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Christians On Dating Sites

On-line I have never seen so many match-making websites for singles. I'm not saying that it is wrong, but according to scripture what is your opinion? Do you believe that christians should use them?

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 ---Rickey on 8/18/06
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I'm of the opinion that one should proceed with caution if dating online and should keep it at a friendship level long enough to see the person's true colors...time reveals a lot of things. Paul gives advice in 1 Cor. 7 about marriage, singleness, etc...The most important thing is to seek God as your first love and let Him find you that soulmate that He knows will love and take care of you the way He does. Whether that be online or at a social gathering, let God control it.
---danna9955 on 11/24/07

Blessings Ricky, No I do not believe that Christians should use online dating sites. I know a dear sister in Christ that waited for 31 years for God to bring into her life the man met for her to be with. Online dating services can be dangerous. You do not know if you are talking to a true Christian, or a fake one. God has a plan for each one of His children, and God knows what is best for us. There are other ways to meet other Christian's. This is just my opinion. God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 11/22/07

Cont Why this world is in such a mess, noone is doing what they are suppose to do.And I just don't believe that God is telling one of His own to get on the internet and find them a date. Not the God I have come to know, anyways.
---catherine on 11/21/07

I do not. Christians should be more involved in number one, Jesus Christ, and number two, serving Jesus Christ. Instead of how can I get a date. Again, I wonder how many true Christians are really out there? Time is getting so short, make the most of it, while you can.
---catherine on 11/21/07

I believe the Lord can use any means to bring two of His children together. But, I would proceed with caution, as some of the so called Christians only want sex, as I was quick to learn one time.
---Madison1101 on 11/21/07

I don't think it is wrong biblically or spiritually. I think young men and women are so put out with the way things go sometimes that they could put their faith in a sight that profiled each person. All I say is be careful. Every good thing is bombarded with evil.
---shira on 5/6/07

I was just married two days ago, and my husband and I met online. We were penpals for quite some time and talked on the phone before we met. The rest was history, as it is said. It's all about seeking God's will, regardless of where we meet someone.
---Michelle on 9/4/06

While our initital contact was on this site, we saw each other 2 x monthly and took turns doing the traveling. We met each other's families, children, co-workers, and visited each other's churches.
---Annie on 8/24/06

In addition to what I said before, a friend of mine met her husband online, but it wasn't through a dating service. I think there's a difference between meeting online, and looking online...
---Katie on 8/22/06

I met my husband on this site. Like any other mode of meeting people, use good ole common sense. Internet is only a means of communication and not the issue....the issue is people and what we do or say.
---Annie on 8/22/06

I have met a few Christian on the internet, single Chrsitian web-sites. The one I met from this one thought he was so spiritual, but when I met him, his pride and root of bitterness manifested and almost devoured me. He shredded me to pieces with lies and deceit. I have forgiven him, but we don't speak anylonger. BE CAREFUL if you use these sites. I believe God protects His children if they are asking God, "Is he the one or should I wait for another?"
---Donna9759 on 8/21/06

While I don't think it's a "sin" I do think it falls under the category of "impatience", IMO. God's word tells us that as we delight ourselves in Him, he will give us the desires of our heart (keep in mind though, often our desires change as we grow closer to the Lord, to intertwine with God's will for our lives). This was the scripture I stood on while waiting for God's timing and perfect mate for me, if any.
---Katie on 8/21/06

I also think if both are honest it can help then connect first in a much less physical way. Most times people have a physical connection or go on looks to much this way you get to know the mind or a person. Honesty being a big key. I know of a few who did it and are going on 6+ yrs. but it isn't for all..
---judit4846 on 8/19/06

I agree with Madison. God can use many means to place two together. I mean God can plce one from Europe and one from Iceland together. One must surly be careful as many use this to get money and sex. One must be cautious and listen to God and take his lead. As one would in any relationship.
---judit4846 on 8/19/06

I think impatience might be the reason why Christians go to dating sites. I believe God who instituted marriage in the 1st place can always bring 2 persons HE designed for each other together.
---Adetunji on 8/19/06

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