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Tom Criuse And Scientology

Why do celebrities like Tom Criuse get caught up in weird religions, like Scientology?

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 ---Jason on 8/23/06
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Someone recommended "Dianetics" as the best thing since
Rice Krispies. They had a copy which they lent me. I put
it down quickly after a few paragraphs. It was 'clear' to
me that it was not "clear" at all. Rather, "clear" sounded
more so like 'chanting'.
---Nana on 2/26/08

Scientology like a lot of new-age feel-good ways of living can produce good results in peoples lives if they believe -- men can believe anything he sets his mind to's not a religion it's a cult producing more bad effects for those who follow it then good
---Rhonda on 2/23/08

Scientology carries the torch of truth and workability in that it accomplishes exactly what it says it can accomplish and more. Actors, being individuals, observe this to be true in scientology, apply it exactly as stated and get the exact results they're supposed to obtain from it.Hence they join the winning team. Scientology can change conditions for the better no matter the circumstances and thus you see more and more celebraties becoming Scientologists - betters their life and profession!
---seaview on 2/22/08

It does not matter. Mr Cruise will understand how wrong he has been once he stands before the REAL invisible nebulous entity in the sky and gets cast into a magical cave where he will burn and be tortured by a horned demon forever. Won't that be ironic? How deceived he is! Ha ha! Now I'm off, have to take my Haldol and have lunch with some pink elves.
---Tom on 10/20/07

People would rather believe a lie than the truth, any day. Celebrities are no different. You have to commit in Christianity. You can't just do what you want to do. Christianity gets in people's way who are not serious about God. They seek out cults and dead religions to make them feel better and not have to give anything up. But, you guessed it, they are deceived. Very deceived.
---Robyn on 6/17/07

Because they are like every other human on this earth, they are looking for something to fill that empty space inside them. They just haven't figured out yet, that only Jesus can fill that void. Mr. Cruise, like all unsaved loved ones, needs our prayers.
---bethie on 6/17/07

If you want to know more about this organisation, yuo will find they have an official website.
It does not tell you much, but there are also sites whch expose the cult. Read these ... I have some personal knowledge of the cult, when they tried to get me interested. The accusations of entrapment and kidnap on the critical web-sites are actually true.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/15/06

Madison, I'm glad you understand what I was getting at. Sometimes I take for granted that others will understand my full meaning in one or two sentences. I try to keep my replies simple so I don't dominate the discussion. God bless!
---Katie on 9/15/06

How can an atheist "Worship Satan"? If they do not believe in God, then they cannot believe in the other fellow, Satan. Its an irrational statement.
Scientology was created by Ronny Hubberd as a money making project.
---MikeM on 9/15/06

I understand now what you were saying. It is unfair to speak about any group in general terms without elaborating in detail. Generalizations usually lead to prejudices against groups.

You are right, many are introspective and search for Truth. I pray that they find it in Jesus.
---Madison1101 on 9/15/06

They worship money and not God.
---ralph on 9/15/06

It would be worse if Johnny Depp might turn to witchcraft, not being selective of the songs (his fave band, Rolling Stones; they have blasphemous songs and perhaps he listens to them, I do too but now I'm trying to be more selective of the songs that I listen to). To say this, more and more celebrities are joining the "Worship Satan" club through false philosophies: atheism or "selfism", Scientology (I wrote a satirical poem regarding it) magic.
---CNoEvil on 9/15/06

Tom Cruise is an unbeliever, like most corrupt elite. He is blinded by Satan, who traps him like a fierce lion, he still doesn't want defeat. Most actors are puppets of the Devil. I pray for my favorite rockers to turn to Christ as well as my favorite cartoonists (Jhonen Vasquez, Kazuya Minerkura Takeuchi Naoko). I don't care if my dad's favorite actor's gonna get gravely punished during the Rapture in the future. But God knows them a lot better than I do, even better than we do.
---CNoEvil on 9/14/06

Scientology is not rooted in Christ. It is a philosophy that believes that man saves himself.
As if this isn't enough, it has also long been plagued with rumors of mind control, accused of kidnapping members who wish to leave the so-called church and has been linked with many illegal activities. Every few years it seems to become the popular cult for Hollywood celebrities.
---AlwaysOn on 9/7/06

