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Jessica Simpson Preacher Kid

Does anyone else find it appauling that Jesica Simpson started out as a Gospel singer, and her father is a Preacher, and yet now she is completely the opposite?

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 ---Lilly on 8/24/06
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Oh, puh-lease. When you say "she is completely the opposite", what, exactly, are you getting at? That she's not entitled to do as she pleases and perform to the best of her abilities? No wonder Christians continue to get a bad rap with their appalling closedmindedness...
---Frederic on 9/23/07

II Thess 3:11 the word "busybodies" is used. It is from the Greek "periergazomai" It is used of one who is officiously inquisitive about other's affairs.
This sounds like a "busybody" kind of question. Not a good thing.
---Bruce5656 on 4/12/07

Lilly - I don't find it appalling at all. Jessica is either backslidden, or she was not ever born-again. The world is full of people who are the same as her. We should pray for her and her dad's salvation. There are preachers who are not saved too, and just because you sing gospel songs does not mean you are saved. Jesus saves.
---Helen_5378 on 9/16/06

Yes, they were religious but not saved. Celebrities are easily corrupted by power, though they really want to be adored and loved by people, yet their intent is distorted later on troubling them. Please pray for Jessie.
---CNoEvil on 9/16/06

Yes, I think it is really sad. From some of the off the wall comments her dad has made lately, I think the whole bunch really needs prayer. What kind of father comments on his daughter's bra size?
---melissa on 8/26/06

Money & Fame....Their actions speaks louder than their words. God is not at the top of their list.
---EJ on 8/25/06

Being a gospel singer or a preacher does not mean that you are saved. Maybe she and her dad were religious but were never saved. We need to pray for their salvation. Donna 9759 - Yes, I find it exhilirating that it is possible that Elvis Presley is in Heaven. When he died he was apparently reading an article about Jesus. God can save anyone if they are willing.
---Helen_5378 on 8/24/06

From what I've seen on TV her father is just as involved with what she was doing as she is.
---Barbara on 8/24/06

Lilly, do you know her personally? How can anyone judge her when we don't "see" inside her heart? How has she "completely" changed because the only thing I know about her is what the media portrays of her. I don't know her heart or what's going on inside of her being. Someone once said of Elvis Presley, he wanted that ultimate experience with God. Who would have thought that about him?
---Donna9759 on 8/24/06

I'm actually thankful that they used to follow Christ, because they know the truth. They don't have to waste time with other religions and things. They know the way. They just have to come to the realization that following the Lord is worth giving up the things of this world.
---Katie on 8/24/06

I don't believe her dad is a Preacher now, he used to be a Youth Pastor, but I don't think any of them go to church or live that way anymore.
They need our prayers. They have been bombarded with money, fame and power. It's only a matter of time before the industry is done with them and spits them out on their backside. I just pray that they will turn from the world and what it has to offer, and realize what they are looking for is found in God, and only Him.
---Katie on 8/24/06

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