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Who Are The Four Beasts

Who were the four beasts and the four and twenty elders of Revelation 4?

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 ---Debbie on 8/25/06
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The 24 elders I believe are the Twelve sons of Jacob which represents the twelve tribes of Israel.The other Twelve would be the Twelve apostles of the Lamb.Of course with the exception of Judas.I believe Paul may be the replacement for his comment of being an Apostle born out of due time.Why Twelve from the O.T. and Twelve from the New?Represenatives of Saints from both Dispensations.Just a thought!!
---Tommy on 1/2/08

The four beasts are the four personality types of natural(lost) man. The elders are symbolic of the elect.
---duke on 12/16/07

greetings ,thanks for reply ,for jack,your traditional interpretation of such is welcomed.i take no offense to your reply.i will not engage in friendly fire.revelation of our Father will never cease,for our Father is an endless revelation.thanks
---earl on 8/29/06

**,the 24 counsellors are jesus'personal agents and they have authority to represent jesus ... **
Jesus, being God Incarnate, needs no "counsellors". And since He can call on legions of angels, He's hardly limited to 24.
**there is no biblical answer to "beasts" and 24 "elders".do you think question ...**
It was a legitimate question. I gave the traditional interpretation of these symbols.
---Jack on 8/29/06

greetings,thanks for reply,for jack,the 24 counsellors are jesus'personal agents and they have authority to represent jesus in all matters concerning the roll calls and many other phases of the scheme of mortal assention.they are the designated agents for executing the special requests of gabriel and other mandates of jesus.there is no biblical answer to "beasts" and 24 "elders".do you think question like this should be omited from this site for lack of biblical revelation?thanks
---earl on 8/28/06

**reply on the 24 elders.the seats for '24 counsellors'was established shortly after jesus's assention**

God's word says, "Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been His counsellor?" Romans 11:34.

Where did you get the idea that God needed counsellors?
---Jack on 8/28/06

greetings ,for debbie,reply on the 24 elders.the seats for '24 counsellors'was established shortly after jesus's assention and when he led "captives".this was established to address the problems related specifically to jesus' return and the destruction lucifer's rebellion created and will continue to create for a long time.many who were once of this world occupy many seats ,after all they know first hand what disasters of a sinful rebellion causes.they experienced it as we do now.thanks
---earl on 8/27/06

Part 2:

The Four Living Creatures have been seen as emblems or symbols of the 4 Gospels.

Matthew--the Man (because of the geneology)

Mark--the Lion (Christ as the Lion of Judah)

Luke--the Ox (Sacrificial animal, as Luke begins in the Temple)

John--the Eagle (from the opening verse.)

This is an artistic convention. Hardly something I would base a tower of dogma on.
---Jack on 8/27/06

** Jack your definition of the 24 elders is fantastic. Where did you get this knowledge and would you be willing to explain further, I'm fascinated?**

Just something I've picked up in my reading and study. I thought it was common knowledge.
---Jack on 8/27/06

symbolic yes,nature of God?The elders have been described as jack has stated.But actually scripture says nothing about who they are only elders are described in scripture.maybe ,just maybe they are the 24 saints who best through all time have kept Gods word.but that to is conjector.
---tom2 on 8/27/06

greetings to debbie for the question,you asked two questions ,i will address one at a time due to space limitations.the 4 beasts john saw are magnificently beautiful creatures,think what john would say about how we look if we lived in his day.a recent discovery of ,in our bodies,is what is known as directional basic,we are able to tell where we are going,N,E,S,orW.and to return there to.this is a fraction of their duties.all "worlds" have a polarity.
---earl on 8/26/06

Jack your definition of the 24 elders is fantastic. Where did you get this knowledge and would you be willing to explain further, I'm fascinated?
---Ryan on 8/26/06

