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God's Will For Your Life

What is God's perfect will for your life?

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 ---Debbie on 8/25/06
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The same and as unique as yours and anyone's. God wants me to Love Him with all that is in me. He wants me to get to know Him and help others get to know Him. God wants me to love myself and others. Work to eat and be honest always. Do what He wants me to do and be satisfied.
---Amy9384 on 11/3/07

to have the hope that burns within my heart, Hope in the coming of the Lord and that I be ready along with friends and family.
---mata on 12/19/06

O Happy Day
O Happy Daaay..

When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed....

He washed my sins away.

O Happy Day
O Happy Daay.....
---Raine on 12/19/06

peter8365 , There's only one true Joy and happiness, and that's the Joy of the Lord, If we try to live on our own human flimsy joy, or faith, reasoning, we will be disappointed, Only the things of God can make us complete, truly satisfy us, like God's Joy , All we have to do is ask the Lord for HIS Joy,His Faith, His holiness and righteousness, His long suffering, etc. God will not with-hold any good thing from His obedient children. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 12/18/06

Mrs. Morgan- Can you explain what version of JOY, and HAPPINESS is not GOD'S. I didn't know there were two types. If you are referring to drugs, I know that that is not what makes a person happy, or sad.PEACE.
---peter8365 on 12/18/06

Peter8365, Just like that cute little song goes , "Don't worry be happy now". We need God's version of happiness/joy, because it's our strength! God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 12/17/06

(II.) Peter8365, A Christian that doesn't use God's version of joy and peace, will hinder God in different areas of their life, limiting their "type of"/"quality of" service to the Lord, and to other's, Thats not God's plan for His people.God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 12/17/06

Be Happy...... Don't Worry....Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee Be Happy.... Don't Worry.

God's perfect will is that I know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior before I die.

Not through information or additional books about the Bible, but through my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a love for His Word, because Jesus is the Word.

I can be happy, and enjoy the Peace of God on earth. I can be silly to make myself laugh. Laughter is healing, but I know the healer, Jesus Christ.
---R.A. on 12/17/06

God's will is your will (TO BE HAPPY)
---Peter8365 on 12/17/06

To do His perfect will
---Lynn on 8/31/06

I only get 85 words, huh? Well, this is a start...

To love him with all of my heart, mind and soul. To love my "neighbor". To walk in the freedom of his grace, and be content in every situation. To commune with him, and worship him alone. To depend soley on him, and not rely on my own understanding, or strength. To allow his Holy Spirit to teach me and guide me through small and big steps. To be an empty vessel in which he can use me to be salt and light to the world.
---Katie on 8/28/06

That I by the faith of His Son and the empowerment of His Spirit yield myself to His conforming of myself into the image of His Son. The image and manifestation of the humility, submission, honor, dependency, sincerity, trust, forgiveness, confidence, peace and love that Jesus perfectly displayed to a fallen world. That I might share the light of His insight that illuminates the darkened reality of the sensual based mind.
---josef on 8/27/06

To do HIS will, not ours. "Thy kingdom come, THY will be done, not MY will be done."

To love the Lord thy God with all of thine heart, soul and mind. To win the lost. To be imitators of Christ. To heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free.
---Donna9759 on 8/26/06

To reveal His Son and reach humanity, to be an expression in the earth of the reality in the heavens.
---Linda on 8/26/06

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