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Perfect Or Permissive Will

What is the difference between God's Perfect will for our lives versus God's permissive will for our lives?

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 ---Donna9759 on 8/24/06
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Without a permissive will of God there is no free choice on our part. He knows everything, even our choices before we make them, but they are still our choice.

---Rickey_Dale on 3/12/08

God's will is perfect whether it is permissive or not. Otherwise He wouldn't be God.
---InimicusStultitiae on 2/12/08

God's perfect will for Israel - a theocracy
God's permissive will for Israel - a monarchy.

They wanted a king like the countries around them. They were warned that it would not turn out well. They insisted. God allowed it - and worked with it over the ensuing dynasties. I Sam 8
---Bruce5656 on 2/12/08

God's perfect indicated will for the state of Israel was that he would be their king.--
God's permissive will to the state of Israel was that they could refuse to accept him.
Remember site and had to give permission from God to torment Job.
---mima on 4/10/07

God's will not limited to Israel.
God created Eden, a type of heaven to express his perfect will so that humanity can have deep connection with God, as Adam & Eve did.
In his permissive will, he allowed humanity to have free will; A&E sinned, and fell.
As Paul said, from Adam to Christ, sin reigned, so we are all sinners, falling short.
Therefore sin (and all the results of it) is a part of God's permissive (not perfect) will because as free moral agents, we choose God, or not.
---JohnT on 9/27/06

I do not believe the mind of God is divided into perfect or permissive wills. In fact, his mind is already made up! "God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit all three are in perfect agreement. I believe the Fathre's so-called permissive will is something our minds created.
---Lathan on 9/27/06

Anything that isn't in the perfect will of God will automatically be in the permissive will of God. In Rom. 12:2, we learn that there is actually the good, acceptible, and perfect will of God. When studied out, you can see a direct correlation with Mark 4:8, good will of God agrees with the 30 fold; acceptible will of God agrees with the 60 fold, and perfect will of God agrees with the 100 fold Christian.
---Debbie on 8/25/06

(4.)....because they were on God's Holy Mission, in His Divine Will. Much , Much Sacrifice, pain , suffering, tears, loneliness, Fastings, persecution, go with being in God's Divine Will, but on the other hand Joy unspeakable, the only Joy that comes from the Lord. I hope this has helped your understanding. ---Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/25/06

(3.)....They spend many many hours in Prayer and Fasting before the Lord, and are forever receiving holy Anointings from God. Being in God's Divine will often conflicts with Family life in regard to having the time for family. The Apostles no doubt had family, job obligations, etc. and many had to leave them behind
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/25/06

(2.)...forever receiving His instruction on what to do and when to do it. These are the Ultimate Soul Winner's, they are so yielded to God, that they don't really have a life of their own so to speak, so dedicated, and Ready at all times for God's Command, they have Ear's to Hear the Lord's soft still voice, because they have choose to Hear.
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/24/06

(1.)This is also known as being in God's Permissible Will or His Divine Will. Basically to sum it up, people who are in God's Permissible Will and His Divine Will are Saved by the Blood of Jesus , living Holy , Abiding in God's Word, on their way to Heaven. But those in God's Divine Will, every single step they take is ordered by God, and God is able to use them at any time and any place, without interruption. These people spend much time IN THE PRESENCE of the Lord....
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/24/06

I've always taken it as God's perfect will = his way, God's permissive will=our way.
---Katie on 8/24/06

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