#8 The living ones exclaim, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty," falling down with the elders before Him. In chapter four, they worship the Lord as the Creator. In chapter five, they worship Him as the Redeemer. So we should do now. Those elders and living ones are not two groups of believers, but two phases of one group. Rev. 4:9-11 The three closing verses of this chapter indicate that the living ones lead in worship and the elders join with them.
---Debbie on 8/26/06

#7 These saints execute God's will perfectly on earth, walking in all the light He gives them; for they have full understanding of His things, being "full of eyes within." They will continue their spiritual activities in Heaven, the first and chief one being worship. On earth, they laud and adore the God of creation and redemption. Compare JOHN 4:23 Overcomers render service gladly; but worship must come first and prepare for service. Few saints learn this great secret.
---Debbie on 8/26/06

#6 As the Ox of sacrifice and service, He is seen in Mark. Luke portrays Him as "theSon of man." John sets Him forth as the Eagle, the heavenly Divine One. Rev. 4:8 Six wings suggest the complete Divine equipment to bear God's message, whether of mercy or of judgment. That number is the creature witness (two) multiplied by the Divine number of Deity (three). Every one has six wings, making twenty-four in all - a correspondence with the number of elders that minister with them.
---Debbie on 8/26/06

#5 The "flying eagle" phase denotes their heavenly spiritual nature and activities. They are partakers of Christ. He is their life; GAL. 2:20 20 ; COL. 3:4; The translation of the saints also will be wonderful. The Lord says, "I am the Living One". Rev. 1:18; And here are "four living ones." Our Lord possessed the above four traits of character, which are pictured in the four Gospel records. He is "the Lion of the tribe of Judah," described by Matthew.
---Debbie on 8/26/06

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#4 I COR. 2:15; Rev. 4:7 A fourfold portrait is given of them: The "lion" phase denotes strength and courage. PROVERBS 28:1 The "CALF" phase speaks of sacrifice, suffering, and service. I TIMOTHY 5:18
The "face as of a man" proves that the living creatures are human beings, and not disembodied seraphs or unfallen angels or some mysterious super sublime creatures connected with the government of God.
---Debbie on 8/26/06

#3 In Ezekiel one, they are seen on earth. Here they are seen in Heaven. They occupy the closest and most intimate place with Christ, and will always have that place. John saw them in the throne and round about it. They have full vision of Divine things, having "eyes before," "behind," and "within." They understand Divine history and prophecy, the Old Testament and the New, and discern deep Christian experiences. They reach the acme of spiritual wisdom and understanding.
---Debbie on 8/26/06

#2 As a drenching rain is preceded by dreadful thunder and dazzling lightning, so the judgments about to be poured out upon a Christ-rejecting world are told out in symbol from Heaven. Rev. 4:6 The "sea of glass" expresses the cleansing absolutely necessary to come into God's Presence. The elders will have obtained that cleansing. The "LIVING CREATURES" (not beasts) figure a company of full overcomers who possess the characteristics here named.
---Debbie on 8/26/06

#1 Rev. 4:4 Some full-grown saints will reign conjointly with Jesus Christ. Crowns of gold speak of the highest order of crowns. The figure twenty-four was the number of the priestly courses under the Old Covenant. Twelve is the number of Divine government, and twice twelve is the strengthened authority that believers will have when crowned and reigning with Christ. Rev. 4:5. This speaks of Jehovah's majesty, might, holiness, and right, and His justice in punishing the wicked which He is about to do.
---Debbie on 8/26/06

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Keep in mind that this is a vision granted to John, and therefore what he saw was symbolic and did not correspond to objective reality.
However, the 4 Living Creatures (less loaded term in this context) are also seen in Ezekiel.
The 24 elders stand for the founders of the 12 tribes of Irael on the one hand, and the 12 Apostles on the other.
---Jack on 8/26/06

Debbie do you have any input you would like to share? It's a very big question and the answers lie in understanding God's majesty in a higher world than ours.
---jhonny on 8/25/06

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