Maybe because a christian has not introduced him to Christ..maybe a christian has never prayed for him ..yet
---karin on 9/5/06

Because many of us aren't representing the gospel in an authentic way and attracting the masses to Christ through our light. Instead, often, we repel others with our harsh judgments and our hypocritical lifestyles. Not all Christians, mind you, but enough that we need to all check ourselves, the images we portray and get down to the business of sharing the gospel with the world. Until then, false doctrines like Scientology will attempt to fill voids that only Jesus, in reality, can.
---AlwaysOn on 8/30/06

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What's so wrong with Scientology?
---eve on 8/29/06

Madison, I am truly sorry if you were offended by my generalizations. I was not trying to attack actors. I was trying to answer the question according to my experience with the acting world. God bless!
---Katie on 8/24/06

Tom Cruise is one of the many that have searched for truth, and found themselves somewhere other than in the arms of Jesus. However, I was stating that because he has sought out the truth, I believe God will reveal himself to Mr. Cruise, but it is up to Tom to accept God as the truth he has been searching for.
---Katie on 8/24/06

I'm not saying they are all basket cases and not intelligent people. Simply that due to the nature of their craft, many (not all) are very reflective and into soul-searching. If they do not know the Lord, in doing this soul-searching, the window of opportunity to "find themselves" in Scientology and other religions is great. Cont.
---Katie on 8/24/06

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Madison, once again I have botched the meaning behind my words. My mom is an actress. I went to school for acting, and I know alot of actors/actresses. I should not have generalized, because there ARE actors that don't fit the profile. My meaning behind my words was this: Part of an actor's job is to be in touch with emotions and feelings of their characters. In this, they are "generally speaking" more in tune with their own. To be cont.
---Katie on 8/24/06

This was all about money. Tommy Cruise is 'less weird' than most actors. It was a message from the industry saying that too many actors are making way too much cash, even through he mado great $$$ for Paramount. His antics had nothing to do with it. Scientology was invented by a Ronny Hubbard. It is a blend of psychology and new age. In his book Dianetics he replaces psychological terms with his own. Mostly the elite are attracted to it, like Christian Science. John Ravolta is into scientology.
---MikeM on 8/24/06

Celebrities are PEOPLE too. They are prone to deception just like the rest of us. It's no mystery.
---Crystal on 8/24/06

I believe people who turn to weird religions and cults are searching for another high. Actors get high off acting. They are just looking for another high.
---Susie on 8/24/06

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Because he has bad influence all around him.
And because he doesn't know the truth maybe because he has never been told the truth.
---Rebecca_D on 8/23/06

Katie, do you know any actors personally? My son and his fiancee are both professional actors. They are not very emotional at all. They are highly intellectual, thoughtful people who love to discuss world issues. The stage provides them the opportunity for self-expression.
As for Tom Cruise and the scientology, I believe Satan is no dummy. Actors like Tom are high profile and good looking. Who better to deceive innocent American starstruck fans than someone like him.
---Madison1101 on 8/23/06

I think these Celebreties chose strange cults is for the same reason that so many of them are on drugs.
Their fame and money makes them targets for those who want to feed off both.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/23/06

Because 1 John tells us: The whole world lies in the power of the evil one. Jesus said "My kingdom is NOT of this world." Satan prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Satan biggest thing is to deceive the nations and he's doing his job. Tom is deceived.
---Donna9759 on 8/23/06

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Actors, in my opinion, are some of the most emotional people around. They are constantly in tune with their emotions, good and bad, and therefore are aware of the emptiness inside. The fact that they are in weird religions shows they are searching for the truth. God's word tells us that if we seek, we will find. I believe that if a person searches for the truth eventually they will find it. One can only be fulfilled with a counterfeit for a season. Pray for him in his quest for truth.
---Katie on 8/23/06

All sorts of people get caught up in weird religions like Scientology. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are not the only ones.
But celebreties, obviously, have the world's attention.
---Jack on 8/23/06

Tom Criuse: What a nice looking idiot!!
---mima on 8/23/06

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