?
4. Meet your neighbors
5. Read "How to Win Friends and Influence People", "The Power of Positive Thinking, or a good book on interpersonal communications.
6. Focus on giving by being helpful to others or doing charitable work - learn to enjoy giving
Hope this finds you well.
---Rocky on 9/9/11

When you feel that things are not turning out right now with you,i think it's better to make self analysis.Is your feeling that people want to avoid you is valid?if the answer is yes,then ask questions such as what do you think are the reasons why people avoid you?finding the cause will help you resolved this.
be confident with yourself.God loves you and he value you so much that He even gave His Only Son for you because God wants you to be in eternity with Him.This calls for rejoicing even when people seem to despised you.
---mj on 9/9/11

hi, a "classic blogg"?why? becuz,many folks are or were somewhat lonely too! remember,often times how you feel about you...somehow,others pick up on it! more important God don't make junk!so we read in we are wonderfully made..he knows every hair on our head! he even loves folks like little hair! don't be afraid love yourself,regardless & if there are things you can (work on that you know maybe not sit well) pray & ask God show me... we all have little things we cud work on. In relationship with Christ He will let you know & he doesn't gossip! : )
---ELENA on 9/5/11

dont worry...i feel the same wAy too...well i dont offend people really...but a lot of people ignore me cuz im weird...nd i dont dress pretty...i ask God to help me and to be with me wherever i go..i ask for His guidance...Help to love those who r mean to me...its hard, but God will give u da strength...i feel lonely like all da time, cuz no one really likes to talk to me....but i know God is with me..nd there to comfort me nd take my pain away..
---Angie on 12/17/07

It is not your problem it is theirs. When you get to know God you different. You don't have much in common with the people of this world. You have a good personality. You have to like yourself, enjoy God, all this other stuff will go by the way-side. Perhaps, when you get to know God, He will desire for you and Him together. Not much room for other people. Don't worry. God will keep you so busy and companied.
---catherine on 10/10/07

Amy, I will help you all I can. Please write me Shira 5965. I can't imagine actions toward you that are negative. How do you offend? Please tell me and I will help you.
---shira on 10/10/07

your faith in Christ is like shining a light into their eyes, sweety....first thing a person will do is recoil and get angry. If Jesus experienced persecution, why should we expect different? You just keep pressing into God....His opinion and love is the one that matters the most.

God bless,
---merryv7634 on 4/1/07

You can probably learn more by just listening to people discussing God than by asking a whole lot of questions. If you need to ask questions, write them down and start asking them one at a time. Maybe people are overwhelmed with your questions.
---Susie on 3/30/07

Part 2 - finishing up....
You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. You are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. Ask God to make Himself real to you. Be a friend, and people will be friendly back to you.
---Donna9759 on 8/17/06

Draw nigh to God and God will draw nigh to you. How do you do that? By talking to Him and telling Him how you feel, and that you need His help. Tell Him, "Father, it seems that people don't talk to me, why is that?" God has your answers, not flesh and blood (humans). You can learn all you want "about" God, but get to know God for who He is to you, and who He has made you.
---Donna9759 on 8/17/06

Seek him with your whole heart,What are some of the questions you have? Why would you think you are offending people? Christ said blessed are they that are not offended if you have christ in you then thay are getting offended at christ to!Because you are precious in is sight.
---chris on 8/16/06

I'm not sure if you are saying that you are a Christian wishing to learn more or whether you are not yet a Christian but are very interested. Whichever it is though please ask God to lead you to the people that He has waiting to help you. Unsaved people will not be able to help you and if you have been asking questions of people who go to church but who do not actually 'know' God they will probably be embarrassed and possibly will start to avoid you. Ask anything you want whilst here on C.N. though.
---M.P. on 8/16/06

amy,get into a church that has a bible study group for your age.begin relationship with the people within this group.speak to the pastor and tell him how you feel.Now remember you must at times take the initiative when meeting new people,to make them feel friendly and caring it works.
---tom2 on 8/15/06

Mary's are almost always misunderstood by everyone but the One whose feet she sits at.
---Linda on 8/15/06

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