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World Trade Center Movie

Has anyone seen that movie "The World Trade Center"? My husband and I went Saturday and I cried all the way through it. With my husband being a police officer, it hit home. Even though this movie doesn't come close to what really happened, Nicholas Cage done a good job playing the SGT.

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 ---Rebecca_D on 8/21/06
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I bet it's a sad movie and I'd cry too. I saw the Flight 93 movie on TV and that was sad. The whole idea of how horrible men can treat other humans is very SAD. All in the name of their 'god'.
---sue on 1/22/08

I never go see movies that hollywood produces, but I sure would love to see this one.
---shira on 6/6/07

Many do not know exactly what happened or just got bits and pieces of what happened. And many do not know what Policeman and Fireman go through with, and their family. I know what is like wondering if my husband is coming home when I hear a shootout somewhere. I pray that God sends his angels to camp around him and the other guys. So for a person whom doesn't know what faimiles go through with, this movies shows what we do or might go through with.
---Rebecca_D on 8/23/06

I agree with Alan. I'm not sure it's appropriate - especially so soon. It's one thing to produce a documentary, it's entirely different to "hollywoodize" what happened. I'm not sure I will ever watch it... was far too painful when it was real.
---daphn8897 on 8/23/06

I happened to switch on the TV, and it was just after the first plane had hit, and then from then on I saw everything, At first I thought it was a fiction film, but soon realised that the horror was real.
Whilst I lived through WW2, and the horrors of other wars and geneocides, this must have been the worst single incident, certainly that I have actually seen happeming.
I feel that it is somehow wrong to replay the original footage now, still worse to make entertainment out of it.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/23/06

I believe that movies like this should be seen because it reminds us that this country is under small judgements of GOD to get it to repent.Romans 1,& Isaiah 5..shows what GOD expects from nations who say IN GOD WE TRUST,and how he deals with them when they rebel. sorry brothers and sisters this country is rebeling against its very foundation Jesus Christ.
---willow on 8/23/06

I'm GLAD somebody made this movie and hope many will see it! . I watched 9/11 live, too...saw people falling to their deaths! Those who want to forget, want to pretend that it was a one-time tragedy, now over. But it wasn't and it isn't. Forgetting the evil ones won't make them go away. They see 9/11 as a victory over the "Great Satan" and they want more. Our war is not only military, but also SPIRITUAL. The world knows how to fight the first kind of war. Who knows how to fight the other?
---Donna2277 on 8/22/06

In my around half-century of being on this earth, I have not seen anything more horrific than 9/11. I was praying/interceding at the time and came down to the lounge-room and felt to turn on the TV to see is there was any news. I saw the whole thing live. I cried and wept for days until in the end I just had to stop watching it. There should be a public outcry over anybody wanting to make money out of it. Making the movie is giving un-wanted attention to those evil people.
---Helen_5378 on 8/22/06

I didn't see it and I won't.

The ugliness and pain of real life shouldn't be a source of idle entertainment.
I remember as a boy seeing in a national geographic magazine a man holding a large stone over his head about to smash it down on another person's head...
I thought to myself what kind of coward could take a picture of such a thing and do nothing to stop it.
Spend your money elsewhere.
---the_fonz on 8/22/06

The Policeman that was trapped John McLawfman, (however you spell it) and the other Policeman Roddrigise they kept eachother alive by talking to eachother. The other Policeman that was trapped he was trying to help move a boulder but he couldn't then the tower collapsed and he got pinned by some debre and they all just cried because they couldn't do anything, they were helpless. Only two Marines came back to see if anyone was still alive. They saved these two policeman.
---Rebecca_D on 8/22/06

Rebecca, I'm sure it is a very sad movie to watch. Since I have it on video from the time they flew those planes into our buildings, and for the next 5 days of news reports, etc., I had to finally put them away and stop watching them, I have cried too much and I still cry. Why doesn't it come close to what really happened? How could anyone know what actually happened except for the frantic phone calls. I heard one woman screaming "we are burining up here." How truly sad, soooo very sad.
---Donna9759 on 8/22/06

I am looking forward to seeing, though I will no doubt cry through it as well. What is even sadder Sue, is that the world seems to accept their god, and wants nothing to do with the one true God, who only wants to love them.
---bethie on 8/22/06

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