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Pastors Harm Congregations

Should there be harsher punishments for Pastors who violate their relationships with their congregations?

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 ---Stacey on 8/24/06
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This is a question for you: Would you punish a pastor by the death sentence or maybe life in prison but then turn around and sentence a man who has no title to just 10 years in prison? Every punishment should be equal no matter the title of the person.
---drea on 4/6/08

Pastors are the same as any other person who violates someone they just have a title they shouldn't be treated any different as any other person or criminal therefore they are equal and punishment should be the same not a lesser punishment and not a greater punishment we are all human...
---drea on 5/27/07

Explain what you mean by "violate their relationship with their congregation". And "harsher punishment" than what? Is the pastor really in disobedience, or is the congregation the party whose in disobedience?
---Eloy on 8/25/06

I don't know what he did, but if it concerned children or the abuse of children, the law should take care of him. A pastor is in a place of authority in which God has placed him and God will deal with him concerning what he did.
---shira on 8/25/06

What bothers me about this question is the lust for revenge that seems to lie behind it.
If you're saying that pastors who are criminals should be subject to harsher sentences, this would hardly be equal protection under the law, now would it?
---Jack on 8/24/06

Whats done in the dark is comming to the light, and God will judge.
---Barbara on 8/24/06

Violate how? What happened? Shouldn't we leave that up to God? "Vengence is mine I will repay says the Lord." Everyone reaps the consequences of their own sin. Unless they truly repent and turn in sackcloth and ashes, and even then God allowed King David to reap the consequences of his sin. All judgement/punishments should be left up to Father God for HE said, "Vengence is MINE."
---Donna9759 on 8/24/06

Part 2: God is merciful AND just. The Pastors have not done anything that is too great for God to forgive them, but if they choose to turn their faces from God, God will turn his face from them. We know that God is sovereign, and must trust that he knows what is best for his children, and will turn ashes into beauty.
---Katie on 8/24/06

Wow. Are you talking about what the law should do, or we the congregations should do? And when you say violate, how so? Keep in mind none of us get away with our sins simply because man turns a blind eye. Whether we face our judgement for them here on earth or in heaven, God will see to it that our crimes are dealt with in his own timing and in his own way.
---Katie on 8/24/06

Mainline denominations handle the problems internally. That is why it is so important to be a member of a convectional church that has a hierarchy.
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/24/06

Pastors have the same legal laws as any professionals. The fact that people place their trust in them does give them harsher punishment. But it may be that you are referring to punishment inside the church? I think that would be the responsibility of those who had oversight of that congregation.
---john on 8/24/06

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